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    Question Win10 annoying shortcut!

    Hi, i just wanted to ask a quick question. How do i disable a certain shortcut? When i'm playing games, mostly CS:GO, there's a certain shortcut that goes 'CTRL+SHIFT(Numbers 1-8)' which resizes the icons on the desktop from 1-8 with some custom sizes. It minimizes the game when i do that so...
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    Question Game keeps minimizing back to desktop at the same time each day

    Hi, I run in Windows 10. I also participate in an online sim racing league every Mondays and Wednesdays using NASCAR Racing 2003 season Over the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing a strange situation where at 20:56 exactly, my game will go black screen for a few seconds before returning me...
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    Question How can I stop my games from randomly minimizing while I'm playing?

    I've had this problem a few years ago but I fixed it and everything was good. Since then I've upgraded my PC and everything is new. Recently for a bout a year I've been having to deal with my games randomly minimizing on me. I have to manually click on the application to get back into the game...