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  1. Dochas beo

    Question What’s the lowest type of laptop you think Cyberpunk 2077 could run on?

    Hi there! I’ve never had a dedicated gaming pc/laptop. However, having closely followed Cyberpunk 2077’s development, i think I could afford to buy a laptop in the €400-650 range. But is there any laptop in that range that you guys think could end up being able to run CP2077? I know we still...
  2. T

    Question i3-8100 + R9 380X good pairing?

    I have already received a hand-me-down R9 380X, so this will be the graphics card I stick with. I do have a couple of questions about pairing it with a newer generation i3, though. Would there be any substantial bottleneck? and would this setup be any sort of future proof (ish)? I'd like to...