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  1. M

    Question Cannot find working VBIOS for my GPU.

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a used XFX RS RX 570 Black Edition 8 GB graphics card with the following details: Part Number 113-57085STB3-W90, Subsystem ID 1682 C570, and Device ID 1002 67DF. However, when I initially attempted to boot the card, it didn't work. To troubleshoot the issue...
  2. Frenchy19951

    [SOLVED] Help getting more than 3 GPU working on Gigabyte B450 AORUS Pro Wi-Fi

    I have a ryzen 3600X, my first 3 3080s work no trouble. My fourth 3080 and 3060 TI not being picked up in device manager. I've enabled 4G decoding, tried GEN1 & GEN2 pcie speeds. There's only 4 slots on this board and the first 3 slots recognized the cards one by one no issues. The fourth turns...
  3. banshii

    [SOLVED] My mining rig won’t boot with more than 4/6 cards

    I just built a 6 3069ti mining rig with a z390 a pro motherboard and a i9400f cpu. I have 2 1000w power supplies one by Corsair and the other EVGA. My rig booted fine with 1 card when I first went to go change bios settings and install windows, but when I got to installing the 5th card, the EZ...
  4. kashishid

    [SOLVED] Any One Can help me? XFX RX 570 RX570p8d VF.0

    Dear Readers. i am in trouble. My Card Model is XFX RX 570 RX570p8d VF.0. And Other Model line is also on mentioned is RS XXX ED RX 570 8GB 1286M D5 3xDP HDMI DVI. I lost its Official Bios. Please any one help me about this to solve it. And also guide me how to programme it, And when Programme...
  5. T

    Question 5th and 6th PCIE Slot for GPU, is not detecting the Cards. (Mining)

    Hello there, I've been strugling the last few days on this issue.. The issue is that on my new Mining Rig, I've tried to connect the 5th and 6th GPU on the Motherboard, but when I do so It just opens and it doesn't boot Windows at all. When I'm only using the 4 GPU, everything boots up normally...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Asus RX 470 4gb mining - cant install driver

    Hello, i bought second handed Asus rx 470 4g mining. The problem is that after driver install it says : "No AMD driver installed or not functioning properly" . DDU didnt help. So I was thinking that I could try reinstall bios but unfortunately amdvbflash win does not see the gpu, its only...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Mining Rig Wont Register 5th GPU

    Hi, So I have 4 x MSI 3080's and 1x MSI 3060 in an ethereum mining rig. I'm using an Asus Z309-A prime motherboard with a western digital easystore SSD. I can get 4 GPU's to work in both Windows and HiveOS, but as soon as I add the 5th, I cant seem to get past bios., and the bootable SSD...
  8. Magdi342

    Question can somebody give me a mining bios for the xfx rx580 4gb xxx gts?

    recently i have started mining on my pc, but i get very low hashrate when mining in nicehash for bitcoin. i get only 10mh/s and i was wondering if somebody can upload me a mining bios for the xfx rx 580 xxx gts 4gb version. thank you!
  9. A

    Question RX580 gigabyte used for mining

    Hi everyone, i really need someone to help me, i bought RX580 gigabyte 4gb but later i found out that it has 1100 core clock and 2000 memory, so i assumed the bios was modded but i also read that it's risky sometimes to flash the GPU bios.. So i was wondering if there's anyway i can get the...
  10. FrankR123


    hi i want to buy this gpu but i have heard some people saying that these gpus can't be used for gaming and stop working after a while because they are optimized for mining and only have 4 mosfets while gaming gpus have 6-8. i also guess that...
  11. labgeek

    [SOLVED] Problem with MSI B360-F Pro motherboard?

    Hello! I just bought the a MSI B360-F Pro and am having issues as I can't get any display to be produced. The EZ debug led goes through the normal progression of CPU, DRAM, holds at VGA for a few seconds, then moves to boot where it just sits. Power is getting to the motherboard as all the...
  12. T

    Question Troublesome Mining GPU

    So I finally found a good deal on a graphics card and upgraded from my 1050 to an Rx 580. However, this graphics card has given me a lot of trouble, since it was an Ex mining GPU with a mining BIOS on it. The seller told me to Run AMD ATI Pixel Patcher and install the drivers, I did, and when I...