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  1. R

    Question 3060 Ti won't reach core clock frequency ?

    So I have two MSI 3060 Ti Gaming X cards for mining. The one I bought works fine. The one I just got doesn't mine nearly as fast as the other one and doesn't seem to be reaching the core clock frequency. This is the only thing I can see that's wrong with the card because it is not overheating...
  2. Basak20

    Question Mining 3090 or light load 3080ti ?

    Is it better to buy a 3090 FE with fans running at 100% for the last 4 or 5 months, or to buy a 3080Ti which was only gamed on weekend to weekend if they are the same price? Used marketplace is pretty much my only option because new versions of each model are close to twice the cost if not more...
  3. H

    Question System was running smooth, now it's powering down/rebooting ?

    Hi! I was running an asrock h110 btc+, HX1200w corsair psu, 4 gpus: 1x3080 ti (zotac) 1x1660s (asus strix) 1x5700XT(powercolor) 1x3080 (gainward FHR), 4gb ram vengance, running on win 10. Smooth, everything had been up for months. Bought 1x2080 ti evga, 1x2080 ti zotac and had to upgrade PSU...
  4. A

    Question Long term reliability of Antec HCG 1000 Extreme for Mining

    Is the Antec HCG 1000 Extreme good for mining is it true that its not a good choice for long term usage like mining?
  5. alceryes

    Discussion LHR officially cracked

    It took longer than I expected but, apparently, NiceHash was able to unlock the full potential of LHR cards, for mining. It was fun while it lasted.
  6. safii1992

    Question Rx 580 Keeps Crashing after I start mining or play heavy games

    I bought rx580 3 years back. It was running very well in games and in mining as well. But in March my Graphic Card is keep crashing while heavy gaming and mining Temps are very good at 55C to 60C. But screen goes black and system is still running and mining is also stopped. Note: I have never...
  7. Renato Cvikic

    Question Coolest rtx 3080 ti

    Can Someone give me an answer which 3080 ti ,has best cooling,(and it isnt Liquid Cooled)? I need some model with good cooling,because I wanna mine with it... I bought 3080 ti fe,owner claims that he replaced pads, but gpu still hitting 104c memory,and 77c gpu hotspot..
  8. Eliesb

    Question 3060ti non lhr hash drop

    Hi. First i have to mention that i have two 3060ti non lhr. Both sets to same oc settings. I used to get 60-61 mh/s im getting in one of them 32mh/s I didn't change any thing in the settings even the drivers. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. K

    Question Motherboard won't post

    I'm mining crypto. the board is ga 970a ds3. has a fx 8350. I used 2 of those pcie x1 to 4 USB cards to connect 6 GPUs to this motherboard (working fine). When I added a 7th gpu, the board refuses to boot. no post beep, no video, nothing. The board does not post after I unplugged the...
  10. Blazedsrr

    Question Will this old athalon 2 system work as a starter mining rig?

    I'm asking because I'm wanting to get into mining a bit and I already have this old Acer prebuilt mini PC that I have taken apart and have gotten it working. It has 2 pcie slots so I'm wondering if I could use normal gpus like possibly gtx 1060s-1080s and rx 470s-580s (what I plan on using) in...
  11. Eliesb

    [SOLVED] PSU suggestion for mining rig

    I'm planning to build a mining rig with 12 RTX A5000. (230Watts per one) i want to use only pcie cables no molex/sata for risers is there any psu that contains enough 6 pins connectors ? thanks
  12. M

    Question Mining related issue - 2nd psu won't work

    Hello Fellow Miners, I've just built my mining rig, 24 GPUs which I have before -long story short, I used to have a lan center and closed due covid- So I'm running 5 GPUs in my first rig all of them are Zotac 2070 which I have Thermal take 730 PSU for the motherboard and the other components...
  13. Barton7

    Question Driver issue rtx 3070 and 3x p106-100

    So the driver stops working and im not able to adjust any clocks/fan speeds when i install p106--100 into the same system with rtx 3070. they work fine separetely but the moment i install them together i cant do anything and rtx 3070 looses all the gaming features provided with the gaming driver...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Dryer outlet to PDU

    I'm planning to use the dryer outlet for mining in USA. Probably use about ~4000W constantly. This is the adapter i'm looking at to connect the PDU.
  15. Secrutinize

    [SOLVED] Gaming's thermal cycling vs Mining's components degradation? Which is worse to GPU's lifespan?

    What title says. I see a lot of miners saying thermal cycling is worse than mining's components degradation. However mining gpus overclock memory forcing it to run at about 90c 24/7 no pause for months or even years. That can't be good for components lifespan, such as capacitor and memory...
  16. Totish

    Question High ping while mining and gaming.

    I get that mining uses around 5 mbps of bandwith, but I struggle with high ping in games and random network loses. The problem occured exactly the same day I started mining. The rig is connected to the router with an ethernet cable, while my PC uses a Wi-Fi adapter. However, it's confusing me...
  17. W

    [SOLVED] 6 Card mining rig hangs

    So I build a rig with the following: RTX 3060 Ti x6 Ryzen 5 1200 ASRock AB350 Pro4 256GB NVMe (Windows 10) 12GB RAM Cooler Master MWE 850W Corsair RM650 The 850 powers 3x Cards and the motherboard. The 650 powers the other 3 cards. When the cards powered by the 650W are unplugged and not...
  18. S

    Question Mining rig lights up and down when turned on .

    Why is my mining rig lighting up and down after turning it on. Seem like power is low
  19. HisokaDFK

    [SOLVED] 8 pin cPU cable

    Hello I'm considering buying this PSU...
  20. Glance

    [SOLVED] 850W PSU using 1400Watts

    Hello, I have 850W psu. On wall it shows its using 1400W, but on PC it show only 600W as it should use. I have no idea what is the problem. I can send photos and videos to proof that it’s really 850W using 1400W
  21. M

    Question gtx 1070 mining problem

    My 1070 mines ETH just fine. Even OC-ed. I do regular cleaning (dusty) and change thermal paste every 6 month. But i have strange problem. If i try to mine anything other than eth my pc crashes. (reboot's) ETH is 00-24 stable. I tried under clocking it,power limit on 50% etc but pc crashes. Its...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] Problems with RX 580 8GB

    Hello guys! Before a week i bought 2 RX580 8GB. They were mining but still have 6 months warranty left. So one of the cards is MSI RX 580 8GB GAMING and the other is SAPHIRE NITRO + RX 580 8GB.The MSI booted from the first time i tested it in heavenbenchmark and furmark good temps no problems...
  23. ccaveman76

    Question No signal to monitor

    I have built my first dedicated miner finally.....but I can't get any picture to monitor. I have a BIOSTAR TB250-BTC LGA 1151 Intel B250 USB 3.0 DDR4 ATX 6 GPU MINING Motherboard Intel Core i3-6100 - 3.7 GHz Dual-Core (SR2HG) Processor Corsair 8GBx2 DDR4 NVMe 128GB m.2 ssd When I turn it...
  24. SVF94

    Question Can I use my Igpu and gpu to mine at the same time?

    Hello. Im wondering if I can use the igpu in my ryzen 5 4650g and my gpu msi rx 570 to mine ergo on nanominer? if you know please explain me what i have to do, thank you
  25. S

    Question Mining with ASRock Phantom RX 570 8GB ?

    Hello guys I am going to ask if any of you have that gpu and know what it is the performance in mining , temps and can it be bios modded too. Because I am thinking of buying 1 or 2 for mining. I searched for nitro versions and other but the price is very expensive on them. What can be the best...
  26. J

    Question PSU adapter 8 pin question

    Hi Im just trying to convert an old CPU to a small mining rig. It only will have 2 GPUs: rtx 2080 and rx580. However my PSU has only 3 x 8 pin connectors. One is for the motherboard and I can connect the 2xPCIE 8 pin to the rtx 2080. Would it be possible to get a 2xmolex or sata to 8 pin adapter...
  27. Nyrox

    [SOLVED] Computer Wont Boot with Second GPU

    I am trying to add a second GPU to my rig (MSI 1660 SUPER GAMING X) and when the second GPU is connected the computer wont boot, doesnt even display motherboard splash screen, both gpu fans running for seconds and shutdown. But somehow the cpu fan,riser led and ethernet led are still running...
  28. miningBay

    [SOLVED] BTC TB250 Pro - Display issue No signal

    Hello there, I have been in this problen since few weeks. But I was not able to figure things out. My Specs Mobo: TB250-BTC PRO CPU Intel Pentium Gold G5420 (4M Cache, 3.80GHz) HD: Crucial BX500 120GB 3D NAND SATA Power: Antec 13000 Signature PLATINUM Avobe I have...
  29. VisionsObeyy

    Questions about mining with laptop

    I have a laptop that is no longer in use and I found out about NiceHash. I got everything set up and my GPU temp is 90c to 95c. I plan on letting the laptop run 24/7. Is it safe for me to run the laptop all the time, and is the temperature safe for the laptop?
  30. sam7820

    Question GPUs power on but dont recognize

    I have 5 gpus and 3 of them are refusing to recognize. I hooked 3 of them up to a mining rig and 3 of them recognized fine. I then hooked up 5 and only two recognized. So I swapped morherboards and Im having the same problem. So then I tested them individually in my pc and the same 3 arent...
  31. Idris9274

    [SOLVED] I need help choosing a Motherboard for mining ?

    Hi Friends My brother has asked me to survey for him to get a mining motherboard He wants to start it and already has ordered 9x RX 580 XFX Brand I have had my search and there are some common models but they have mentioned that they support up to 12x GPUs but i have seen that many people has...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Choosing the best GPU for mining

    Hello guys! I am writing to ask you for a little tip. So I am going to spend around 1200 euro on a mining card or maybe more cards for the same price. Here where I live in Bulgaria it is almost impossible to get something new on decent price. You know the prices on the GPU's and how the thing...
  33. S

    Question Rtx 2060

    Hello guys! A quick question what is the difference in RTX 2060 Gigabyte version 2 vs the ols version, and most important is the second version limited in mining because that's the reason why i am going to buy it.
  34. R

    [SOLVED] Casual Mining and Degradation?

    So my bro in law got me curious about mining. That now has me curious, if I casually mine on it (3060) when not using my computer, how much degradation will I see? I'm currently running it at a power limit of 70ish percent and the temperature doesn't go above 58c while mining. Sorry for all...
  35. allaboutpcs

    [SOLVED] GPU/ Riser does not start with second PSU

    I am having issue with my 6 GPU Setup. I have 6x RX 6700xt with 009s risers. PSU is Cooler Master MWE 850 Gold V2. 3 GPUS/Risers/SSD/Motherboard are on one PSU. And remaining 3 gpus/risers are on second psu. I am using 24 pin PSU Splitter cable. When I power on, 2nd psu fan rotates for 1 second...
  36. Tortuous

    [SOLVED] Trying to replace molten cable on my HX1000i

    Hello everyone, My mining rig has been running for a steady few months but after it crashing and stopped showing 2 gpus i found out that the power cable was burnt and molten at the psu end. I didn't buy the psu myself and tried to order new power cables but they don't seem to fit on my gpus...
  37. S

    Question Second PSU randomly shutting down on a 2 PSU’s mining rig

    I just bought a new PSU for my mining rig but it keeps randomly shutting down after a few minutes or a few hours. I overclocked and undervolted my GPU’s the right way. The PC isn’t shutting down because it has the primary PSU running on but the second one makes a little « bip » sound avec shuts...
  38. H


    I got gigabyte 3060ti lhr gpu. I start mining with that on hiveos using nbminer. But my hashrate not stable. It says lhr detected wait to unlock. Hashrate goes from 41 to 36 and after that it goes up again. Is it normal or am i doing something wrong? my hiveos settıngs
  39. sebbbie

    [SOLVED] Explanation GPU and CPU lanes and PCIe x1 - x16

    Hi Guys, I'm puzzled and I can't seem to find the good answer online!!! Searched everywhere... I have a MB Asrock H510 pro btc: 6x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots but 1@x16 and 5@x1... and a miner port M_Port1 at x1. We put a CPU Intel G6400 which has max 16 PCIe lanes and GPU execution units 12. The GPU's...
  40. S

    Question Can I mine the same on PCIe 2.0 and 3.0 with RTX 2080 TI

    Hello guys! My question is this: Can I mine the same if I switch my RTX 2080 TI from PCIe Gen 3.0 to 2.0. I want to do this because I want to buy second card for mining(RTX 3060) and insert it in the PCIe 3.0 Gen slot . The 2 slots are PCIe 3.0 x16 and PCIe 2.0 x16. My motherboard is Asrock...