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  1. Celalyvan

    Question Worth buying a 6 monthes of minning GPU?

    A friend of mine is selling an 3090 ROG strix gaming OC with, allegedly, 6 monthes of use with an average 2 - 4 hours of resting (turning off the minning setup), for like half the price (not worth sepcifiying numbers since I'm not from the US, but let's just say it's like a month of work and a...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] A question regarding graphics card and mining ?

    Hey, I am very new to the pc world, this my first gaming pc so I was trying some crypto mining, I wanted to ask if using my card at 60 degree Celsius at 100 percent usage for around 10 hours will hurt it in the long run, like wear down the cores or fans ?
  3. Muavvaz

    Question Can i put more gpus in my motherboard using pcie 1 to 4 converter?

    My cpu has 16 pcie lanes limit and my mother board has 6 pcie x1 slots and i have mounted 6 gpus using pcie risers.yesterday I saw this 1 to 4 converter for risers and now I'm hoping if i can use this converter to mount more than 6 gpus Cuz they only use pcie x1 and 1 pcie lane =1 pciex1 slot...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] XFX RX 580 stock switch position

    Hi , I have a XFX RX 580 but I bought it in second hand so I wish to know from someone who bought in new what is the stock position of the swtich of the bios ?
  5. I

    What Memory Card?

    Im Building my gaming PC. Budget of 700$ My Parts so far --> http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Ns82sY Im looking for a memory card around 90$ that's good anyone know any ?