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  1. System32_76

    Question Backlight Issue - 2009 MBP - Linux Mint 20

    Hello everyone. I'm running a 2009 Macbook Pro with Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon on it. I can't change the backlight or screen brightness. The only way I can adjust it is by the means of xrandr, but that does it at the software level only and not the hardware level. Is there a permanent fix that I...
  2. System32_76

    Question How To Create Golden System Image Correctly on Linux?

    Hello everyone! I'm creating a Linux Mint golden system image with my apps and settings already configured for deployment to multiple computers. I'll be using the Clonezilla software to do this, unless there is software out there that is more effective and practical for this purpose. Are there...
  3. System32_76

    Question Can't Turn Up & Down Laptop Display Brightness

    As the title says. I'm running Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon with Nvidia Geforce 9400GM drivers. Is this a driver issue at all?
  4. N

    Question Install pip command in Mint

    I have to install the Django package to my mint distribution. I want to accomplish this by using pip command but can not find the pip command. How can I install the pip command ? Thanks
  5. shmu26

    Question Minimize latency in virtual machine

    I am running Linux Mint host, and Windows 10 guest, in VirtualBox. From my total of 8 gb ram, I allocated 4 gb to the VM. Neither the host nor the guest is maxing out in ram usage, not even close. And I allocated the VM 2 of the 4 cores. In the VM, I run light programs such as MS Office and...
  6. mangaman

    Question Linux Mint VM not playing any videos in Firefox

    So I updated and installed all of the latest packages from the update manager. However, I still can't play any videos in FireFox. In YouTube, I get a playback ID: LIRJWJYYP-HGZnGI and for any jwplayer, I get an error code 102630. I installed the codec FFmpeg but that did not change enything. I...
  7. A

    fan cable extenders?

    I have six fans in my new build. There are three on the front rad with a splitter that joins them all into cpu fan 2. The other three are on another splitter and they are plugged into one of the system fans. In trying to keep the case as clean as possible, I'd like to route the wiring behind...
  8. S

    DVI problem Nvidia no display before driver load and AMD no Display after Driver load

    Hi, I recently brought an AMD 250x 1G DDR5 Graphics card (Powercolor AXR7 250X 1GBD5-HE). When I connect this card with a DVI cable, monitor show nothing but a blank screen after the windows load screen has finished. the screen flickers with random colours then switches to standby mode. For...
  9. R

    Looking for Case 60<

    Title should be self-explanatory. With this setup. Was leaning towards a Rosewill Challenger U3 or HAF 912. Would either of these suffice? Any issues fitting a Gigabyte GTX 760? Thanks