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    Question Can I mix these RAMs?

    Hi, I have the Asus Z97-PRO and I want to mix rams in my system. My existing setup includes 4 X 2GB DDR3 1600 Mhz. More details here: I have a new (single) RAM stick of DDR 8 GB RAM, with a speed of 1866 Mhz from a different brand (Kllisre): I have currently installed the new stick in Slot...
  2. A

    Question 1 stick 1.2v 1 stick 1.35

    Can I mix those 2 for a a few days or will he stick not work? 1.2 stick Crucial 8GB DDR4 CT8G4DFD824A 1.35 stick Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK8GX4M1D3000C16
  3. P

    RGB fans not spinning new build

    Hi all, I have built a cheap PC for my daughter as she is always on my rig playing sims 4 (my first build from scratch) bought most parts parts on ebay gigabyte Z77-d3h mobo i5 3790 2 x hyper x savage 4gb 1600 ram evga white 500w psu(taken from my old system) gigabyte 960 windforce 4gb New...
  4. K

    My acer lab top computur locked me out because i put the wrong password in to many times .now it only shows enter current pass

    I lock myself oh of my acer lab top .i forgot the ole password for this lab top. So I put the wrong password in to many times and the computer shut down. Now when I turn it it only goes to enter current password. I dont remember the password.how do I get around that
  5. T

    No internet access when downloading windows 10

    So as of the last few months i have been having this issue where when i download, my ethernet connection will change to "no network access". This makes it increasingly difficult to download anything. Though this only seems to happen on any platform apart from chrome and utorrent.
  6. N

    PC heating/cooling issues.

    so a few weeks back I had some issues with my PC overheating. so I took it apart cleaned out the dust and adjusted one of the fans to spin faster. now that winter has rolled around and the temperature in my room has dropped by a good few points the same issue I had before is re-occurring. my PC...
  7. G

    Plextor M8Pe Series SSD Review

    Plextor launched an aggressive attack on the NVMe market with the new M8Pe that comes with three various cooling options and a plethora of capacities. The series uses Toshiba 15nm MLC flash to ride the performance wave and provide high endurance. Plextor M8Pe Series SSD Review : Read more
  8. Philip Babilonia

    Looking for help to buy a new monitor (more details inside)

    1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? Asia - Philippines 2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? (ex. Games, Movie Watching, Photo Editing, etc.) Gaming, movie watching, photo editing, but mostly gaming 3. What resolution and screen size do you want? I'm fine with 1080p and 24"-27" but...
  9. S

    Please help me

    Hi. I am having issues with my HP windows 8. I was attempting to restart my laptop when it said that it needed to UPDATE before the restart which is fine.. Im used to seeing that. BUT in the middle of the update my Laptop died. Now typically when that happens if i plug in the charger it ask me...
  10. I

    Pc Wont Boot

    So, last morning i tried to start my PC, but it didnt work and just stopped blank at the Asus screen. The hard drive made a constant noise, and sometimes make a clicking noise every 3 seconds. Eventually it booted up, but didnt get further than the black screen between the first starting Windows...
  11. S

    Booting problem in windows 7 After installation of win 7 loader.

    I tried to install Windows 7 loader to activate windows. After that when I switch on my PC, It restarts again and again. When i pressed Esc continuously at the time of restart, and selected boot without loader, it worked properly. But i have to do it every time I switch on my PC. What should I...