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  1. D

    Question Zoom Mobile - can't get full-screen landscape video ?

    I cant seem to get Zoom on my Android to display my video as full-screen Landscape (with phone rotated to landscape) - it looks like 16:9. I have my phone video setting to full, not 16:9 ...unless Zoom on android will not allow? I have black space on either side, as opposed to edge to edge for...
  2. M

    Question Zoom Stealing 1 GB Data Storage per Meeting

    Weekly Zoom Meetings for 2 hrs with Cloud Recording. Have moved Zoom app to SD card. Each meeting steals 1G from local phone Data. Why is Zoom using this much local storage? No single file can be seen as added when doing a meeting. How can I delete weekly meeting files created on local for a...
  3. U

    I need help with Instagram payment! URGENT! Help please!

    Hello, I urgently need help with this: I just published my book (hurray!) and I'm trying to promote a publication on Instagram. In the past I had a technical issue and couldn't pay a promotion, so it says I have a debt. When I try to pay, it just won't accept my card number. I've tried 3...
  4. pcenvy88

    Toms Hardware IT App sharing our info?

    Haven't been on the forums in years so maybe this was posted already, however I use this app and am very concerned now..
  5. Boi216

    [SOLVED] Sandy Bridge Mobile Undervolting?

    I have a thinkpad x220t, and it has the i7 2620m. I have been searching for a pretty long time on how to undervolt it and it seems impossible. It goes upwards of 90 degrees even with thermal grizzly and i clean it regularly. Any suggestions to cool it down other than a cooling pad which i plan...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Watch YouTube on PC as an app

    Hi guys, Sorry if the question is misleading. I couldn't come up with a proper question to this problem. Okay. I have an unlimited package only for YouTube for my phone from my ISP. In case if I use my phone as a hotspot and watch YouTube, I will be charged. Is there any solution for this, to...
  7. N

    Question i got ipad mini 2 and i need to unlock

    i have a old ipad mini 2 and i reset it and it got unlocked, i dont know the email and password,the bill and box associated with the device, how to unlock it? somebody please help me with this
  8. Y

    [SOLVED] Does repair cost vary?

    Hey, I own a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I have cracked the front screen alongside caused a few dead pixels in the crack. The repair price in Samsung stores is £189 max. It's quite a price considering a I could add another £100 and buy it refurbished, however, the back glass is completly fine...
  9. TheDarkOne198

    [SOLVED] Thinking about upgrading the CPU of my old Sattelite

    I have a now about 11-year-old Toshiba Sattelite A505-S6979 laptop and while I am surprised it still works sometimes,I paid a lot for it back in the day so it had better. Still, It's little Mobile Core 2 Duo can barely keep up with anything now, I am often seeing it pegged at 100% while just...
  10. M

    Question Difference Between Software and Firmware?

    Difference Between Software and Firmware in Mobile
  11. I

    Question Mobile cant detect my router

    Hi after latest updates that i installed on my mobile i got a problem where my mobile cant detect wifi from my router but it can detect wifi from routers from our neighbors. I tried joining with WPS but it didnt work when i was pressing the button on the router. Please help.
  12. C

    Question all data lost

    i was copying my photos videos from my mobile to windows. incidentally i pressed Control+Z then all move data rollback it self but not in phone storage i don't know where that. please help me out how do i get my data back.
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Note 9 charging issue?

    So I have recently noticed that charging my Note 9 has started to take longer and longer. When I first got the phone, if I let it sit for about an 1 hour and 30 minutes, i'd have a full charge from about 10 percent. But now charging my phone from say 25%, it estimates that it'll take 2 hours and...
  14. H

    Buying a new Smartphone, NEED HELP!

    I am considering buying a Huawei Mate 20 lite, but only plan on using it on wifi at home for emulators and gaming and stuff. This ebay posting seems to good to be true. It says this is brand new for $169. Does the price have something to do with the fact...
  15. T

    Question Is 88% battery health good?

    I recently bought a Samsung phone from a reputable phone refurbishing company on eBay and the phone came with the battery health at 88%. They accept returns and I was wondering if the battery health is too low or not?
  16. D

    [SOLVED] 1400$ Portable PC Build (Looking for Recommendations)

    Looking to build a portable gaming PC since I am heading to University in fall. I have a budget of 1400$. Any recommendations or insight? I don't need a mouse, keyboard, or monitor. Games I would likely be playing on the build: Hearts of Iron IV Europa Universalis IV Imperator Rome Overwatch...
  17. D

    Question Mobile Gaming PC or Laptop? 1400$ Budget

    To clarify beforehand, I am not too good at coming up with builds, which is why I always ask on here for upgrades or builds. I have built 4 PC's, so hardware wise, I know how to build. So I am transferring to a different university in the Fall and I was thinking about either building a gaming...
  18. Sk8ter

    [SOLVED] Samsung nc108p won't post !

    Hi all ! I have this old mini-book Specs : Cpu : Intel Atom n2800 Ram : 2gigs of ram HDD : 320 gigs The HDD gave me all kind of BSOD and some S.M.A.R.T errors too (05,196,199) tried with a new ssd nothing changed , some times the HDD led would go off just like that and the whole pc would...
  19. lipzi

    [SOLVED] Ultrawide vs dual monitor?

    So, I'm planning to get a new monitor/two new monitors. But the problem is, Are the Ultrawides worth the extra cash? I can get 2 144hz Monitors with a vesa mount for 440€ but an ultrawide 144hz with vesa mount is 560 bucks. Is it worth it? I heard that the experience on an ultrawide is awesome...
  20. D

    Question Best fan speed for heavy load msi bios 5

    I'm an absolute noob with PC tech. I had friends put together my current build I use MSI and I'm on BIOS 5. I notice that after a couple hours of gaming/streaming at around 45-60% CPU/GPU I'm getting performance issues in game that feel like overheating. I'm looking for help adjusting my fans in...