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  1. T

    Question BIOS update screwed with computer

    I hadn't updated my bios since I built the PC, so I decided to do it about a week ago. Ever since , my computer has been acting very strange. My PC will occasionally crash and say "All settings were reset to default values. The previous overclock settings have failed, system has been restored to...
  2. T

    Question Solid red light on mobo

    So I am building my first pc and have connected everything. Went for first boot up and everything turned on so I was excited only to have it turn off and on in a loop, also no picture on monitor. I noticed there was a solid red light on my mobo and have been looking is that has anything to do...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Please help!

    I have and Asus Prime H310M-E R2.0, which has 2 fan headers, cpu, and cha. The problem is i want to buy 6 "InWin Sirius Loop" fans (these fans can be connected consecutively) but i dont know if some voltage problem would happen.
  4. H

    [SOLVED] Power supply connector

    I have building a pc for my dad it's in budget and for typing and little poster creating in graphics I bought athlon 200ge Gigabyte a320m s2h 1tb hdd 7200rpm 8gb 2400mhz ram I bought a case psu combo which is 250w But my problem is my psu have 4 pin connector but my mobo has 8 pin connector is...
  5. Question Help needed adding Raidmax RGB fans to Gigabyte Aorus B450 motherboard

    Fan comes with 2 cables, one for power (molex/3pin support), another presumably the RGB whatsamathingy (male and female tips), that plugs either to a RGB remote or a whatsamdoogle header on the motherboard. The Aurus has a few presumably whatsamadoogle headers on the motherboard, but the mobo...
  6. SeanK135

    [SOLVED] mobo vga and hdmi cable.

    hi so i was looking to plug in an older dell monitor into my mobo as a second monitor via vga but my system isnt picking it up? the monitor just goes into sleep mode. i then got in touch with someone and they told me it was because my main monitor was plugged into my gpu and to plug the second...
  7. V

    Question What motherboards can I get to upgrade the motherboard in Dell optiplex 380 tower?

    Hi, I need to get a new motherboard for my dell optiplex 380 tower. The reason to upgrade is because I want to run high tier games and i cant run it if the graphics is getting loads of bottleneck because of the cpu, which cant be upgraded more because its a 775 socket, It possibly needs to be a...
  8. K

    Question fujitsu d3183 cpu upgrade

    i have mini pc from fujitsu with d3183 mobo model, and in technotes i seen tdp limit for cpu is 45w, somewhere in internet i seen that i can remove internal psu and connect external one, here is link to this post https://www.dkia.at/en/node/174 and if i do this "mod" i can put i7 3770? now i...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] First build help: Motherboard blinking and no signal on monitor

    I have just finished building my first pc. When i turn the pc on, fans start spinning, GPU indicates that it's receiving power etc. but the motherboard's orange light is sort of blinking with a breathing effect and the monitor has no signal. I have no idea what could be causing this, I double...
  10. L

    Question I need to get a decent motherboad

    Basically I am on a budget and have i3 3220(3rd gen ) and aero itx Radeon Rx 560 4gb oc gpu. I have a really old and bad motherboard which can at most use 1600mhz ram. I noticed that ram speeds can bottleneck and can really change alot in terms of performance. Basically I need to find a...
  11. Maciej__

    Question Can I plug all of those RGB fans?

    Hello, I'm planning on buying Asus ROG Strix b450-f + 2x140mm and 3x120mm Corsair LL rgb fans and im worried i wont be able to plug the rgb into the mobo. And do those controllers that come with it support rgb? I'm sorry if its not understendable but im not good with tech and neither with...