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  1. Inver_ShaRingan

    Question What mobo for 5600X upgrade to 5800X3D This is my current mobo in my rig, which isn't great but at least have some cheapo looking vrm cooling 🙈. Doesn't have any sensors for vrms temps, so not much I can say about it. But this mobo can handle 5800X3D without overheating vrms or...
  2. F

    Question I can't boot any of my drives since updating the BIOS ?

    Hey! So as the title reads, I can't boot anything, not even my USB stick which has a fresh Windows installer on it. Before all this happened, my PC was working fine. So how did this start? Well, I recently picked up my new ram sticks and plugged them in my computer. I noticed that the speed...
  3. T

    Question Motherboard recommendation for an Intel 13th gen CPU ?

    Hi all, So I am planning to build a new pc in the upcoming 1-2 months but I have no clue what MOBO to buy for my build. I will most likely be running a 4070 or 4070ti with an i5 13600k. I don't need WIFI or DDR5. Just looking for the best price to performance boards out there for intel 13th...
  4. Inver_ShaRingan

    [SOLVED] MSI Z490 Gaming Plus --- RAM compatibility ?

    Hi everyone ^^ I have some knowledge about PC's but not enough I guess 🙈. So I would like to learn something and ask if I should take a look on my Mobo's website and look at compatible components, like storage, RAM etc etc ? I swapped my laptop for a PC with: MSI Z490 i9-10900k RTX 2070 (bought...
  5. S

    Question ASUS ROG Strix B450 F Gaming 4x RAM Sticks

    Hello, Just bought 2 more ram sticks Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 3200 MHz so now I have 32GBs of ram, my problem is that they don't work at 3200Mhz, with the D.O.C.P on that sets the speed at 3200Mhz I have to change it manually to 2933 to make them work. My question is...
  6. D

    Question M.2 SATA SSD Not Recognized

    To start here are the relevant specs: Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming B450-PLUS II SSD: SK Hynix SC308 128GB M.2 SATA SSD The SSD in question currently contains an old Windows 10 installation, and I'm trying to reformat it for use as a normal storage drive. I already have a 2.5" SATA SSD with my...
  7. mrddtt

    Question Motherboard advice ?

    Hi all. Hoping for advice from the community. I am looking for an LGA1155 Motherboard that accepts i7-3770 (Ivy Bridge), 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz, and that has a DisplayPort delivering 1440x2560 from onboard GPU (hence without installing a PCI GPU) . I only could spot a Gigabyte...
  8. BrokenProton

    Question Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master: sudden no POST issue ?

    Ive literally swapped everything but my motherboard, but I REALLY don't want to have to RMA my motherboard if I don't have to. My PC will post with a different graphics card for maybe a couple minutes, then stop posting. I can hear windows but it makes the USB disconnect and everything stops...
  9. rjdborella

    Question Asus Z790-E Gaming WIFI power cycling

    I have a new 2 week old build with ASUS z790-e Yesterday it shutdown and would not post. Just power cycle over and over through 4 Q-Codes from 00 and back to 00. Tried all the usually power off let it sit nothing. The red CPU light would stay on but it just endlessly cycled through codes...
  10. xDecypha

    Question my pc nonstop bootcycles until i reseat the ram

    basically my pc doesnt stop boot cycling untill i open it up and take one stick of ram out, turn it on and if it works i turn it off and put the other stick back in then turn it on, i occasionally get the boot up screen but then it turns off and continues to bootcycle, i have unplugged...
  11. S

    Question Cheapest Z790 for maximum performance 13900k without overclocking

    As the title says. Things to consider: Some Z690 version of motherboards have compatibility issues with setup I am going to use. (Lancool III and Liquid Freezer II 420 mounted on top, problem is that liquid freezers interferes with motherboard) There is no list about Z790 versions of...
  12. folksrust

    Question I think my PC is underperforming - - - upgrade advice and help ?

    Hi, I feel like my PC may be underperforming, maybe the motherboard isnt strong enough as it is (PRIME B365M-K), my ram is 16gb DDR4 3200mhz, RTX2060, i7 8700. I was thinking of upgrading my CPU to the i5 12700KF but unsure if my mobo is compatible with that and I am not wanting to spend A LOT...
  13. F8Rodan

    Question Best motherboards for an I7-7700

    So lately i have been searching motherboards in Amazon for an I7-7700 non K, but couldn't really find any aside from some chinese vendors that don't look reliable. Now, i'm asking you guys, what do you recommend in motherboards for a kaby lake i7 processor.
  14. c0rd5lut

    Question SOLVED! - 6 Long Beeps After Installing GPU

    Hi! I recently bought a GTX 1660 for my computer. Upon startup, there are 6 long beeps and no activity on the screen. I'll list my parts MoBo - Foxconn 2ADA CPU - i7-3770 500w PSU 16 GB RAM I initially tried to reset BIOS by taking out the battery, waiting a few minutes, then putting it back...
  15. Fire-Wire

    Question How to deal with a snapped Mobo cable?

    Hi, smart folk! So, while blitz-cleaning the interior of my case, very superficially so, I noticed one of my cables (those that go on the bottom pins to power the power/reset/usb/LSD thingies) was snapped. I swear I don't know how that happened and I was shocked for a few seconds. I turned the...
  16. I

    Question DRAM light is on for first boot and nothing i do works.

    My Mobo has an orange light on every time I try and boot. No display, or anything. Ryzen 5 5600x RTX 3060 XC ASUS TUF X570 PLUS WIFI G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory My RAM is in the second and last slot, have been replaced and tested each slot and nothing works...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] Ram not working in B slots

    Hello everyone! I'm having issues with my new build, PC won't turn on when I use optimised RAM slots (A2,B2) but will boot up when RAM is in A1,A2 however speed is locked at 2666MHz. Setup CPU Intel Core i7 12700 Alder Lake-S CPU CPU Cooler Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Air Tower Cooler RAM...
  18. MotorMike

    Question PC Boot Issue DRAM/CPU light on MOBO

    Funny problems since day 1 of owning a custom PC brought. Once the power button is pressed CPU light flashes red quick then to DRAM orange stays on for a while then will either turn off to then green and white vga however sometimes when booting PC it'll stick on orange DRAM until boot off as no...
  19. W

    [SOLVED] CPU+Mobo upgrade

    Hi fellow custom-build pc enthusiasts: I'm looking to upgrade my CPU/Mobo/RAM for now. I am eyeing the Intel i5-12600K chip and looking for a Mobo recommendation! What is there to look out for nowadays and are there anything else I should consider for compatibility? I am wondering also, for my...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Help choosing motherboard

    Hey all, I have an FX-6300 processor which I use typically for gaming (Not Overclocked). My current motherboard is Asus M5A78L-M LX3 which supports up to 16 GB of ram max. I'm thinking to go with ASRock 990FX Extreme 9 which supports upto 64*GB. Can someone please suggest me a better board ?
  21. L

    Question Gigabyte B560M DS3H V2 orange light

    Hi guys, once again i am here for your help. I built today a new pc but i dont get signal from mobo. I3 10105f B560M DS3H V2 Seasonic 520 evo editio R9 280x 2 hdds 1 nvme 2 sticks of ram. 2x8 I tried to removed everything exept one stick of ram and even changed them. Still solid orange light...
  22. A

    Question Strange Pc Situation

    So I recently purchased a few upgrades to my pc including a new case, new fans, and a new m.2. I installed it all and boom, nothing. Tested just about everything since then except a new psu/cpu. When I plug the 24 pin in my mobo nothing happens, however, I have a spare board that lights up when...
  23. S

    Question Viglen DQ57TM intel motherboard

    Hi all This motheboard is coupled with an i7 860 2.8 Everything was fine up until a couple of months ago, when it started not booting up and hang in a windows 10 reset / repair cycle. I have re-installed windows (non UEFI) to test and it is now booting fine BUT ... if you shut down and...
  24. R

    [SOLVED] What is good temperature for ASUS PRIME B550M-A?

    I am curious as to what my temperature range should be for this motherboard. I am having a hard time finding the information for some reason. Currently my MOBO is 37C under load (playing Red Dead Redemption 2). Is this safe and what range could I expect to see with this MOBO?
  25. Alienverde

    [SOLVED] Old Mobo m.2

    This may be silly question but I just want to confirm I have had this gigabyte b150m-dsh3 ( for the las five years or so. Haven't tried an m.2 yet and wanted to put one on it, checking in the web it says m.2 pci e/sata compatible...
  26. N

    [SOLVED] Computer Restarting Under Low Load (Not Gamming)

    First off I'd like to apologize for any incorrect formatting or any errors this is my first time posting something on a forum. So as the title suggests my computer has randomly started resetting when under light load and is fine when gaming, which is rather incontinent when it comes to school...
  27. N

    Question Which motherboard shall I chose to buy?

    Hello guys. So I want to build a Ryzen system and I was looking for the motherboards. I can't spend lot of money on the motherboards so I did my research and I have to make choice between 3 motherboards. Gigabyte a520m Aorus Elite - 85$ Gigabyte b450 Aorus M - 95$ Third option is the combo -...
  28. T

    [SOLVED] What motherboard to buy?

    Looking to finally upgrade My ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 and downsize to a micro-atx. Would like to keep current memory, CPU and graphics. Current Setup: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 (Socket LGA1155) Intel Core i7-3770 NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1660 Four DDR3-1600 / PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM UDIMM (Corsair) I just...
  29. Mimogrede

    [SOLVED] Trying to locate a problem,need advice.

    So, my pc basically wont turn on. Specs: ryzen 1500 Gtx 1070 16gb ram 3200hz Evga 500w Msi b350m gaming pro mobo Okay, story time; I noticed i had only 8gb out of 16 useable ram (in pc properties) so i reseated both, fiddled in bios and then everything seemed fine (16gb useable). Then...
  30. P

    [SOLVED] Multiple gpu problem with Asrock B 450 K4

    Greetings. My system boots find when only gpu installed. Once I add the 2nd gpu (two identical rtx 2080 super) system wont post and kick me straight to bios settings, including no video signal from either gpu and 2nd gpu no matter which is connected would stop spinning all it's fans and kicks me...
  31. O

    [SOLVED] Upgrading PC, question about mobo/case

    I'll be upgrading my PC in preparation for a large model (strix or trio, I'm thinking) 6800XT. I have a mobo and case that are pretty basic and do not have experience installing either since my PC was prebuilt or with things such as variable speed fans. The MOBO and case are these...
  32. KimPossible34

    [SOLVED] No aRGB on Z390 UD Motherboard ?

    Hey all, I just made a new account because of a question I had. A friend of mine recommended me ask on this forum because someone may have a solution. Essentially, this is my first time building a PC. I used pcpartpicker and some advice from friends on what parts to pick. I ended up going with...
  33. M

    [SOLVED] PC upgrade advice wanted so i can play Alyx

    Hi all, I was pointed towards the below template regarding request for PC upgrade advice - would appreciate your input. Current gaming build Approximate Purchase Date: no rush, but within next few month Budget Range: approx £300 on top of whatever i make selling the current components...
  34. Giras

    [SOLVED] best budget b550 mobo froml ist

    b550 tomahawk b550 aorus pro B550 aorus elite ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming
  35. Giras

    [SOLVED] Need help --- what mobo for next upgrade !!

    Hi i will sell my b450 tomahawk and r5 and want upgrade for next zen 3 and rx 6000 so which mobo should i get from this list from 1 >>last? MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK ----------- ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4------- Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE---------- X570 Aorus Elite------------------- MSI MAG X570...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] 1 week old PC shuts down randomly or doesn't boot at all.

    Hello. I just recently built a fully brand new PC 1 week ago and have been having some very strange issues. My specs currently Asus ROG B550-A mobo XFX Rx580 pro GPU 64GB DDR4 RAM 2666HZ AMD Ryzen 3900 CPU EvGA 750 platinum/Cougar GX 1050 gold PsU If any specific details are needed apart from...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] Dead DIMM slots??? Is this a thing?

    System: i7-4790k Z79X Gaming 7 Mobo 32g Kingston 1866c DDR3 RAM (4x8g) RTX 2070 Super Corsair H100iGTX Liquid Cooling Windows 10 Thermaltake Toughpower XT Gold 1475w PSU I have had this setup for about 5-6 years now (except the GPU which I recently upgraded to) and never had much of an issue...
  38. Simplesimplesimple

    [SOLVED] Configuration thoughts

    Hi everyone, about a week ago I posted a thread about the hardware and now I think I am finally ready with my setup. I have chosen the following parts : CPU - i5 10600K GPU - Gainward or Palit 2070S Mobo - MSI Gaming Edge Wifi or Gigabyte Aorus Elite/Vision G Cooler - Noctua NH-D15 SSD - Samsung...
  39. Z

    [SOLVED] Laptop is charging but no power

    Hello, I have laptop HP 15-ay005. When I connect power adapter LED is on and mobo get 19.5V. When I test with multimeter everything looks fine. But laptop can't power on. I also try remove bios battery for one minute. Laptop battery doesn't work, laptop was working only with power adapter. This...
  40. J

    [SOLVED] which mobo should i choose?

    i have a ryzen 5 3600 and want to pick a mobo between Gigabyte B450 AORUS M and ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING which one is better? i want the pc mainly for gaming Thanks