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  1. F8Rodan

    Question Best motherboards for an I7-7700

    So lately i have been searching motherboards in Amazon for an I7-7700 non K, but couldn't really find any aside from some chinese vendors that don't look reliable. Now, i'm asking you guys, what do you recommend in motherboards for a kaby lake i7 processor.
  2. StayNumb

    [SOLVED] Is Ryzen 3 3200g compatible with A320M pro m2-v2?

    Hey guys. Recently i bought a new RAM/CPU/MOBO Ryzen 3 3200g HyperX Fury 8gb ddr4 3200mhz cl16 MSI A320M PRO V2-M2 (The GPU remain the same, MSI Radeon RX 570 GAMING 4GB OC) After I put everything together, everything started running up as it should be(based on sounds) and i kept getting...
  3. V

    Power supply units.

    hallo, i want to know about zebronics psu :)