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  1. V

    Question New ram won't work without older ram stick (ANSWERED)

    hey there, so i have 4x4gb (ddr4 3466- 1733mhz) Kings. HyperX CL19 and 1x4gb(dd4 2134-1067mhz) CL14 and the former wont work without at least one part of the latter working. I tried the stickies. Nothing works. DETAILS: OLD RAM (DDR4 2134-1067mhz) NEW RAM (DDR4 3466-1733mhz) MOBO...
  2. oakside

    Question ASUS B450-F motherboard, defective DIMM slots, no POST, orange LED

    It seems my "new" B450-F motherboard has a couple dead DIMM slots. Maybe some wisdom can be shared with me to help figure this out. Otherwise, this post may at least help others with similar problems. Will update until resolved (feel free to PM or notify me if I forget). Details: Tested RAM in...
  3. A

    Question Ryzen 9 and asrock x570 pro 4

    Hello, I have been trying to build my first PC ever. I have been traveling a little lately so I need a portable PC so I am stuck with a micro atx or mini itx build. I thought of getting an expert opinion on a motherboard I was looking at, it's the asrock x570 pro4 ( I am waiting for it to...
  4. K

    Question New GPU won't connect with my mobo

    I got the new AMD Radeon 5700 ( ) and tried to install the hardware to my PCI slot on my micro-atx Gigabyte mobo ( ) but it won't work. The GPU is getting power because I plugged it into...
  5. qujamm

    Question PC turns on and then resets itself over and over

    I came home from work today, turned on my pc, installed a corsair and steelseries update, then needed to restart my computer. When it tried to turn back on, it boots up, then a few seconds later turns off, and then just repeats over and over. When my pc turns on, the fans all turn on, the lights...
  6. ZuRriX

    Question Can I use ARGB fans with a Non-ARGB motherboard?

    Here is what I mean. I want to buy Raidmax NV-R120FBR3 kit, which is basically a set of 3x Raidmax NV-R120FB ARGB Aura Sync compatible fans, an ARGB 5V controller/HUB and an RF Remote. I own an ASRock H270M Fatal1ty Performance motherboard, that is not ARGB compatible, meaning it does not have...
  7. L

    Question My pc turns off when under load!

    Hi everyone, I built my pc around a year ago and it was all fine until about a month ago when i was playing Rainbow Six Siege and my pc just turned off without warning. I figured out that because it was a hot day it could be a cooling problem, so I bought 2 new fans (i already had 4) and a cpu...
  8. N

    Question Which X570 to buy?

    I've been postponing buying a 3900X because I have no clue which motherboard I should buy. There are so many X570 boards that it's overwhelming. Minimum Requirements 1 x PCIE4x16 1 x PCIE4x4 for NVME M.2, ideally with a heatsink 4 x DDR4 slots 8 x SATA ports (6 x SATA ports would be fine if...
  9. Tibone101

    Question GPU works in PCIex4 but not PCIex16?

    Hi! MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P GPU: Asus Nvidia GTX 1050 I have this strange problem, my system works fine when my GPU is in the PCIex4 slot but when I try it in the PCIex16 slot my computer starts up and all, but i cant get a signal from my GPU, I haven’t touched any settings in the BIOS...
  10. Question Mobo Temp Displaying high

    Hey guys and gals, Just did a massive hardware upgrade on my PC and got myself a Mobo with the X570 Chipset with a Ryzen 5 3600X. I have a strange issue though, looking at CPUID, it shows my SYSTIN temp at nearly 60C at idle. Sometimes it goes above 60C. My CPU idles at about 30C, and even...
  11. A

    Question Please help me choose mobo for Ryzen 3600

    Hi all, I hope you all can help, I find the spec sheet on the website confusing when it comes to PCIE slots. I'm thinking of buying a Ryzen 5 3600, and I need a ATX mobo to go with it, My only issue is that I need slots for the following: 1 x GPU (low power) 1 x RAID card (8 lane PCIE) 1...
  12. S

    Question Ryzen 3800x: x470 or x570

    So I'm planning on building a pc around the new ryzen 3800x. Because I'm a bit limited on a budget, I'd like to know if I really need the x570 board? What are the major benefits you get by choosing a x570 (as far as I understand it's higher supply and higher bandwidth). Amd surprised me a bit...
  13. T

    Question ARGB Fan Headers compatible in my build?

    Hello, I am about to build a new set up, and I want it to be fully rainbow puke (RGB) compatible. So long story short, with the Phanteks Enthoo Pro, the Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E Gaming ATX MOBO and 4x Masterfan MF140R ARGB, I want to be able to control the Aura settings from the MOBO Because of...
  14. F

    Question Motherboard not power on with power button

    This is a MSI 850 Pro (MS6339) I know it’s an ancient Mobo , but I would like to get it running again. So... the power button on it is not working, the motherboard looks fine (no blown caps), I’ve tried shorting the front panel pwr switch, I’ve cleaned out various pins, cleared the cmos...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] Aorus Z390 Can't load usb media to install Win10... Bad mobo?

    I have a gigabyte z390 aorus pro wifi that came in the mail today for a new PC build i7 9700k 2x8gb corsair vengeance It freezes on the Aorus splash screen after a few spins with a usb boot media inserted, but fine with kb + mouse. . I verified that my usb windows media is good by testing on...
  16. G

    Question b450 or x370?

    I am looking to get a new mobo for the upcoming ryzen 3600. was wondering what would be better MSI B450 Tomahawk or Asus Prime X370-pro Are there any particular features that are better on one board compared to the other? Also any suggestions are welcome Thanks
  17. W

    Question I have an h110 pro-vd what cpu will be okay in it ?

    I have an h110 pro-vd what cpu will be okay in it ? I had an i5 2400 thinks thats the wrong cpu because I get no post won't even boot up but fans come on heat sink works but no post this is what someone told me are they right My H110 motherboard can't recognise Kaby Lake processors because it...
  18. D

    Question Is my CPU socket damaged?

    Hi. I recently bought a 2nd hand Gigabyte GA-Z170N-GAMING 5 ITX Motherboard and was worried maybe the socket was damaged (See photo). The box had things missing and it was wrongly described on ebay so i just would like to double check everything. (Intel LGA1151 Socket) View...
  19. N

    Question What is more likely to cause this system crash?

    specs: cpu: i7-6700K/PH-TC14PE 140mm UFB mobo: ASUS Z170-A LGA 1151 gpu: evga gtx 1080 psu: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 ram: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB os drive: SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 250GB My hunch is cpu or mobo because I've swapped the gpu and the crashes still occur. It's a full system crash...
  20. P

    Question GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2P 1050TI

    Hi , Can my mobo GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2P play asus gtx 1050ti?