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  1. sahilchauhandd

    Question GPU for my MOBO... Please Help!!

    I am currently using a Lenovo 3000 H220 desktop with the mobo (L-IG41M3 v 1.1) and was thinking of upgrading it. Can anyone suggest some GPUs that are compatible for gaming. Also should I upgrade the processor as I'm currently using a Intel E5400?????
  2. R

    Question I need help MSI Z390-A Pro

    Hey so I am building my pc rn and it needs to be done ASAP. Whoever knows how to build one please lmk so we can call on discord or something. I’m trying to connect all my cables to the psu and Mobo...
  3. Bulletproof911

    Question Asus Mobo Solid Red Cpu LED

    I have the same issue I’ve seen on tons of threads and have tried just about everything to get this pc running. Ill list my components and below that what I’ve tried and my results. Asus M5A99FX Pro 2.0 (Used) AMD 8350 Black Edition (Used) EVGA GeForce Gtx 950 (Used) 2x 8gb DDR3 Ballistix Elite...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Crashing

    So having an issue where it goes from playing a Game to instantly dead, no crash dump, no blue screen or anything to be able to diagnose what exactly is causing the issue. the only thing I could think of is the PSU going bad. or if anyone else had other ideas on how to figure out whats going...
  5. J

    Question No display to graphics card

    When I have everything ran to my GPU...there is no display to anything. I checked in the bios, and it doesn;t even show there is anything in the pcie slot. It will boot and display when ran off my onboard graphics though. I think I have tried about everything. Not sure weather it's my GPU or my...
  6. R

    Question Stuck between ONLY these two motherboards.

    Help me with which one to get! I ONLY want these two.. well one of them. This is what I am looking for. Unless there is something wayyy better but not more than $300 then so be it! Send it as well. But for these two which one is better for gaming, streaming, overlcocking RTX2060 and 3000mhz Ram...
  7. ketrab

    Question Issue with enabling Virtualization VT on Gigabyte Z77X-UP4 TH

    Hi, I'm in need to spin up vm on my desktop using vm workstation 12 pro. I am getting a VT-x is disabled error when starting up the VM. I have double check in bios that VT is enabled and as the error message says disable "trusted execution" MOBO...
  8. M

    Question PC restarts over and over

    Cpu i7-8700 Ram Corsair 2400 MHz 16 GB GPU Gigabyte aurous 1080 Ti OC edition Mobo z390 Gaming SLI CPU cooler h150i by corsair Psu EVGA 850 watt gold certified One 500gb 860 Samsung ssd and 1 tb ssd Any other question about my system I will answer as I’m a little stressed and can’t think rn...
  9. A

    Question Asus Z-170 Deluxe doesn't boot.

    MOBO: Asus Deluxe z-170 Deluxe CPU: Intel 6700k RAM: 16 GB Corsair Vengence GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 PSU: Corsair 750i COOLER: Corsair H100i I have been using this build since 2015. Yesterday while playing apex legends, the system just crashed and the pc won't turn on. On the motherboard only the...
  10. 0

    Question new build PC won't boot

    Hello, I have been trying to learn how to build a PC and I'm at the point where I'm trying to start the PC up and install an OS. When it starts up, the computer takes a few moments, and then beeps once, and then beeps twice. I'm not sure what's wrong. I had read online that for my mobo this...
  11. J

    Build Advice UPGRADE help?

    I currently run CPU - 6700K temps around 25c idle and 56-60c underload MOBO - Gigabyte g1 gaming H150i cooler RAM - 32gb g.SKILL 3200 GPU - RTX 2070 Im a Video Colorist (work in resolve). Im currently having terrible play back on my time line (4k footage) I feel as if this should be a fine set...
  12. A

    [SOLVED] PC Boots and shuts down 3 times before booting

    I have had this pc for about a month maybe alittle longer and i never really asked if this was a problem. When i turn on my pc i will turn the power switch on my psu on and then push the power button. It always boots and turns off 3 times before actually booting all the way. Is this just like a...
  13. A

    Question CMOS Battery Overuse, Is It Possible?

    Hello, and let me get into the problem, or the question I might say. All my components work pretty well, except MoBo I guess. Problem is that whenever the PC turns on, there is not a problem about keeping it up, no puns intended, but when I turn it off and try to power it on once again after...
  14. W

    Question i7 8700k----£350-- worth it?

    hi, so recently upgraded to a gtx 1080 but its time to get rid of my i7 2600k and upgrade cpu, i7 8700k is currently £350 on new egg+ £100 for new mobo also, is this worth it, or would i be better saving money and going for the ryzen 2700x, i already have a corsair liquid cpu cooler. i will...
  15. Lascivious

    Question My gpu is 1050TI....playing Assassina creed throtles to a value temp of it normal???

    I own a gaming laptop.....while playing AAA games like GTAV....ASSASSINS CREED ODYSSEY...SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR.....CRYSIS.....the top of laptop becomes so hot....i can cook omellete on it.....but HWmonitor shows....temp while playing Odyssey.....GPU=74C.....CPU it normal...
  16. M

    Question I updated my desktop mobo, cpu & ram, but now I have no video output?

    I just redid my system, upgraded to the Gigabyte AX370 motherboard, Corsair 16GB DDR4 ram, and AMD Ryzen 5 2600. I am using my old HDD, SSD, gpu & power supply. I have power but no video output when I turn it on. Any suggestions?
  17. SSotirov

    Question Memory compatibility

    Hi Guys, I have currently installed 16GB (2x 8 GB sticks) of Kingston Savage HX430C15SB2/8 . I would like to upgrade to 32 GB of system memory and I found good offer on Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB(2x8GB) (KIN-RAM-HX430C15PB3K2/16). Could you please advise if both types of memory are compatible...
  18. M

    Question Spilled soup on pc tower

    Case: Nzxt h400i Cpu: Ryzen 1600 Ram: 16gb ddr4 (2400mhz) Mb: Gigabyte Ab350m-Ds3h Psu: 500 watt evga bq Harddrives: 1tb, 250gb ssd (boot drive) Gpu: Gtx 1060 6gb Reccently today I had my soup on the edge of my desk like a dumbass, and some of it spilled at the top of my cases front io, and...
  19. D

    Question display port bracket

    Hi i couldnt find a thread for this but i need to know where i can get a replacement bracket for the amd rx 550 as mine cracked in the middle and i need to sell it but they wont accept it without the bracket