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  1. V

    Moving both RAID 1 HDDs from one PC to another

    Hi, I have an old HP N40L Microserver running Windows Server Essentials which I would like to replace with a new PC made of the parts I have around; and I wonder if moving the both RAID 1 HDDs to the new one would be a straight forward job, or I could have some issues? The OS is running from a...
  2. Z

    I need Acer Aspire E15 bios key

    How I can find bios key for Acer aspire E 15. E5-576G-52H6
  3. J

    Seasonic focus 650W 80 Plus Gold good enough?

    the 650w good enough or Seasonic 750W 80 Plus Titanium for the following build. Mobo: Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 CPU: I7-4790k GPU: Evga Gtx 1080 ti ftw 3 AIO: Corsair h100i v2 RAM: G. Skill Ripjaws x 16gb 1600 PSU: Seasonic focus 650W 80 Plus Gold Just...
  4. R

    Couple questions about my CPU temperatures

    Hi, on start i have to say that i recently bought gtx 1080, i had i5 7600k and i thought that it will be fine but it was bottlenecking my GPU, many of you can say it's not true but actually it's. I had almost similar FPS in overwatch that my friend have on his i5 6600k and gtx 960. So i bought...
  5. D

    Upgrading Acer Aspire e5 573g 52g3 Motherboard?

    I do casual gaming (LoL, Fortnite, RB6, etc) and what sprung me to get a couple upgrades was that it randomly slowed down hardcore, Fortnite would barely run (though there wasn't ever any lag on low graphics settings), and league was buggy.. So I did a reset (keeping files) and when I did that...
  6. C

    Acer Predator 300 shuts down

    My laptop keeps shutting down randomly, and at times I have trouble getting it to boot up. I can tap the space bar and it will start to boot then shut right back off. However, I can tap the space bar and it will boot all the way until I stop tapping the space bar. Any ideas on this? Power button...
  7. N

    on ac power led is on and battery light is on and blinking yellow but my laptop does not comes on

    on ac power led is on and battery light is on also and blinks yellow but laptop cant Côme on
  8. D

    GTX 770 2gb to RX 570 4gb

    I am interested in upgrading to a RX 570 4gb to a GTX 770. The gtx 770 gets very hot and is very loud. The gtx 770 barely manages to get 60fps on low settings 1080p on Rainbow Six Siege. Is the upgrade worth it? Or should I wait? The RX 570 is $185.50 USD/ $250 AUS.
  9. M

    BSOD while rendering in Adobe Premiere

    Hi, I have a problem with system crashing while rendering movie (Adobe Premiere). Since I'm using this PC (around 2 years) I've never had system crash. I don't know what changed today but I had 2 BSOD and every time I'm rendering big project it happens again. Yesterday I was rendering project...
  10. A

    malware back after wipe

    I wiped my computer to remove a malware. When i ran a virus scan after the wipe it still found malware. How can the malware still remain after a wipe of the computer?
  11. S

    There is an orange LED on my ASUS Strix B350-F motherboard and I don't how to or if I should turn it off

    FULL SPECS: Ryzen 5 2600 w/ stock cooler @ 3.85GHz 1X8GB Crucial 2400MHz DDR4 ASUS Strix B350-F AM4 GALAX GTX 1060 6GB OC Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 650W 80+ Bronze Modular PSU Recently I built my PC and there is an orange light on my ASUS Strix B350-F motherboard that i want to turn off as it...
  12. K

    Hard drive only have 23% health?

    Hi guys is the Hard Disk Sentinel reading legit? Because it says my hdd only have 23% health. Its only around 5 months old or 4 but I don't have the warranty anymore. But is it legit , Can something cause it ? or is my hdd really dying? Anyway to fix this ?
  13. P

    Need a new router for Fios Gigabit internet

    I am looking for a router for my gigabit internet from fios and I am trying to replace the router they gave me since I have to pay $10 a month and I can't really do much on it. I just got comptia network+ so I am a bit new at networking, so I want to learn more about and plan to get Ccna. So I...
  14. niksonrex88

    What gpu can i get for about 80 Euros that is worth it?

    Ok so i just got money from my uncle and I'm looking to buy a new gpu cause this ancient hd 2600 xt is terrible. Now i even have driver issues and because amd removed all of the older ones and i cant roll back for some reason i need a new gpu. I only have 3gb of ram but that is much easier to...
  15. A

    AMD cpu fan

  16. M

    Best Motherboard for 8400?

    Im building a PC rn, So far I ordered my case the H500P and chose the 8400 to be the processor, but im stuck on what MOBO and CPU cooler I should get. I am running a high air flow build so im hoping any suggestions have a decent amount of fan plug ins. Also im thinking about a possible upgrade...
  17. U

    Cooling system not working Toshiba Laptop

    Hey guys the title explains my problem but I have a question. Probably a really dumb question but im pretty sure my fan stopped working and I was wondering if a laptop fan outside of the computer (one of the ones you put under the laptop) help with the solution until I got a new pc? I don’t...
  18. F

    I bought a new laptop that can render all games on high settings then the next day it already started to freeze and get frame

    i bought a new laptop then the next day the frames were skipping on fortnight. It has a gtx mx150 with 16 gigs of ram and a 250 ssd. I also bought it from Costco, so are Costco laptops good.
  19. P

    no temperature difference after conductonaut

    I applied the conductonaut to both to my ryzen 1600 and evga clc 280 cooler. however, the tctl/tdie temperature still at 70c nothing changed. what is the problem here?
  20. kappisto

    Java unistalling issue

    So i was cleaning some old folders and uninstaled some crappy addon from Wow, which i didnt noticed that it somehow also uninstaled java(which i dont need for anything right now, i needed it only for that addon) but now on every boot this show up. translation for the box with red cross...