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    Question I want to remove the plastic shroud on my MSI GTX 1070 ti Duke card so I can paint it white.

    I see 2 screws behind each of the 3 fans. I can access those by moving the fan blades one way or the other. Are those the shroud screws? My real question is....can I remove this shroud without completely disassembling the card, removing the heatsink from the PCB? Thanks in advance! Chris
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    [SOLVED] Case Fan mounting brackets modding

    Hi I'm trying to add another fan in the front of my case, the problem is my case supports only a single fan in front, so why not modding it? I found there is a space that I can add my second fan, it's a 120mm size The real issue is that single fan is mounted with brackets to the case to be...
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    3rd monitor on Radeon HD7800 series

    Alright, tried searching the forums but I can't really figure out the go to solution. My apologies if this has been answered before, but I couldn't make out the right solution out of all mentioned solutions. The PC i'm using was build by a company and it has the GPU Radeon HD7800 series - don't...