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  1. B

    Question Random intermittent bursts of high ping when router plugged in

    I have an ethernet connection from my desktop to my Linksys AC5400 router, which is plugged into the Comcast-provided Cisco DPC3941B modem. Most of the time, my Internet is fine, but approximately once every 2 to 3 minutes I get a 15-to-30-second span of high (>300ms) ping. I've had two Comcast...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] What components of a computer do different types of viruses run through before infecting it?

    For example, if there is a BIOS virus in my computer, what components of the computer would it have run through before it reached the BIOS (e.g. CPU, modem, RAM, etc.)?
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Slow USB tethering

    So as i yeat have not had time to get a internet connection to my house, i am using usb teathering on my oneplus 6 to share the internet through usb cable. But the problem is that my phone get a steady ~50mb download, ~6mb send speed. But on my computer the download speed is only about 6 mb, so...
  4. B

    Question Switching from ips modem to my own

    Hey, So im finally looking to ditch my isp modem and get my own but I know nothing about them so im hoping to get some input.. what would be the best modem to get? My isp is xfinity and I mostly use my internet for gaming/basic every day needs. I did a quick google search and saw a lot of sites...
  5. P

    Question Which wireless network adapter do I need?

    I have to move my pc to a desk with no ethernet access, so I need a wireless network adapter. I want to buy from my local store, and I want the best quality out of it. I have a 50MBPS connection, this motherboard, this modem, and this router, which I will be using the most. There are options for...
  6. M

    Question I want to boost my wireless connections as well as my ethernet connections, will this type of thing do that?

    I have an issue where if I stream netflix/amazon prime my download goes from 70 upload to around 20. This is obviously wrong and shouldn't happen but I'm trying to boost my speeds and was wondering if this...
  7. F

    Question DSL Modem only?

    I'm looking to buy a DSL modem only, no router, wifi ap, etc. Just the modem. I'm sick of combo devices that don't work. Currently have a c2100z and the port forwarding rules randomly drop, and it has to be restarted every day at least. So even if I disable routing and wifi functionality on...
  8. C

    Question Fibre Modem - Watchguard Preventing Configuration!

    I have a LAN which is protected by a Watchguard (Firebox) and access to the internet is through a standard, fibre modem provided by Zen. I know the ip and port number through which I can access the Watchguard for administration purposes. This is the same ip address that I get when using...
  9. T

    Question Gigabit Issue ZyXEL VMG4381-B10A

    Hello, I currently upgraded with Fioptics gigabit internet by cinci bell. They have a 2-1 modem wifi router installed. ZyXEL VMG4381-B10A. is only showing 170mbps down and 230mps up. My apartment has cat 5e cables running through the walls and then I have a cat 5e cable running...
  10. Pau91

    Question Router halves the download speed

    Greetings everyone, I humbly ask for help about my internet speed. My router (TP-Link TD-W8960N ) halves the download speed after max 1 day from its reset. By "reset" I mean that once in a couple months my connection goes completely away (router lights flashing at all), so I sistematically call...
  11. HydroDynamixx

    Question Cant seem to get near my full download speed..

    Hello. I am pretty new to this stuff, but I can dig through settings and such with some guidance. With that being said, I have a problem. I am paying for 200mb internet download speed through Mediacom. I have a CM600 modem, and two google mesh routers. One router is hardlined to my computer...
  12. S

    Question Router losing connection to modem

    Let me explain the problem.It's not the speeds that are giving me issues, it's the disconnection issues. I've tried another router and it still give me the same issue. Anytime when the router gets shut off, it loses its IP address. For example, I have a netgear R7800 and the WAN light will light...
  13. P

    Question cant CANT port forward even tho i ported it forward.

    i have weird setup. cable modem is a wifi/modem but i using another router since it has antenna and it reaches farther... im also on ethernet.. how do i do it to where i can port forward. do i port forward on the modem/router or just the router router. and do i stick my ethernet in the modem...
  14. S

    Question Potential Hack Feedback

    Hi. A friend of mine I associate with online says their router caught fire around the time of an online debate with another person whom they did not know. I'm just strolling the web to see if that's even possible to cause a fire through a hack. I know of a good amount about hacking to kinda...
  15. Myronazz

    [SOLVED] Please clarify 25 pin serial connections to me

    Hello, Literally wasted an entire day trying to connect my dial-up modem to my laptop via the parallel port, only to realise that it was actually a 25 serial port that had the exact same shape and pin locations I was so desperatly trying to get the LTP1 port to show up in my modem installation...
  16. J

    Question Converting Ethernet cable to Coaxial

    I have fiber optic internet that comes into my house via Ethernet cable. I recently purchased a modem-router that only had a female coaxial port. Is there any way to adapt the Ethernet cable so I can connect it to the modem router?
  17. W

    Question Inconsistent Download Speed Across Devices

    I just moved into a new apartment and just got my modem from Xfinity set up, however my girlfriend and I are experiencing some inconsistencies with our download speed. Modem model number: TG1682G I ran a speed test on all our devices (the one that shows up if you google ‘speed test’) and here...
  18. K

    Question Can I connect 2 routers together without lowering speeds?

    My internet setup is slightly weird. Our home is attached to our business that has a 90Mbps connection via modem. That modem leads to a router in the business and a router in our house. Since its split in 2, the connection gets cut to 45 at our router in the house. Both these routers are fairly...
  19. F

    Question What Cable Modem/Router or Modem should I get?

    Hi, I am planning on getting a brand new cable modem and a brand new router for my next ISP (Cox). I want something that will last (my SB6141 is slowly starting to "die") and something that will be worth the money. I have a straw poll with all of the options Here. I am also looking for a router...
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    Question Long Ethernet cable giving slower speed than a short one

    Recently I got my internet speed to 250 Mbps, I have installed a new modem "Netgear Orbi" because the old modem wasn't giving 250 Mbps It was only the Fibre. I've connected the Orbi modem to the Old Fibre "EchoLife HG8247" and I set up the new modem as a router and the problem is that when I use...