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    Question New modem randomly restarts causing internet to disconnect. Event log shows a lot of critical errors

    Almost 3 weeks ago I upgraded my internet and in doing so got a new modem and router, the modem being the Arris SB8200. Everything worked fine for over 2 weeks until about 3 days ago when the internet started to randomly go out for a few minutes multiple times a day. I thought it was just my...
  2. V

    Question Which internet 4g Modem is best ?

    Hello I'm going to buy a new 4g USB modem and i have two options to choose .. 1) Huawei e3276s-150 2) ZTE 403ZT so which one is best ?
  3. A

    [SOLVED] No port forwarding programs working after internet tech left

    I am driving myself nuts here trying to solve this. A few days ago we had network problems and a tech came out and gave us a new modem while splitting our tv and internet lines. So now we have two modems. One serves the internet and the other is for phone and TV. I run a Minecraft server from a...
  4. M

    Question With direct modem connection: Local area connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration error

    Hello, I am receiving the "local area connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration" when I directly connect my PC to my modem via Ethernet cord. But if I connect the modem to my router then then connect that to my PC, I have a connection. I have two PC's connected to my router and when I...
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    [SOLVED] Converting copper to ethernet

    Problem:1)My house has copper outlets in every bedroom which supposedly has a direct fiber connection (so basically it needs a modem at every outlet) What I need: Ethernet ports in place of the copper (on the wall) so that I can use the Internet directly. What I know:1)Fiber from ISP turns to...
  6. Tschrom

    Question New Modem choice

    Hey all, Just looking for some suggestions for a cable modem to go with my service provider, Spectrum. I have the one they provide, but it's a piece of junk "Technicolor" something or other that drops connection to everything, every couple days and has to be reset. So I've been looking for one I...
  7. Z

    Question Is it worth using the BT HomeHub 5 as my modem?

    I'm struggling a little bit to find a highly recommended ADSL modem (that works in the UK with BT) to go with the new expensive router I'm buying, so I was wondering whether the BT HomeHub 5 can serve as a good modem? I've read that a lot of people just switch off the WiFi on the HomeHub and use...
  8. A

    Question Stuck with Coaxial Cable.

    Hi, i have been with a Coaxial Cable provider giving me insane speeds for a while now, but for the past 10~ weeks the old modem decided to die, and i don't another one of those garbage ones my ISP sends me for some silly price. I have done extensive searches on Coaxial Cable Modem/Router combos...
  9. Meloy12

    Question My pc and a router connected in the same modem but my pc dont have internet when the router opens first

    Hi guys I need help. My pc and a router is connected in the same modem but everytime the router is the first one to be opened, my pc always have no internet connection. But when my pc is the first one to be opened, both my pc and the router have internet connection. whats the problem guys? i...
  10. A

    Question Bridging two routers via powerline adapters with only one as a modem, the other a router

    I think I've set up a bit of a pseudo Double-NAT scenario and I'm really wonder whether my set up is even feasible. First the rationale: My modem is a dual modem/router ISP-provided box. It's placed alone on the farthest corner of my home, offering poor connection if it were to run as the...
  11. Z

    Question Considering buying expensive new router, is there any need to buy an expensive modem too?

    I currently use a BT HomeHub and it's horrible, loaded latency is insane compared to unloaded (did a quick speed test on and unloaded came in as 7ms, loaded came in as 1.4 seconds) and there's just such a huge dropout in download speed when every additional device is connected so I felt...
  12. Q

    Question Do we have a modem?

    Okay. Here’s my silly question for the day. I’ve been reading about routers vs modems, how modems provide the internet while routers emit the wifi signal. I have been confused about our situation regarding a modem for years. Now I finally decided to try to figure it out. Do we even have a modem...
  13. r_jackdaw

    Question fdd vs tdd?

    my B315 936 modem have this settings FDD / LTE band/frequency not sure if this is the right forum section which is which? which one is best suited for downloading / watching video which one is best suited for gaming should i use a lower frequency or high frequency?
  14. G

    Question Router will not connect to the internet through the modem

    Hello, I have recently bought a tp-link AC1600 Wireless router. From my limited research online I should just plug an ethernet cable into the wan port on the router and the modem and I should be able to get internet. But for whatever reason the rouer cannot connect to the internet. Any ideas...
  15. A

    Question All existing LAN cables broken but new cables work? No Internet

    So last night around 5AM my computer in stopped receiving internet and now all the computers can't receive internet. My father’s computer was still receiving internet until about 1pm. The computers say that the cables are connected to the modem but “no internet”. I have a few computers connected...
  16. SimonD1106

    Question Question about coax jacks!!!

    I've moved to a 3-story house recently. I put my computer on the 3rd floor, the modem is on the 1st floor. I found one coax jack on a wall on the 3rd floor, how can I use it to get wired internet for my computer? Is it possible? Thanks for your help!!!
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Bridge mode - Firewall enabled or disabled?

    Hello! I have switched my modem to bridge mode. The NAT and DHCP disabled of cos automatically, leaving that to my router. The firewall + upnp stay enable. The connection is fine. I'm wondering, should I also disable the firewall of the modem, or that is not necessary/not affecting anything...
  18. CaolanD

    [SOLVED] Two PCs in same room best option for connection to modem

    Hello. Right now, me and my brother share a room with both are pcs in the same room (he only recently got one) . i have a question regarding connecting both to the modem without and interfere between the two. I have been using the...
  19. S

    Question Router Compatibility

    Suddenlink has been screwing us over for the past 5 years so we're going to change our Internet 200 plan to an Internet 400 (maybe even a gig) and getting our own router and modem so we're not spending an extra $10 for the ARRIS we're "renting" from them. The issue is that when looking at...
  20. chinesefod

    Question Internet works only on phone when NAT is turned off but doesn't work on any device when turned on.

    Title. My internet works only on phone when NAT is turned off but doesn't work on any device when turned on. I have a windows 10 PC connected to the modem via ethernet. Windows network diagnostics tool says that "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration" both when NAT is turned on and...