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    Question Trying to move modem and find coax cable.

    I need to find where this coax cable ends. Here's what I've done and what is going on... I just bought a new house and got Spectum internet. The spectrum person installed my modem in my room on the second floor because theres a working coax outlet in there. Later, I wanted to move it closer to...
  2. M

    Question Can't Connect to Modem After Factory Reset

    I had been having problems with slow internet on my connection for awhile now and a support member at Arris instructed me to factory reset my Arris Surfboard 8200. After performing this, no matter what device I directly plug into it, I can not get any internet. My PC tells me that it can not...
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    Question Cable Modem Signals too high

    I work from home, and tomorrow I start a new job as an IT Help Desk Analyst. So, in true form I have been trying to fix my own problem, but I don't think there is a solution I can do from my end. Though, I wanted to see if someone else might have a recommendation. Even a temporary one. I live...
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    Question My send and receive keeps dropping to 0

    earlier today my internets have been acting odd. Any time i try to play an online game i spike up to 1000+ ping, and my send/receive indicators on my task manager keep dropping to 0 for a second and going back to normal. Im currently the only person using the internet from my pc. I also noticed...
  5. Endir Rangel

    Question Something strange happens in my W10 laptop.

    Something strange happens in my W10 laptop. My WI-FI signal disconnects and connects often but when I'm in airplane mode with wifi enabled it works. What could cause this? the firmware of my wifi card? a W10 driver issue?
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    Question Repeated Ethernet Disconnects (Year Long, Minus $250)

    Alright so this is a very long-lasting problem (almost year) and will be a long post, but hopefully, someone smarter than me can help me out, because I am all out of ideas. So, it all started out with me gaming and receiving random lag spikes in any of the games I played. I would also lag in...
  7. vanquished

    Question Is it possible that my router (Linksys Velop) is causing my modem to reboot?

    Hi Everyone, For the last 3+ months I've been having intermittent internet issues where the modem has been rebooting itself randomly. I've had 5 different modems and the Spectrum tech has been out 7 times. They've tested all the signals during normal operation and all are nominal. The last tech...
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    [SOLVED] Can I connect to my printer

    So my printer is wireless and if I connect to our modem with a laptop I can print with it, however my pc is connected to a router by ethernet that is then in turn connected to the modem (ethernet), I'm wondering if there is any way I can make that PC->router->modem->printer bridge work?
  9. XoneRato

    Question Port Forwarding with a modem + router

    Hi, i'm trying to port foward for years now and i still can't open ports correctly to my pc. I've one modem of my ISP (Technicolor TG784n v3) connected to a Lan port on my router (TL-WR941N), my pc is connected to that router. I tried everything and i can't open any port when i check on those...
  10. N

    Question Can i convert optic fiber to Ethernet

    My ISP gave me a gigabit modem which sucks.So i wanted to get a media converter to switch from optic fiber to Ethernet.So media converter and then router no modem is that possible?
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    Question Spectrum gave me weird Modem/Router setup

    so for a while now i have been seeing modems and routers in one unit from spectrum, xfinity, and other ISP's but i recently moved to new place out in the middle of nowhere and they sent me a Modem with only one out Ethernet port and a WiFi router with 4 out Ethernet ports. i plugged my computer...
  12. N

    Question In need of new router and modem / Internet speed advice

    I'm trying to establish internet in my new house with 5 other roommates (6 people total). We have 6 phones and 6 laptops, 1 gaming pc(might try to hardwire), 2 hd streaming TV's, 2 XBOX's. The house is a 2 story, 6 bedroom house; 2 on the ground, 4 upstairs plus 2 bath. Don't know the square...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] New Modem and Router Preventing Port Forwarding

    Hi, I'm trying to get port forwarding to work on this modem and router that was provided by Spectrum. Specifically I would like to forward ports 7777 but it seems like no ports are being forwarded at all. I've sort of narrowed it down to what the problem might be but I would like a second...
  14. B

    Question Random intermittent bursts of high ping when router plugged in

    I have an ethernet connection from my desktop to my Linksys AC5400 router, which is plugged into the Comcast-provided Cisco DPC3941B modem. Most of the time, my Internet is fine, but approximately once every 2 to 3 minutes I get a 15-to-30-second span of high (>300ms) ping. I've had two Comcast...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] What components of a computer do different types of viruses run through before infecting it?

    For example, if there is a BIOS virus in my computer, what components of the computer would it have run through before it reached the BIOS (e.g. CPU, modem, RAM, etc.)?
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Slow USB tethering

    So as i yeat have not had time to get a internet connection to my house, i am using usb teathering on my oneplus 6 to share the internet through usb cable. But the problem is that my phone get a steady ~50mb download, ~6mb send speed. But on my computer the download speed is only about 6 mb, so...
  17. B

    Question Switching from ips modem to my own

    Hey, So im finally looking to ditch my isp modem and get my own but I know nothing about them so im hoping to get some input.. what would be the best modem to get? My isp is xfinity and I mostly use my internet for gaming/basic every day needs. I did a quick google search and saw a lot of sites...
  18. P

    Question Which wireless network adapter do I need?

    I have to move my pc to a desk with no ethernet access, so I need a wireless network adapter. I want to buy from my local store, and I want the best quality out of it. I have a 50MBPS connection, this motherboard, this modem, and this router, which I will be using the most. There are options for...
  19. M

    Question I want to boost my wireless connections as well as my ethernet connections, will this type of thing do that?

    I have an issue where if I stream netflix/amazon prime my download goes from 70 upload to around 20. This is obviously wrong and shouldn't happen but I'm trying to boost my speeds and was wondering if this...
  20. F

    Question DSL Modem only?

    I'm looking to buy a DSL modem only, no router, wifi ap, etc. Just the modem. I'm sick of combo devices that don't work. Currently have a c2100z and the port forwarding rules randomly drop, and it has to be restarted every day at least. So even if I disable routing and wifi functionality on...