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  1. ririx4268

    Question need advice on choosing a new laptop!

    Greetings, i'm considering purchasing a new budget laptop that'd i'd more than surely game on, and after around two months of delaying it, reading about models within my budget and searching through several online retailers, i've kind of had a grasp of what i want, GPU wise, as far as the...
  2. W

    My laptop gets hot when i game

    Hey guys, when i game the side of my laptop where the air flows through is very hot, i touched it to see how hot it was and it burnt my finger a little. This is my laptop
  3. KyzerBuhnzi

    Windows 7 Sees 8GB of RAM; says only 5.95GB usable

    I know it's been able to use all of it before on the same install of W7. For no reason, I just noticed that it says 5.95gb useable. My motherboard acknowledges and gets information for each DIMM installed. What is going on?
  4. D

    f310 vs xbox360 pc in terms of endurance

    xbox 360 wired controller are price a bit higher than the logitech f310 so is it worth paying the extra penny for xbox shall i stick to looking for a controller that lasts long say for 2yrs may be 18 months i play only fifa games and im an average gamerr thanks in advance
  5. C

    Dying Light/Integrated Graphics

    Just wondering, could I run Dying Light on an i5-4440's HD 4000 Integrated Graphics ? The monitor i'm using is an old 19 inch Dell IN1920, max resolution is 1366 x 768. Other specs are - Windows 7 8gb DDR3 1600Mhz RAM 240gb SSD Just wondering if it'd be playable, dont care about high...
  6. L

    mine is a model n889 i see theres an fn and f2 key but neither do anything when i press them

    mine is a model n889 and have both the f2 and fn keys but i cannot see anything happening when i press these keys,,,do i press them together or one right after the other
  7. D

    Is it possible ?

    I was wondering if I have both a computer monitor and a HD Tv connected to my PC be possible to have a game show on the tv while the monitor is in desktop mode or simply turned off. Can one either the tv or monitor be turned off ? Is that bad for the GPU if they are both connected and one is off...