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  1. maxraj

    [SOLVED] Need a new PC- mainboard, cpu, ram, psu, mini casing around $400

    Really appreciate your reading! :D I am looking for a complete budget AMD build for games playable at 30+ FPS on medium settings and futureproof - Motherboard CPU 16GB Ram Modular certified PSU Smallest Casing alive. (that has room for 2 SSDs and 1 HDD (optional as I will move to complete SSD...
  2. A

    Question Is this a good PSU?

    Hello. I was planning on buying a new PSU. I found a relatively cheap NitroX IT-7600SG 600W. Is it good in quality? Its a modular PSU and has an 80 plus certification.
  3. JDubstep

    Help Wanted: Intel/NVidia Build

    Basically I had been out of the computer building business for awhile. The last three rigs I owned were ASUS RoG laptops.They were sexy, portable, decently priced, and did what I needed them to do. After much self-contention, I set out and built myself desktop. More than a year prior, I had...