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  1. Trytomiss2

    [SOLVED] Can you power a DVD drive with Molex to Sata adapter

    Can it do it or i am assured to have problem if i do so. If possible can i put it on my SSD too?
  2. R

    [SOLVED] What is the best way of powering the GTX 770's 6 pin and 8 pin power inputs from a single 6 pin and 3 spare molex cables from my PSU?

    I'm upgrading the GPU in my HP Pavillion h8-1170uk (sorry). I bought the GTX 1660 only to find out my mobo isn't compatible thanks to the lack of UEFI Bios. With this in mind, I'm trying to find a non-UEFI compatible card that will run on a 460w PSU. I'm also wanting 4GB of GDDR5 for some of...
  3. Brookinator

    [SOLVED] Will B450 Gaming Pro Carbon work with these RGB fans

    Hello Apologies if I have phrased some of these question in a noob way, but I’ve taken the plunge and building my first PC so not entirely confident that I understand it all yet... question.. Does anyone have experience with thee cheap Chinese manufacturer fans, and if so have you managed to...
  4. P

    Question Fan hub power supply molex?

    So i just got this case caled a rosewill spectra D100 and its nice but it came with pre-installed 120mm fans and they are connected to a hub that has a power cable with molex connectors which ive never seen before and they dont have anywhere to be pluged in at all which means the fans wont work...
  5. Tushaaar

    Question 2×molex= 1×6pin and 2×6pin= 1×8pin

    I've a thermaltake 550 watt psu which have only 1 6 pin PCIe connector. Now I wanna upgrade my gpu. If I converte 2×molex to a 6 pin connector and then use the 2×6pin to create a 8pin connector would it be appropriate.... give me solutions guys... Thanks in advance.