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  1. Akxtinct

    Question Benq Monitor screen heating issue

    My BenQ GW2883 monitor is getting warm at the bottom horizontal position, specifically over the taskbar, and after a few minutes, black fadeout starts to appear. Is this issue related to the backlight? What could be causing this? Any information regarding this matter would be helpful.
  2. D

    Question Text fuzzy on half of the screen but clear and sharp on the other half ?

    Hi, I've been struggling with this for the last couple of days and can't figure out the problem. I've noticed that the text on the right side of my main monitor is weirdly fuzzy, it's not as sharp as the text on the left side. Whenever I screenshot the messed up text, it comes out fine in the...
  3. U

    Question White spot near the monitor bezel.

    I cleaned my monitor with a liquid the day before yesterday (blue colin glass cleaner) and after 5hours I started seeing small white spots near the bottom bezel. The white spots do work but the pixels in it seem to be whitish. View: Then yesterday I noticed the...
  4. YourBro

    Question Problems with a new monitor

    Hey All. I just bought a new monitor, specifically the ASUS vg278qr, but keep on having a problem. During gaming, the monitor loses signal (I presume since the screen goes black) for like 2-3 seconds and the comes back. This happens repeatedly so you can imagine my frustration. I have just...
  5. SpartanGuard

    Question Can you connect a Display port cable that only has display port plugs from your pc to your monitor?

    I have been trying to get my monitor to run at 165hz. I literally knew nothing about Display Ports prior to buying my new computer. I have an MSI monitor and an ASUS tower. Both have Display Ports and HDMI. Monitor only has Display Port Input. I already have a display port to HDMI plugged...
  6. Yasser85

    Question what wrong with this picture?

    Havn't used my TV for the last 6 years so i decided to move it to my desktop and use it as main monitor for my PC.. but now the image is weird.. specially text... idk if it's brightness or colors or contrast or gamma or what? idk much about any of those too.. ao here's a picture i took with my...
  7. xBHSx

    Question Monitor making weird noises

    Hello, I recently changed my monitor from an old DELL 768p to a used HP EliteDisplay E221 1080p monitor, and I am noticing that its making a weird sound every now and then like every 2 or 5 mins, the sound goes like "tek", or just to give you an example lets say you warm up a cold metal and...
  8. K

    Question PC freezing and cutting frames ?

    So for a while now, my PC has been having these weird... frame freezes and cuts - It affects everything. Every 1-3 seconds, my mouse freezes for a split second, or an animation in a game with freeze on the last frame of the animation then kick back into the animation, or a video will constantly...
  9. Jei0829

    [SOLVED] Are the difference between 93.7 PPI and 102.4 PPI monitors visible?

    I am planning to buy a new ips monitor for text, I am choosing between the 21.5" and 23.5" monitor, both are 1920x1080. Are the 21.5" have a better image quality than the 23.5" especially on texts as it's smaller, or is it not noticeable and the 23.5 is a better choice? Sorry for my english 😅
  10. N

    Question How many pages of Word document page can fit in an ultrawide display in portrait mode?

    I am considering to purchase an ultrawide monitor (21:9) for editing a word document, web browsing, and probably for programming. It must be in portrait mode. This is not a desktop set up, I will connect my 14" laptop to this monitor with HDMI as the laptop only has 1366x768. So the monitor will...
  11. Bluegori

    Question Can't boot up when DVI or HDMI is plugged in to my new monitor ?

    Hello, greetings from Indonesia i have some issue with my new monitor, maybe someone can help? So yesterday i bought a new monitor its Armaggeddon xc27hd, the problem is when i connect DVI or HDMI to my GPU the PC wont boot, Processor and fan case seems to light up but the mouse and keyboard...
  12. Bessel Raj

    Question How to setup external monitor for my HP 15" CE062 TX Laptop using a docking station?

    Hi all. I have an HP laptop, bought in 2018, 15"CE062TX. I also have docking station given to me from work which is the Dell WD19 180W Docking Station (130W Power Delivery) USB-C, HDMI, Dual DisplayPort, Black. I want to use my personal laptop with this docking station to output the display...
  13. xxITERUxx

    [SOLVED] Monitor resolution at 1024x768 on KVM

    Just bought a KVM switch for me to easily switch between my work laptop and my personal desktop. Problem is, the resolution goes down from 1920x1080 to 1024x768 whenever I switch from my work laptop to my desktop. If I switch back to my work laptop, the resolution goes back to 1080p. I tried...
  14. NoMercyBeAst

    [SOLVED] Monitor upgrade

    Well i was gonna get a 75hz monitor(1440p) But then ive read online that that there is a huge difference between 75 and 144hz. Am currently on a tight budget. So am not able to decide that should i spend some more bucks and grab a 144hz monitor or not. (Am gonna upgrade my full pc after 2...
  15. M

    Question which one should i buy?!

    Hello so I need a new monitor for myself! here's some models that i consider to buy but don't know which one is the best! I do editing and a lit bit Gaming tho! quality, depth, real colors and a nice angle of view are my factors! I really don't care about being 22 or 24 you know? I mean if a...
  16. M

    Question Which one would you recommend?

    Hello, I am looking for a monitor that is 144hz, 1ms, full HD and about 24 inches, that is, a gaming monitor. The thing is, I need the monitor to reach 144Hz via HDMI. I have been informing myself and it has to be at least HDMI 1.4 but some monitors like the benq xl2411 only reach 120hz through...
  17. 1Captain Obvious

    Question Unknow cause of screen split/Taring

    In late 2019 I ordered the Acer Gaming Monitor 27" curved ED273. On and off I have been experiencing a screen splitting effect. It looks like half my monitor is about a quarter of an inch up compared to the other half. I originally thought it was when I activated G-SYNC, so I turned that off in...
  18. VulpHex

    [SOLVED] Jumping from 1366x768 to 1920x1080 monitor, GTX 1070 performance

    Hi, Im currently using a 1366x768 monitor usually playing most games on ultra or custom high presets achieving 60fps ( 60hz ) on AAA games. I was thinking of buying a new monitor and got worried about the performance loss and FPS penalty of using a higher resolution monitor. I know PPI is...
  19. tylego24

    [SOLVED] Good corner computer desk for both a PC and a console?

    Recently I moved into a new house with not enough room space for both my consoles and my PC in one room with seperate desks. Previously I would have my consoles connected to my monitor and would switch between the two, however my current monitor doesn't have enough HDMI ports for both consoles...
  20. Q

    [SOLVED] Which one is better, a 27 inch 1080p or a 23 inch 2k monitor?

    I found a 27-inch 1080p (180$) and a 23-inch 2k monitor (250$) as the link below 1080p 27 inch 75Hz curve screen: 2k 23.8 inch 60HZ Dell: Does the 2k 23.8-inch monitor look...
  21. Jturner1658

    Question Head phone jack not working on monitor

    On my vizta monitor everything works fine but the headphone jack I wanna connect my studio monitors to via the 3.5mm jack but when I plug it in the audio still comes through the monitor and not the speakers. If you can help it’ll be great appreciated...
  22. DocZeius

    Question LG Monitor only works after being switch off and on.

    Good day to all!!! I've come across a problem that is really worrying me. Short Version: My LG monitor now loses signal/connection when I modify anything such as refresh ratio, resolution or enters in sleep mode. I can only bring it back when switch it off (I can hear the sound of the...
  23. M

    Question MSI Optix G24C4 very pixelated and blurry in 1080p.

    I use MSI G24C4 as my monitor and Rx 5600 Xt as my GPU. Everything is pixelated. It's very noticable if I watch a video right after I watch one in my phone or something, and also edges of objects in games. I tried using both HDMI and DP cables while connecting. I have a display tablet and when...
  24. SourScrub123

    [SOLVED] Need a new monitor. My 1440p 144hz monitor seems to be too good for my system.

    All I want is buttery smooth gameplay in any game I play. I feel like an RTX 2080 and i7 9700k should do the trick, but for some reason, any game that runs under 144FPS isn't buttery smooth. I have FreeSync enabled but I just want another monitor. I want a 1080p but I don't know how many HZ I...
  25. O

    [SOLVED] 1080p monitors screen tearing with RTX 3080 ?

    Current setup: 9900k + 1080 Ti 2 1080p monitors ( cheap onn 60hz and Acer gn246hl 144hz). One monitor is connected via DVI-D ([Acer]for high refresh rate because it doesnt have displayport or hdmi 2.0 support) the other is connected via normal Hdmi. I just upgraded to a 3080. The 3080...
  26. D

    Question Black spots on LG monitor?

    Video As you can see there are some black spots on the screen. Normally i don't notice them but when there is something bright i can see them and its annoying. The monitor is an old LG M2250D . Can someone help me?
  27. Nick_b21

    Question Monitor keeps turning off with the power led still on

    So i have this monitor that turns on normally at first but then turns off after like 5 minutes. But then everytime i try turning it back on it goes on for like 5 seconds and then shuts off The power led stays on but the screen is completely off For the record, there is absolutely no error...
  28. pxel

    Question Issues With ASUS Gaming Monitor

    I have recently purchased an ASUS TUF Gaming VG24VQ monitor from Newegg. It's my first 144hz monitor, and the high refresh rate is great, but I am having some issues. When I scroll down text, it looks like the text goes bold quickly before looking normal again, like smearing (This happens in...
  29. fRc_Lt

    [SOLVED] 1080p main 1440p second

    Hey . Few weeks ago my second monitor died on me. Today i was thinking to buy new one , but got to that point where should i go for 1440p 60hz second or just buy 1080p second At the moment my main monitor is 144hz TN panel (BENQ XL2411P) . Plus will it be comfortable working with two...
  30. SgtLobato

    [SOLVED] Can't 1080p, but i can 1440p, why?

    Hello guys, i hope someone can help me here, its a problem that i've been having from a long time... my monitor native resolution is 1366x768, but using my video card (Amd Radeon) sofware, i can use the super virtual resolution to go futher.. I can use 1600x900 resolution, but when i go for...
  31. N

    Flickering help please

    so i had an issue where my dual monitors will not turn on when i connect both of them i found out its because i cant use 2 hdmi's so i switched one over to a VGA cable using a DVI converter as the 1070 doesnt have a VGA port. My monitor seems to flicker on dark backgrounds its very minimal but...
  32. C

    Question Monitor recommendation TN

    Hello everyone, can you recommend me a TN panel monitor with the following things please? Thanks 60 hz or better, I'll prefer 75 or 144 23.6" or bigger (bigger is better) 1080p or 1440p 16:9 250 of bright, or 300 max (Not 300 if it's Acer) 72% NTSC, no main sRGB, if the sRGB is an extra it's...
  33. A

    Question Upgrade from 1080p to 1440p

    So I have LG 27GL650-f so far its great but I used to 22 inch 1080p Samsung TV, so it's feel kinda blurry to me I got it after my friend suggestion, it's totally worth buy according to him, and tbh it's great except I kinda annoyed with low pixel density Then I said I wan to upgrade to 1440p...
  34. Dizturb3dwun

    [SOLVED] 144hz OR 1440p

    So, I'm using 2 32" 1080p 60hz monitors atm. THey are WAY too big, have a ton of backlight bleed, bad MS, color is off. Basically they suck. So I've been looking for an upgrade, and I started at 1440p 144hz. The issues, it seems like a decent one of those is running upwards of 400 bucks. So...
  35. H

    Question Monitor hurting my eyes, best settings?

    Hello there, I have been using philips monitors all my life and I didn't have any problems while using them, my previous monitor was a PHILIPS 223V5LHSB2 And I have recently upgraded to an ACER SA220QA But my eyes are constantly hurting and I am narrowing my eyes constantly, as I said I...
  36. ashimkumarbhunia

    [SOLVED] Monitor with dp cable giving error "No cable connected"

    I purchased this monitor but I am getting error "No cable connected". It works with HDMI cable but not with dp 1.2 cable which I got along with the monitor. Tried using a different dp cable still getting the same error. Manually changed the source to dp but still the same. ------------ Monitor...
  37. Noammi26

    [SOLVED] PC Won't Recognize GPU After Connecting New Monitor

    Hey, I bought a new monitor yesterday, and when I connect it to my computer, it doesn't recognize my regular GPU, only the built-in GPU that comes with the motherboard. But when I connect my old monitor back, the GPU works just fine. I have a GTX 1070 And Built-in GPU Intel UHD Graphics 630 I...
  38. K

    [SOLVED] Question about cleaning TN Panel

    Hello! So I have the ASUS VG258QR monitor and was wondering how would I clean a TN panel? I saw some smudges and some are just very difficult to remove with just a microfiber cloth.
  39. munastronaut

    [SOLVED] What hertz of monitor should I use?

    So should I use 60hz, 75hz, 120hz or 144hz?
  40. Jamok23

    [SOLVED] Laptop style display

    Hey guys, a little back story. I'm a family man, with a wife and 2 kids, so I like to be in the living room, rather than upstairs out of the way, messing on my computer. So I'm looking for ideas. Basically I want to be able to use my computer in the living room, but I have no room for a desk...