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  1. Nerk_k

    Question What hdmi cable will support my Asus TUF 280hz.

    So I wanna buy an asus tuf 280hz but to use it with my laptop and I was wondering what hdmi cable can support that high refresh rate (if you can link me the amazon product) my laptop has only hdmi processor: I7-6700hq
  2. sylex1

    Question 2080 Ti can handle 4k@120 Hz?

    Hi there! So my question is basiclly the front line, I have an Asus 2080 Ti Strix OC with an Intel i9-9900k and 32GB ram at 3200 MHz. I use a 1440p@165Hz monitor now and it can max out everything and get nice 100+ FPS at AAA games and fix 165 at PUBG, LOL or CS:GO which I play most. My current...
  3. _dawn_chorus_

    Question Getting Resolution and HZ sorted on a Samsung Q60 TV

    I bought a 4k TV with 120hz native refresh rate and freesync. It only runs at 120hz while in 1080p and 1440p with HDR off. First off - How do I match up resolutions? I was under the impression I could run games at 1080p to get a higher fps rate. Where do I change the resolution? In both...