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  1. Gamer_J

    Question Triple Monitor Recommendations ?

    I am currently using a Samsung Odyssey ultra wide gaming monitor. However this is does not currently suit the needs I have when it comes to streaming, gaming and other multitasking. Even when using programmes such as Display Fusion. So I want to ask if anyone can recommend a good gaming monitor...
  2. A

    Question Why is there no difference in fps after changing the resolution in csgo.

    Hi. I play cs with 200-450 fps. Specs: gtx 1650 gddr6 oc I3 10105f and 16gb ddr4 3000mhz. Currently im playing with a 1280x1024 75 hz (old) monitor. When i was testing the resolutions, there was almost no difference. Droping from 1280x1024 to 640x480 gives like 10-15 fps. Im upgrading to a 1080p...
  3. A

    Question Nvidia card with freesync monitor via display port

    Hello. I have a msi gtx 1650 xs OC card with the latest drivers. I chose a philips monitor. On a another thread i got told that with (and only) display port gtx gpus (1000 series) are compatible with freesync. My gpu has a 1.4 display port, and i dont know what version (or what its called) does...
  4. A

    Question New monitor

    Hello! :) Not long ago a got a low end gaming pc. It has : I3 10105f , msi gtx 1650 gddr6 OC , 16 gb ddr4 3000mhz , 500 w ewga psu. Im just a casual gamer, but my monitor is ruining the experience. I have a (around) 15 year old square shaped acer al 1917f monitor.(8 ms response time which is...
  5. DavidBalog

    Question Stuck red pixels on monitor screen

    There are stuck red pixels on my monitor screen as shown in the image. The stuck pixels go away after ~2 days but they rather quickly appear again once I use my PC again. All help is appreciated! My monitor is a HP Envy 27s 4K. - sorry for the bad quality image
  6. T

    Question Monitor problema with 144hz

    Hello guys sorry to bother you, i have a Samsung Odyssey G3 24inch 144hz monitor i bought in April 2022 but in a week it stoped working on 144hz, when i put on 144hz it shows black screen with a small white line, nwhen i put on 60hz it works perfectly fine, can someone help me ?
  7. Wurden

    Question Schermo nero NO SIGNAL/

    Ciao ragazzi, sto riscontrando da poco un problema con il mio pc, dopo pochi minuti di gioco in full screen gli schermi diventano neri e appare scritto "No signal". Come posso risolvere? Grazie mille. Hi guys, I am recently having a problem with my pc, after a few minutes of playing in full...
  8. J

    Question Green horizontal lines on second monitor after sleep mode.

    Recently I noticed when my PC goes into sleep mode and the monitors go black. When I wake it up my second monitor gets horizontal green lines that flicker, it is only on the second monitor and the primary monitor is fine. A system restart solves the solution. Things to note: -I have switched...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Can I Run Double Monitors With Different Refresh Rates?

    At the moment i have a single monitor setup, which is a Samsung monitor @75Hz, 1080p. The second monitor I'm planning to buy however is a 1440p 144Hz monitor also by Samsung. Will the different refresh rates cause any problems? I mostly play league of legends, so on the old monitor i would have...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] How to revert display driver to original?

    Hi all, I was trying to connect a Samsung SD300H monitor to my MSI Prestige laptop, to use it as external monitor. In the process of installing the official drivers for said monitor, my laptop seems not to have detected it while was connected via HDMI (the monitor was on but all black), and so...
  11. Ludaanek_

    Question Why does my monitor keep crashing?

    Sometimes when i boot a gam with less resolution than 1920x1080 my monitor sometimes crashes. It happens when the resolution of the monitor changes. Im on notebook and i cant see notebook screen (Its cracked) HELP ME
  12. Hit2Loose

    [SOLVED] Asus VP249QGR: can I run 144hz ?

    I am thinking of buying the Asus VP249QGR but I don't know if I can run 144hz on the monitor ? CPU: AMD Athlon 220GE Radeon Vega 3 Motherboard: Asus A320m-k
  13. th0mgdz

    Question Gigabyte M28U - PC+XBOX X

    Hi everyone, ive got a quick question, ive got PC connected to my monitor via DisplayPort, today ive connected xbox x via hdmi 2.1, and everything is working great, but... if i change source to DP, and im working on my PC (xbox is turned off), every 10-30-60 sec (random) my monitor tried change...
  14. Alphabot

    [SOLVED] Main monitor won't get signal

    Hi so my main monitor keeps getting the NO HDMI SIGNAL message and idk why. I just built my pc and all the parts were used but everything seems to be working fine except the second monitor. When I tried uninstalling the graphics drivers the second monitor did turn on but it wasn't extending, it...
  15. Nika_mkh

    Question Monitor no signal after bootup

    Hello everyone. My old PC was running a bit slow so I thought cleaning it off would help. I unplugged the graphics card from the motherboard and also removed a fan from a graphics card itself and cleaned only a fan with a bit wet towel (there was no water damage for sure) then I put it all back...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Lower resolution for more refresh rate on monitor?

    Hello, Hopefully this is in the right section but my 75hz monitor can currently only overclock to 76hz which is a bummer. I was wondering if it was possible to overclock my monitor further by lowering the resolution? If this isn't doable, is there any other way to get higher refresh rates on my...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Why is my monitor suddenly only displaying 60fps?

    So I just got an Hp Omen 15 and everything was going great until suddenly my 144hz monitor that was doing 144fps (on rocket league) suddenly dropped to 60fps for no reason. I realized that when the game was in fullscreen on my 60hz laptop display the frames went to 144 fps no problem (i know...
  18. H

    Question Why does my monitor have horizontal white lines and a dark bar across the top?

    Whilst i was playing a game my screen suddenly got white horizonal lines across the screen mainly on the right half. When trying to troubleshoot this I found that when changing my refresh rate from 144hz (what i have always used) to 100hz the lines dissapeared. I tried reinstalling my graphics...
  19. DaySkyDiver

    Question Display Port Not Showing Desktop

    I'm not sure what is wrong but when I'm using my Displayport cable, and when I turn my computer on it shows what key to hit to go to bios. After that, all I see is a black screen. But when I go and use a HDMI cable it works.
  20. G

    [SOLVED] Why is my dell monitor flickering?

    Hello guys, i was using dell monitor suddenly one day when i switched on it started flickering. Sometimes after two or three times switch on and off solved it and another time when i unplug and plug the power cord from backside of the desktop solved the problem. Do you know something that can...
  21. E

    [SOLVED] Fix potentially broken HDMI port

    When i connect any monitor to my laptop it displays purple colored dead pixels, and sometimes the screen flickers when i touch the HDMI cable. I've tried multiple cables and displays but the problem keeps persisting. When i connect the cables and monitors to another laptop it seems to work fine...
  22. boubir

    [SOLVED] Displayport and HDMI not working on new pc

    Hi there. I've bought a used pc yesterday and when I plugged into my monitor it gave me a "Displayport no signal" warning. Before buying the computer I tested it out at the seller's house and everything was working perfectly so I know the cable and computer can't be defective. I've also used...
  23. Singamini

    Question Weird dots forming a number on monitor

    So i just got a new monitor from a local brand called SPC. It was all good until i realized there's some weird dots forming a number on the screen as shown on the image. So what are these dots? and how do i remove them?
  24. J

    Question cannot run games higher than 60hz

    Hello, I am having issues when playing games higher than 60hz which causes black screens and black screen flickering. I have a alienware 240hz compatible monitor so this shouldn’t be happening. I have tried 3 hdmi cables and everynow and then i get a message from my monitor saying to change...
  25. R

    [SOLVED] Why am I losing internet connection when I connect a second monitor?

    So I have been using 1 monitor for the last year everything’s been fine. However I have recently added an extra 4k monitor. So now I have a 2 monitor set up. Suddenly after a few seconds of turning my new set up my internet stopped working. After trying to trouble shoot I couldn’t figure out...
  26. O

    [SOLVED] Low FPS on Laptop Gaming with High Resolution Monitor

    Hi Guys, I have 8 yrs old Toshiba Laptop 1+1GB graphic card which have 1366x768 resolution. When i plug it to 4K Samsung monitor, it allows me to choose any resolution in windows and in games. Problem is; when i set to a higher resolution than 1366 games begin to have dramatically low fps. If...
  27. G

    [SOLVED] PG27UQ vs PG35VQ

    I really don’t know which one to choose. Because they’re both godly monitor and if you say 27 inch is too small I don’t really care because I use scaling and I don’t really use lots of apps. So other things people said is that I can’t run 4K at 144fps and I agree with them but I have 2080 ti and...
  28. Ben33

    [SOLVED] No video input.

    Hello guys!So recently i got myself a new PC.Everything worked fine until my monitor started powering off and showing "No video input. Going into sleep mode" and my keyboard would shut down but my PC and mouse would remain on,i can hear the fans.I tought it was the DVI cable,so i reconnected...
  29. Rorroo1309

    [SOLVED] Why is my monitor flickering?

    Hello guys, i was using monitor Philips 220E with my old pc when i got my new pc with radeon rx 590 my monitor started flickering. I bought new monitor with my money from my old computer with 144hz and freesync and now it doesn't flicker. I had seen youtubers with older monitors that doesn't...
  30. Cloe1994

    Question Computer boots up but no display or beeps

    I have been having the weirdest problem i have ever encountered dealing with my computer. So i have an old build i5 2400 8GB of ddr3 Ram , two hard drives a 1TB Segate and a 320gb Hitachi all running off of an OCZ CXS 500w psu and plugged in to the Asrock H61m VS motherboard. My problems started...
  31. H

    Question 144hz supported Display Port to DVI adapter?

    So I just got an RX 5700XT, and I didn't realize before that it doesn't have any DVI ports, only HDMI and display ports. Since my monitor doesn't have and display ports, I'm basically stuck between either getting a new monitor and selling this one and hopefully getting the money back or getting...
  32. JDLiang

    Question Asus 24 LED FHd Monitor stuck at 69 hz

    The refresh rate of my two asus 24 FHD is stuck at 60hz. I have a rtx 2070 super, tomhawk b450 max, and a ryzen 5 3600x. I have tried to use different adapters like dvi to hdmi and dvi to display port but none of that worked. I also tried to update my gpu.
  33. R

    [SOLVED] What monitor is better?

    Samsung S27R750 27-Inch The Space WQHD 2560x1440 144Hz 3 sided Bezelless Monitor or ACER Nitro VG270UPbmiipx Quad HD 27" LCD Gaming Monitor Price for me is not a problem as I can find them for a similar price
  34. M

    Question My second monitor is having issues working.

    So I connected my second monitor to the laptop and it sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. I have to discconect and recconect it until it starts working. It is time consuming and i dont know what to do. Heres picture of it: https://ibb.co/NY7C05x
  35. I

    Question Which Monitor would you recommend?

    Please recommend a good monitor for https://pcpartpicker.com/list/q9M6YT Should i go for 1080p 144hz or 1440p 60hz? I am looking for atleast 27 inch, thin/no bezel monitor. It will be for decent gaming, editing, movies and streaming. Budget would be $250-$300. And I am not worried about g-sync...
  36. R

    Question Acer GN246HL Over HDMI

    Hello, I recently bought this monitor and my main monitor is using the DVI slot in my graphics card, I was wondering if it was possible if I could get this monitor to run on 144hz using a HDMI cable. When I go into advance settings it is only letting me change it to 60hz maximum. Do I need to...
  37. Z

    Question What gaming monitor should i buy?

    hello, i have an i5-9600k and 1070 ti, i want to buy a 1440p 144hz 1ms monitor for around 400$, what monitor should i buy? and what is better for gaming TN, IPS or VA? only gonna use 1 monitor
  38. blade_storm

    Question AOC C24G1 or Samsung C24FG73 or MSI Optix MAG241C

    Hello guys i am gonna build a new system with gaming purposes and include r5 or i5 and 1660 or ti so i will play most games like fortnite, apex, pubg, battlefield in competitive settings. But i appreciate good image and colours so why i am between these three monitors. I let you know the prices...
  39. H

    Question How can I monitor my servers and networks without old-school software like nagios or zabbix?

    New to the forum and hoping for some insight: I need to monitor 23 servers and 16 switches/routers. The last time I installed Nagios on a virtual machine on my network. But Nagios seems like overkill. It consumes time, looks odd and I don't need most of the features. I looked at Zabbix. It...