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  1. JojoErik

    Question Acer KG251QDbmiipx Displayport

    What DisplayPort got Acer KG251QDbmiipx ?? 1.4 or 1.2 to get 240hz im don't understand very well about monitors. Thank you very much.
  2. I

    Question Showing 120hz but monitor is 240hz

    I just purchased a monitor with 240hz refresh rate. I'm not a gamer and am trying it out to see if it helps with migraines from too much screen time. I'm not particularly tech savvy. I just set it up, but it says it's at 120hz. When I go to Display Preferences on my MacBook, the refresh rate...
  3. kalern123

    [SOLVED] Calibrating gaming monitor

    So, I just got the new Samsung Odyssey G7 montior and I wanted to calibrate it. Is it even a thing to calibrate a monitor for gaming? Anyway, my question is brightness. I know that for editing and photoprinting your typical brightness would be around 80-120 cd. But this is purely for...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] Is there a solution to inverse ghosting on the Samsung LC27RG50 Curved monitor 240Hz?

    Hello Everyone, I am experiencing white shadows around objects when moving in a game. (GTA 5 and Modern Warfare). This has never happened before and I unsure as to why it is now. I have tried using a different DP cable and it didn't fix the issue. I also used a second monitor 60Hz and it...