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  1. K

    Question PC monitor suddenly disconnects randomly, then it uses the Windows Basic Display driver after i hard restart it ?

    Sometimes when i'm in the mid of gaming, the monitor suddenly went blank, like no signal. At the same time, i also heard my GPU fan started spinning slowly (im in a quiet room, so i can hear it). After that, i press the restart button to restart my pc. Then after showing bios loading and windows...
  2. Ares701

    Question Monitor turns off "No Signal"

  3. jaykay11

    [SOLVED] Need help with understanding the reason behind this issue.

    My monitor was working fine and all of a sudden everything froze and then this screen is showing up. I tried restarting the PC and plugging unplugging as well. Nothing worked. Image link - View: (Not allowed to insert image as I am new on the forum) I am not even...
  4. C

    Motherboard or psu problem?

    Hi I shut my system down normally. Next day it wont start. Asus Z170-AR mobo EVGA 750W SUPANOVA G2 PSU. I tested psu with the 24pin jumper provided with psu, when i flick the psu switch on the fan fires up so i assume psu is ok? When plugged into mobo green light next to pwr_sw button on...