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    Question PC monitor suddenly disconnects randomly, then it uses the Windows Basic Display driver after i hard restart it ?

    Sometimes when i'm in the mid of gaming, the monitor suddenly went blank, like no signal. At the same time, i also heard my GPU fan started spinning slowly (im in a quiet room, so i can hear it). After that, i press the restart button to restart my pc. Then after showing bios loading and windows...
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    Question VGA monitor disconnects when in games with new GPU

    I just upgraded my PC but now whenever I plug in my main monitor (a Samsung VGA monitor, roughly 9 years old) it works fine in normal windows but when I go into games or when editing videos in Premiere Pro, it goes black, makes the disconnect sound and the whole system glitches out til I exit...
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    Question Second monitor randomly disconnects

    I recently got a second monitor (ASUS VP249HR), and it has started to randomly disconnect from my computer. I think it has been doing this since I first got it, but it has been happening more and more frequently. I can fix the problem temporarily by unplugging the HDMI and plugging it back in...