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  1. jefrey1983

    Question Is my monitor broken? Been using it for 6 months only

    Hi Guys. Do you think my monitor is broken? I am getting random lines. It just went like that while I was basically doing nothing since I am on dual monitor I removed the HDMI plug on that video to see if it is the cable but still getting those
  2. Monological

    Question Monitor shows weird lines at high refresh rates with solid blue and orange.

    i have an MSI G271 and any time i look at solid blue or orange i can make out faint but distinctive faint white lines, this effect lessens at 60 hz and is most prevalent at 144 hz. Its incredibly annoying. I want to fix it. Is this an issue with drivers or is it a faulty ips panel?
  3. J

    [SOLVED] CPU bottleneck RTX 2080

    Build: I5 7600K GTX 970 4GB ROG Strix Z260H DDR 4 16GB Situation: My friend wanted to build his own gaming desktop. I decided to donate him my GTX 970 so I could upgrade mine so I could get some better performance. Wanting to game 144hz 1440p was a desire so I decided an RTX 2080 should be able...