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monitor not detected

Forum discussion tagged with monitor not detected.
  1. D

    Question 2nd monitor not detected

    I have a Dell Precision Tower 5810 with an Nvidia Quadro 620 video card in it. I recently added a second monitor and it is not being detected. The k620 card has a DP out and DVI out. My main monitor has been plugged in to the Display Port with no issues. My new monitor is plugged in to DVI port...
  2. michaelscottgilbert

    Question What to test when mouse, keyboard and monitor turn off?

    Hello, I am looking for a checklist of what I need to test on my rig after experiencing the mouse, keyboard and monitor turning off and the computer remains powered on other wise. I am forced to perform a PSU turn off as power buttons on case are unresponsive. I have tested and passed RAM with...
  3. K

    Question gpu wont see both displays at once

    I have two monitors both connected to my 2080 ti by display port cables. I have a Benq Zowie XL2720 and a asus VG278Q. When I turned off my pc with the shutdown button on windows last time I realized that the motherboard lights stayed on for some reason, so I decided to turn my pc back on, when...