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  1. thatone_questionmark

    Question can i use an rtx 2060 and a 1080 120hz monitor

    i dont know much about compters but can i run an rtx 2060 with a 1080p 120hz monitor?
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] What is the maximum refresh rate and resolution for an external monitor by Nvidia Geforce 940M 2 GB dedicated VRAM laptop?

    My laptop is Acer Aspire E15 E5-573G-53N3 (intel core-i5-5200U). Is it possible to use a 144Hz external monitor with it?
  3. Brendon KR

    Question Mouse sticking in games with new monitor

    System details: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 core 3.60Ghz GE Force 3070 32 GB Klevv Ram Windows 10 Dell Alienware aw2521hfl 240hz Logitech G203 Lightsync mouse I got a new monitor today (details above) and suddenly my mouse (details above) is sticking whenever I try to play games. It will move around...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] My monitor is stuck at 100Hz; how do I get it up to 144Hz

    I have a UWQHD monitor with a max 144Hz refresh rate. My laptop runs a GTX 1060. I am using a 1.4 DP-USB-C cable. However, the highest option I can see for refresh rate in advanced display settings is 100Hz. How can I get it up to 144Hz? Any tips will be highly appreciated.
  5. T

    My sound is not working, I think its the motherboard.

    I've been working on my computer, and when I turned it on, my sound wasn't working, I tried updating Windows, using the troubleshooter, I even tried a new HDD, but it wont work, please help! I have an AAHD3-HB Motherboard with an A8-3820 CPU.