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  1. m8oncrack

    Question Monitor turns off doing anything GPU related

    Hi, I bought this pre-built pc from Amazon ( almost two years ago and I began having this problem when I started playing baldurs gate 3. When I was playing the game one night the monitor suddenly turned...
  2. V0rtexx

    [SOLVED] Computer would randomly turn monitor, keyboard, and mouse off while fans are running ?

    So recently I built my brother a PC and at very random times it'll turn off the monitor, keyboard, and mouse while fans/lighting are running as the title stated. But it also displays red blinking lights on the MOBO with a long on RAM and a short on CPU. Afterwards it runs normally if I restart...
  3. alejandroa1031

    [SOLVED] Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard shut off at random but the system is still on.

    Hi everyone, I'll do my best do describe my problem and hopefully someone could help me out with this. My computer randomly shuts off the monitors, keyboard, and mouse while I'm browsing the web. At first I thought that it would be a GPU problem because I have a GTX 1060 with two 1440P monitors...
  4. N

    Question GTX 970 shuts off monitor when under load (opening any game)

    Specs: Motherboard: AROCK H97M Pr04 GPU: MSI GTX 970 CPU: i5 4690k PSU: EVGA NEX750G Problem: This started occuring about a month ago, specificially with the game Apex Legends, however rather quickly I discovered it started to happen in other games as well. At first this problem would...
  5. C

    Laptop To External Monitor

    So I have kind of what i would call a unique situation... I have a laptop (running Windows 8.1) with a broken screen. I've been using it via an external monitor, but recently decided to completely wipe the hard drive and start fresh. Only problem is that now it wont connect to the monitor and I...