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  1. M

    Question Monitor Stand for Dell E2720HS.

    I want a monitor stand for Dell E2720HS. The stand that comes with the monitor is height adjustable. But I can't swivel it. I need a stand which can turn the monitor left or right. I found many stands online but all of them are edge mount where i need to screw the stand to edge of a table. But I...
  2. atinesh.s

    [SOLVED] Monitor Stand not fitting in Monitor VESA mount

    Hello guys, I have a Monitor Stand Ergotech Freedom Arm FDMHDS01. Currently, I am using Benq GW2270HM monitor on it Now, I have bought a new monitor Benq EX2510 but it has cut out around the VESA mount and My freedom arm is not getting inside that cut out, though both have 100mm x 100mm VESA...
  3. extreme_noob

    [SOLVED] Help with dual monitor stand

    I'd like to get a dual monitor stand which uses a clamp to attach to the desk. Free standing models tend to have large bases, which I would prefer not to have. The only issue is that my desk has a a 1.5 inch deep (Deep, not thick) lip in the back, and the stand I was going to get requires 2...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] corsair 120LL or thermaltake riing trio

    which one is better and easier to install ?
  5. HnyBear

    Mouse lags while video plays

    My mouse lags whenever video or animated gifs etc are playing on my computer via browser or programs like VLC media player. This has only started recently in the last couple months. While this is happening my CPU/GPU usage is very very low so I know that's not the issue and the lag doesn't...
  6. W

    Pc Slow after unplugging and plugging my HHD.

    I recently unplugged my hard drives to make a cleanup on my pc and when i plugged them back in my pc is horribly slow when I Start it up again. This is not the 1st time it happens last time i had to Format my pc. Can anyone explaine this to me please?
  7. R

    Looking for a low budget gaming gpu

    So I was gonna go for a gtx 750 ti cause for some reason I thought that my psu had only 300w. Apparently when I looked I saw that it has 430w. So what low budget(preferably the same price as the 750 ti or in that range) gpu do you guys recommend me? If it has a higher performance than the gtx...
  8. UltimaBio

    Need a new build!

    Hey guys, I'm currently sick of my I3, Nvidia GT 640, 2TB build. I was wondering if any of you guys could give me a full quality build for the UK, I don't mind Intel or AMD whichever you thinks better. I will probably keep my 2TB hard drive so if you recommend me getting an SSD or even an SSD...