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  1. T

    Question Best Router for online gaming

    Hi all, We are running with 100 PC's of gaming cafe. At present scenario, we are using Fortigate 100D router for 100 gaming PC's. We have two ISP connections 500 + 350 Mbs. Our clients are playing most of games are World of Warcraft (Wow), Counter Strike global offensive (CS:GO), League of...
  2. E

    Question Monitoring TV (in other room) on my PC monitor, all plugged in the same computer.

    Hello, so here's my setup: I have two monitors and a TV plugged in the same computer in my office, The TV is connected with a 50 feet HDMI cable that goes through the walls, so I can't see the TV from my office. I was wondering if there was a solution to monitor what's happening on my TV on one...
  3. K

    Question Looking for an EXCELLENT, well rounded, real time system monitoring Software for my PC, any recommendations?

    Trying to find an excellent, well rounded, real time system monitoring software. I use hdinfo64, but that doesn't really do real time. For the last few weeks my system has been powering down when idle, ie I am not sitting there, actively using it. I've already checked power settings cause I...
  4. G

    Help with new cpu

    I’ve been looking to upgrade my cpu (AMD FX 4300 Quad Core Processor) but honestly don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ve been looking at the Intel Core i5-8400 but think I’m right in thinking that a motherboard change would also be required. As well as this I want to upgrade my gpu (NVIDIA...
  5. mprospero

    Ubtech Lynx Review: An $800 Alexa Robot That Does Yoga

    The Ubtech Lynx humanoid robot is cute, integrates with Alexa well and does some neat tricks, but is very expensive. Ubtech Lynx Review: An $800 Alexa Robot That Does Yoga : Read more
  6. Bajass

    problem with my pc

    So i have had some problems when it comes to clicking in the right corner with my mouse, like i can search on the Facebook chat.
  7. I

    Displays switch on restart

    Every time i restart my computer my main monitor switches to the secondary monitor and have to revert it everytime I start my pc. Please help
  8. C

    Changed firewall setting now can't change them back

    Went to my routers settings and changed firewall settings now I can't change it back because everytime I try to go to the Default Gateway it just doesn't allow me to anymore nothing comes up. Do I really have to call customer support to fix this, because they are always the worst to deal with lol.
  9. The Tiger

    Dropped external Hard Drive. Should I trust it with important backups?

    Today I dropped my WD Passport 1000 GB external hard drive on the floor from a 3 feet high table. The drive was in a protective soft case (like a book when the zipper is open), but at that time, the zipper of the case was open and the drive fell down hitting the hard stone floor. The drive was...
  10. Aravind92

    Gpu overheating after few months of usage

    I won a sapphire r7 260x 2gb version..Got it in the month of march..I also have a custom fan profile with msi ab i wihch i've set the fan to reach fullspeed once the card hits 80 c..Till july the card would top at 80 c..Now with the same games the card is reaching 85 c..I live in...
  11. B

    Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nFORCE 430

    Should I upgrade my graphics card or replace the computer? I want to play minecraft and SIMCITY