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  1. V

    Question Should I go for 1440p monitor or 1080p monitor with RX 6700 XT?

    I recently upgraded to a good-budget build with 6700 XT. Below are the specs: AMD 5000 Series Ryzen 5 5600X Deep Cool AK400 MSI B550M Pro-Vdh Motherboard Cooler master 750 w PSU ASUS Dual RX 6700 XT Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 Mhz (2X8 GB) Wanted to know which monitor resolution I should go for...
  2. H

    Question Monitor hurting my eyes, best settings?

    Hello there, I have been using philips monitors all my life and I didn't have any problems while using them, my previous monitor was a PHILIPS 223V5LHSB2 And I have recently upgraded to an ACER SA220QA But my eyes are constantly hurting and I am narrowing my eyes constantly, as I said I...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Screen tearing on a 144hz monitor with 150-160 fps ?

    My question is, will the screen tearing be very noticeable if I get 150-160 fps on my monitor? I don't want to use Vsync I've got a 144hz 1440p monitor (LG 27GL850) and I've been wondering if I should buy the RTX 3070 but I'm scared I will get screen tearing. With my current GPU (RTX 2070) I...
  4. PatStick

    [SOLVED] No signal On monitor after some changes

    Hey, So i bought a new game named Battlefront 2 on origin, but when i started the game it said something like this' detected AMD drivers 0.0.0, requird 17.0.1'So i checkt on forums why i get this messege while my drivers are up to date. And someone said that i got to disable my old internal...
  5. R

    Question My Monitors keep crashing

    I have 2 monitors in my setup, every now and then they just crash, and both monitors go blank, and eventually turn off, no matter what I do the monitors wont connect to my PC, unless I completely turn my PC off and on again, and then the cycle continues. Any Ideas? my set up is, CPU - Ryzen 7...
  6. R3fl3cted2001

    Question HDMI doesn't work after crashin Chrome with projector

    Hi, quick explanation: I used my laptop DELL Inspiron 15 3000 for a presentation, started Google Chrome, fullscreened a website, pluged in HDMI connector for a projector and the laptop freezed.. Pulled out HDMI connector after trying to ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DEL and it was the same so I turned...