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  1. CeaserPlayz

    Question Which AMD cpus support ssse3?

    Hi I'm wondering which AMD CPUs have ssse3 so I can decide which CPU I wanna buy.
  2. L

    doulbe monitor vga and hdmi

    I want to double monitor i have one monitor with vga and the other one with gpu is msi 1050ti and has only one hdmi and one dvi!how can i do it?should i buy an adaptor from vga to dvi and connect them both monitors to gpu?
  3. H

    Requirements for a good motherboard

    I’m trying to buy a new motherboard since my current motherboard seems to missing a lot of dlls and what I’m aiming for will be the gigabyte GA-H110-S2 motherboard but I’m only using an intel core i5 3470 with 400W power supply and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (not ti) I need to know if my spec...
  4. Mason1204

    Best cheap laptop for low end gaming?

    I'm looking to buy the cheapest laptop available that can run most games (games ranging from stardew valley to pubg and cod bo4) at 30 min fps. Basically I want the laptop that can do this if I set every setting to the lowest it can go. I dont care about the graphics at all as long as it can run...
  5. E

    60hz playing at 50hz? Help

    I have recently changed my motherboard and PC case. However an issue has popped up. My games locked with Vsync are all running at 50FPS instead of 60. My nvidia control panel says 60Hz, pc says 60hz, but all my games are 50fps. My VBA emulator runs at 84% speed, and 84% of 60 is 50.4, so my...
  6. M

    How much should I sell my PC parts?

    CPU: i3 2120. RAM: corsair 8gb dual 2400 mhz. 2,5 years warranty Motherboard: Foxconn h61 socket lga 1155. GPU: r7 265 2gb ddr5. Cooler: Corsair H80. All working perfectly. Are 270 € good?
  7. P

    2 HDDs dead in a row, no explanation. Help :(

    Hello, 2 weeks ago i assumed my HDD died so i bought a new one. For no apparent reason the disk wouldn't boot and after Bios i just had a black screen. I went to PC world, bought a new drive, installed w10 with boot usb and everything looked good! Come 2 weeks later, i tried booting this morning...
  8. T

    Will a Corsair H50 be good enough for a i-7 8700k

    I want to know if a h50 will be adequate for this CPU
  9. K

    Asus rog strix gl503vd random freezes and crashes

    Hey. Im experiencing problems while playing games on my new laptop. The game is running stable, on very nice fps, and yet every now and then i get a random freeze for like 2-5 seconds. It makes gaming unplayable. I play Rocket League, Cs go and LoL. In RL and Cs go the frame drops happens like...
  10. T

    Is this build enough to play latest games on med/high settings?

    Here's the link: For the PC case ive picked Corsair CC-9011108-WW what do you think? I dont have the highest budget, but im buying the parts used, so i could tweak the build if i find some parts aren't much more expensive if it means increasing the...
  11. S

    How To Reinstall MacOS

    If for some reason you have to reinstall MacOS on your Mac computer, this tutorial with pictorial examples will come in handy. If your MacOS system is running well, there is no need to reinstall the system although it’s a common myth among users that you need to reinstall your MacOS every six...
  12. R

    PC Frozen On "Preparing Automatic Repair" Screen. Help!

    I tried to uninstall what I thought was unnecessary from my programs list to make room for a game (small ssd). So I tried installing my old hdd to this new pc for more space. I must have screwed something up because now, when I turn on my PC, it goes to the windows loading screen and appears...
  13. K

    Safe to remove shroud from Zotac GTX 580?

    Hi, I have a Zotac AMP3! GTX 580 3GB Graphics card (see image via link below) and I have come across an issue. The fans seem to be slipping down and hitting the shroud which then stops the fans spinning altogether or makes a nice loud grinding noise. If I remove the shroud it would fix this...
  14. A

    Upgrading my HDD and OS, proper steps to take?

    Hi everyone, first-time poster here. I didn’t know where else to turn to. I want to upgrade my current OS from Win7 32-bit to Win7 64-bit. Since it has to be a clean install, I decided to buy a new HDD and upgrade my storage as well. I would like to know what steps to take in installing Win7...
  15. K

    After BIOS update, strange message

    So I updated the BIOS on my pc and it was successful but it gave me a message. It reads.. An M.2 PCIE device has been detected in the M.2_2 socket. PCIE bandwidth on the M.2_2 socket can be set to X2 or X4. Default X2 configuration shares bandwidth on the SATA_56 ports. To improve performance...
  16. R

    Issues with Keyboards

    Hello, I have an issue that might be either really bad luck or a fault with my PC. Recently I spilled juice over my keyboard and it didnt recover after drying. You would be surprised how often one needs the button "E". Either way, in the meanwhile i used an older keyboard w/o problems that...
  17. E

    Can't update my asus motherboard bios!!!!

    I've been trying to update all day, but when i go in the asus website, search for my motherboard model (which is the ROG STRIX H270F GAMING), and click to download the latest version of the bios, it doesn't give me a .CAP file!! Instead it gives me something about a thing called "MEUpdateToll"...
  18. D

    Need coldest cpu cooler

    I need to know what the best preforming AIO is but all the list competition type what’s the best cooler of 2017 adds in cost and sound level and that’s the part I don’t care about is how loud the fans are really bc I’ll have the speakers above that or headphones on anyway. I have an i7 7700k on...
  19. S

    ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q questions.

    Hi I am thinking of buying the asus PG279Q monitor ( but I would like to ask some questions about it first. 1.) As it is an IPS monitor how bad is the glow and...
  20. D

    GV-N108TGAMING OC-11GD fit in build

    Would this card "GV-N108TGAMING OC-11GD" fit nicely in my build and not interfere with my case or other components ?