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    Question [SOLVED]Gigabyte z690m ax ddr4 with 2 m.2 ssd problem

    My new PC was delivered today, and i try to install the windows but found that those m.2 SSD cannot be detected. I try to update the bios version, it success and show in the bios interface. After loading in to windows and try to download some drivers, this moment I found that my second M.2 SSD...
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    [SOLVED] Motherboard BIOS doesn't recognise new M.2 NVMe SSD ?

    Hi, I bought the kllisre X99MS3.0 motherboard. I also decided to buy an SSD M.2 NVME to use on this motherboard because I saw that it supports, I bought the Asgard NVME SSD model AN1 which can be found at , motherboard can be found at...
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    [SOLVED] Need help with new motherboard.

    Ppl tell me that i need to install chipset drivers with new pc build. But i cand find it on this motherboard