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  1. S

    Question GPU Mosfet Importance

    Hi! I have a Gigabyte RX460 4GB, and recently Some stuff happened, and I saw 3 mosfets on the front burnt, 1 of them was melted while two were like, never there. So yea anyways, I went to a repair guy and he replaced the one that melted while he didn't know bout the other 2 so he left em as is...
  2. FrankR123


    hi i want to buy this gpu but i have heard some people saying that these gpus can't be used for gaming and stop working after a while because they are optimized for mining and only have 4 mosfets while gaming gpus have 6-8. i also guess that...
  3. AverageGamer24

    Question Should I care about GPU's VRM/MOSFETs temperatures?

    Hello everyone, One of my friends told me today that the temperature of the GPU's VRM and/or MOSFETs can affect performance and can make the GPU throttle in performance... So I have an XFX RX 570 that comes with a thermal pad that's placed on the MOSFETs, But my question is, Can Thermal Pads...