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  1. Gamesquid

    Question Loose pin on header

    My top left pin of my 3.2 USB header is loose, any help? (Asus ROG STRIX B550 f model)
  2. Synezky

    Question Is it Graphics Card or PCIE?

    My PC: MSI H110m pro-d Intel G4560 2x8gb Inno3D GTX 1050 2gb I just move out and take out every parts. After rebuild it, I have a problem with my pc (different problem, hdd), so its basically worked perfectly except hdd, right? I solved it with new hdd After few days, I turn it on and my pc...
  3. alreadyfuell

    Question Galax ami Motherboard 4 beeps. No display after BIOS update ?

    I have a Galax B450M motherboard. I updated its BIOS to the newest one and it booted to Windows. Then i restart my pc to go to bios, but instead it beeps 4 times and show no display, and all the fans are still spinning I tested my Ryzen 5 3500X CPU and 16gb ram on my brothers pc, and they...
  4. T

    Question After 3 weeks of working perfectly, monitor now has no signal and the DRAM LED is on ?

    Hi, i've build a new PC, i will list components below. After i built the PC it worked perfectly for 3 weeks, and then 2 days ago my monitor suddenly glitched for 1 sec and then got no signal. I tried every trick possible, different cables, slots, restarting, different monitor.. Issue is the...
  5. Nvm

    Question My PC suddenly can't boot with GPU installed

    Hello, I newly built my pc and have been using it for 2 weeks+ until yesterday. Today, I struggle to turn on my PC and after several troubleshooting steps, I recognize I'm having a problem in particular when booting with my GPU installed. My PC can only boot for a second and then completely dead...
  6. bankrolldisplayname

    Question ASROCK Z170M EXTREME 4

    HI, I have a ASROCK Z170M EXTREME 4 and im trying to under stand the full thing, i have a few questions if you guys could help! What are the compatible CPUs ? Does it matter if its Skylake, Coffee Lake or Kaby Lake? Does the ram have to be compatible to the motherboard or the cpu? What if the...
  7. viper23

    Question PC Upgrade: Intel vs AMD ?

    Hi, I want to upgrade 3 major components of my pc : CPU, Motherboard, and RAM. My current gigs are: Monitor: Aorus Fi27Q CPU: i5 4460 Motherboard: Gigabyte H61 RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: Aorus RX580 8GB PSU: Antec EAG Pro 750W Gold Case: Antec NX600 CPU Cooler: Deepcool Gammaxx 400 V2 Storage...
  8. ayoowavy

    [SOLVED] Can I still use my 3200g on a 5000 series updated b450 motherboard?

    I am planning to upgrade my cpu from a 3200g apu to a r5 5600. I know that for me to be able to use the new cpu, I need to update my B450 motherboard bios first to support 5000 series cpus. Will I still be able to use my pc even if the bios is already updated while still using a 3200g? I am...
  9. kurosuma

    Question i can't use my new m.2 in my motherboard.

    ok let's explain about this problem, I recently bought a crucial p3 m.2, but when I put it on my motherboard aorus x470 gaming 5 amd, I get stuck on the bios the led error code marked VGA, I thought the problem was the new m.2 because I have another m.2 but I ask a friend to try the new one...
  10. KelidaScoper

    Question My computer only uses onboard graphics instead of the GPU.

    Yesterday, I walked up to my computer and it failed to give any video output to my monitor. After a lot of troubleshooting, I cleared the CMOS and rebooted the pc. I have cables running from both my 2080 ti and my motherboard to my monitor. My computer booted from the motherboard. However, in...
  11. J

    Question Motherboard logo splash does not appear in startup, but boots fine into Windows

    I just now changed my GPU from another model of the Asus 3060 ti to the TUF 3060 ti. After plugging in the new GPU, the boot screen does not show the motherboard logo (AORUS). When I press F8/F12 to access bios though, it does let me do that, so that's good. But after the brief black screen, I...
  12. Ceneq10

    Question CPU then steady DRAM red light after changing the PSU

    Hello, I am in a very bad week. I bought 4070ti, (coming from 1070) and I find out that I don't have enough PCIe cables then I just decided to get a new PSU since my current is considered c tier. Anyway after I installed the gpu and the new psu (RM850x). no screen no power to usb devices, fans...
  13. Maxito_O

    Question Problems with mouse input lag and stutters.

    Trying to solve the problem with gameplay choppiness with more than 200-300 fps, I got to this site: My graphs here looks much more unstable than my friends graphs. You can see them in this post. I bet this is a problem and the cause of all my...
  14. Sasha124

    Question Motherboard LED is on but pc not turning on?

    Hello everyone, The past couple of days, my pc has started taking longer to switch on once I press the power button (10-15 minutes). Today, I tried turning it on as usual but nothing happened. My motherboard's LED is on and flashing (I have no DEBUG led, just standard orange one) but neither my...
  15. Sasha124

    Question Motherboard LED is on but pc not turning on?

    Hello everyone, The past couple of days, my pc has started taking longer to switch on once I press the power button (10-15 minutes). Today, I tried turning it on as usual but nothing happened. My motherboard's LED is on and flashing (I have no DEBUG led, just standard orange one) but neither my...
  16. L

    Question PC worked before changing thermal paste, and now it doesn't

    I had this pc for 4 years, and cleaned it from dust every year. Some times I had to reset bios, but that was due to unsuccessfull overclocking, but after returning everything to default it worked perfect. This time I decided to change 4 year old thermal paste on my Ryzen 3 2200G (it works on...
  17. andrewasted

    Question can my motherboard handle it

    i got a MSI B550 Gen 3 and i bought a Ryzen 5 5500 because i thought it was a good pair with it but i will probably do some upgrades in cpu in the future (i have a RX 5700 XT ready for this system) but i dont know how far i can push this motherboard. will it be able to feed a Ryzen 7 5700X or a...
  18. J

    Question ROG Strix 670e / Deep Cool LT720 AIO CPU Fan Error

    I am getting a BIOS CPU fan error and my AIO is working. I've seen that I can change my BIOS to Ignore the CPU fan error but when I do and SAVE BIOS, it does a reboot and I get a 0d on my Qled panel and NO POST. To boot I need to clear CMOS and that resets the CPU Fan ignore. So my boot...
  19. J

    Question Bricked Bios MSI MAG B550M Bazooka Flash with CH341A

    After a faulty bios update, the CPU Debug LED lights up permanently. I tried to flash the bios with a USB, but the red LED flashes for hours, nothing happens. Now I wanted to flash the bios with a CH341A. However, I do not know if this is the bios chip (MX25v2033). In the programs for the...
  20. IzanaKurokawa

    Question Why my pc wont boot with an SSD

    So basically I have An old motherboard (p5g41c m lx) With Xeon X5492 And gtx 780 ti That i built to my brother for mid gaming And i bought a 120 gb SSD to boot the windows faster and stuff But when i connect the ssd with the windows He doesnt want to boot up. like it shows just a Blinking...
  21. teeteemo

    Question Is my PSU enough to power this unit while full gaming? along with the RGB strips and fans? Seasonic 850W

    This is the whole specs Is my PSU enough to power this unit while full gaming? along with the RGB strips and fans? PROCESSOR: INTEL Core i7 12700KF 12th Gen LGA1700 12 Cores 20 Threads w/o on-board graphics MOTHERBOARD: (INTEL) Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 LGA1700 Wifi + BT RAM...
  22. E

    [SOLVED] Custom Build - Screen Artefacting while GPU is plugged in, none with on-board graphics

    Description: I just finished my new build and started up the computer to see the screen was super artefact-y and anything on the screen was completely illegible. I've completed multiple builds for myself and friends in the past, so while I don't consider myself an expert, I have a decent idea of...
  23. M

    Question Is my motherboard bricked or can this be fixed?

    Yesterday I decided to update my bios using msi live update, and of course it didn't work. After the program performed a reboot to instal the bios it was booting for an hour without any change and a blank screen, so I decided just to turn it off. I've had a situation like that few years ago so I...
  24. Curbeee

    Question Help. I'm confused

    So, I have a B550 MSI Tomahawk Motherboard that won't boot with 4 Sticks of ram. Everytime i try to boot it up with 4 sticks it won't go past the cpu stage. I tested the ram with a different Motherboard and they work perfectly fine. I think it's a motherboard issue but i'm not totally sure.
  25. Ryoto

    Question Only ram lights up when gpu plugged in but everything works when it’s not plugged in what do I do?

    I have -prosseur: ryzen 7 5700g -gpu: gigabyte 3060 -motherboard: x570s aorus elite ax Ram: 2x 16gb t-force Case: Corsair 5000x CPU cooler: Corsair Icue h150i elite capelix Psu: 850w 80+ gold Storage 1tb so everything works normally when gpu not plugged it gets the graphics from my cpu but when...
  26. J

    Question DDR4 vs DDR5 when upgrading Mobo

    I'm investigating the options of upgrading my CPU from a 9th gen to a 12th or 13th gen - which means new MOBO and RAM will be required too. I obviously want to future proof as much as possible but have now run into a dilemma and need advice please. I'm looking at the newer Mobo's like the "MSI...
  27. averagepcenjoyer

    [SOLVED] My CPU Cooler Bracket Screws Stuck(literally)

    I purchased a new motherboard because the old one was bricked. I was installing parts in and after installing my cpu I went ahead and tried to remove these screws to install my cooler that came with my processor (Ryzen 5 2600x). However screws are literally stuck. I tried everything I think. Any...
  28. R

    Question Certain keyboard keys not working on my recently built custom system ?

    I have recently configured a system with motherboard[Gigabyte H410M H V3], nvidiya gt 730 graphics card, processor i5-10400F. I confess that I had installed-uninstalled os'es[including windows]. Currently am using opensuse. Initially all the keys were working and I don't know in which step the...
  29. J

    Question Motherboard for Ryzen 9 7950x - Suggestions?

    Hello! I have been looking at different boards for the Ryzen 9 7950x and i have never had such a rough time deciding. Essentially I don't care about the chipset variants as they don't need any of the features this time around. What I am mostly concerned about with the lower end models are the...
  30. sanket5real

    [SOLVED] pc shows black screen on after installing nvme ssd

    i bought a kingston nvme ssd today when i installed it and started PC , it shows blank screen, no bios nothing I have gigabyte b450m ds3h if i remove it and start PC, on my HDD it starts normally Do i need to do some setting in BIOS before installing ssd ?
  31. jpgopro

    Question Audio popping, crackling, static, cutting out, robotic, wireless headset

    Hi, I have had this incredibly annoying issue that hopefully someone can help me with. So about 3 months ago I did a complete PC upgrade and have had a persistent issue with my sound only when using my wireless headset (SteelSeries Nova Pro Wireless), I have also tried using the Turtle Beach...
  32. DobriAndr

    Question Currently looking on a opinion for a mobo and cpu combo 2nd hand

    Hello im currently watching a cpu and mobo combo for around $80. The cpu is intel core i3 10100f and the mobo is the Gigabyte H410M S2H V3. Im looking forward for your guys and girls opinion on it. I personally think its a good deal but i want to hear somebody that has a little more knowledge...
  33. E

    Question should buy z690 or z790

    I decided to buy an intel 13 gen CPU (13700k) since it is around the corner plus the price difference is not that big, so I want to know if will it be fine to buy the motherboard z690 instead of z790 or if should I just buy z790.
  34. gvrrrntthtrterg

    Question what to choose

    I am trying to build a gaming machine should i go with 2x xeon x5675 lga 1366 or 1x i3 10105f lga 1200 and lga 1366 is ddr3 but lga1200 is ddr4 which would be better my current system is ryzen 5 5600h
  35. L

    Question Clarification on USB header naming

    Hi there, I am looking to upgrade my current motherboard, and am looking at motherboards and am a little confused. I went to PCpartpicker and was filtering motherboard by features and was trying to find a front IO header that matched what my case has. My case is a Fractal Design Meshify with USB...
  36. GIFFIG

    Question RAM speed higher than CPU/Motherboard spec ?

    Dear users, i have a question regarding RAM capability with cpu and mobo CPU, Xeon 1620 v3 Memory Types DDR4 1333/1600/1866/2133 Mobo, Asus x99 pro Memory 8 x DIMM, Max. 64 GB, DDR4 3300 (O.C.) / 3200 (O.C.) / 3000 (O.C.) / 2800 (O.C.) / 2666 (O.C.) / 2400 (O.C.) / 2133 MHz Non-ECC...
  37. M

    Question Cannot Boot from other SATA drives on Gigabyte Z390 AORUS

    I saw a similar topic but I think I'm supposed to start a new thread. I LOVE the Gig. Z390 AORUS and have NO trouble with it until now. I have a Samsung 970 EVO NVME installed in the M2.A slot, which is working fine. I have FOUR other hard drives which DO SHOW in Windows 10 and I use them...
  38. M

    Question Help me choose a combo for 5600

    Hi, plan is to uprgrade my PC with 5600 or 5600x. PC will be used for playing cpu heavy games like csgo and valorant on 1080p. I have a hard time choosing a motherboard and cpu cooler. I got 2 options, 1st option asus tuf b550 plus + scythe fuma (240$) and the 2nd option Asrock b550m pro +...
  39. George Moytsios

    Question Help with ram compatibility

    Hello, I want to upgrade my ram and cpu and I need some help. My motherboard is asrock B450m Steel Legend I want to upgrade from R5 2600 to R5 5600x -> checked and a simple bios update will do the trick I want to upgrade from 16gb 2666mhz ram to 32gb 3600mhz -> my problem Do I have to follow...
  40. D

    Question PC Build Under 2k

    Hello! I have a test for you guys. Well, this is mostly knowledge for me because I'm thinking of building my PC soon. So, I want your guidance on which components or build would be good for my needs. I'm trying to build a PC under $2000. It's been a while for me since I built a PC, so things...