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    Question Motherboard for rtx 2070??

    Hi, my spec Processor: core i5 9400f Motherboard: Asus prime b360m-a GPU: inno3d rtx 2070 gaming 8gb Ram: Corsair vengence 2 x 8gb ddr4 ram 4 x 7200 hardisk 1 x 240gb SSD Sound blaster z sound card and I won't overclock any of my component. So my question is, For my GPU (RTX 2070) and...
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    Question can pcie x1 card be installed on pci slot?

    the title says it all hahah
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    Question Motherboard for i7 3770

    Hey guys I’m new here and I’m looking to build a budget gaming computer just to get a foot in the pc gaming door. I’ve been looking around for the best bang for the buck motherboard for my i7 3770 processor but I probably know too little to find a good one. I need it to be overclockable with...
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    Question Best Budget Motherboard

    HI everyone, im in my mid teens and have a huge interest in building computers. The problem I can't overcome today is the fact that I don't whats the best motherboard to get. It needs to be LGA775 and support PC3-10600U ram ( hopefully more than 4gbs), and lastly it has to be micro atx, I work...
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    Discussion Motherboard for overclocking 2600

    So i am going to build my first pc and i am getting ryzen 2600 and confused which motherboard to get.I am thinking about overclocking it to 3.9g . And my budget is 146 dollars. I am also going to use a liquid cooler. Which motherboard should i get? Cpu-ryzen 2600 Gpu-2060 6gb Ram-3000 mhz...
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    Question old ram not working in new mobo but works in others

    recently, I'v plugged q45t-am motherboard with my old working ram 4gb 800 Mhz. When I turn it on the mobo start beeping, i tried another 2gb 1066 Mhz ram it worked fine , both rams look tha same having same pins, the mobo should be supporting 800, 1066,1333 Mhz fsb (ddr3) .So why it is beeping...
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    Question Need help deciding on what to Upgrade

    Recently I've decided to upgrade my modified Asus Cm-1745. I've already swapped the GPU with a gtx 1050ti, and i'm now wanting to upgrade my motherboard and cpu. My budget is currently in between 200 to 250 dollars Any help will be appreciated current specs motherboard: Asus F2A85-M Gpu: GTX...
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    Question I5-2400 cpu

    Will a I5-2400 work in a Lga 1150 M/B..I jut got a dell 1020 barebones off of Ebay. with no CPU..I have the I5-2400.