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  1. T

    Question pc freezes randomly NO BSOD

    Hello guys i need your expertise My pc freezes randomly. Sometimes even at bios load, after 30 minutes or three days. No bsod or minidump file after crashing. Keyboard, mouse and sound stop at the same time. No any beep sound from any component. All temps are fine when crashing,gpu and cpu...
  2. Rubendabiest

    [SOLVED] Maybe i broke my mobo

    Okay, so it started by upgrading my aio fans, after the upgrade, I powered on my pc and got error code "no RAM detected". I was mad at myself but after testing every ram slot with both sticks in all combinations alone, and in pair, after testing 3PSU's and taking everything off multiple times I...
  3. E

    Question Dead Computer after Overclock (beginner)

    Hello all. first my specs: core i5 7600k, MSI z270 SLI PLUS, EVGA GQ 750 Watts, Asus Strix 2080 TI. so, I have had a Stable overclock for months, to 4.9 GHz and the CPU core voltage was about like 1.200 volts (something that was always weird to me because many sources were talking about...