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  1. R

    Question motherboard for ryzen 7 2700x

    I need a nice motherboard that isn't too expensive and fancy.
  2. JemaineSA

    Question Intel N232 MOBO Smoking

    Ok So I have a Intel N232 MOBO, 400w PSU, and connected 3: 500gb drives to it, excluding a 320 for OS. Worked fine but suddenly just switched off and I smelled something smokey. I stripped the Tower and noticed smoke appear from one of the small chips oņhe board neare the "caps". Looks bit...
  3. F

    Question PC restarts under heavy load with new PSU

    I've been having issues with seemingly random restarts, but I've been able to get consistency in them from stressing the CPU for too long, or stresssing the PSU for like 5 seconds. Everything on Google pointed to PSU issues, so I got a new one, but the problem persists. Specs: Intel i5-4690K...
  4. P

    Question EZ Debug Light on VGA

    So here is my situation: Built my first rig a couple weeks back, got it up and running no problems and been playing and loving the PC Master Race ever since. I moved dorm rooms for college and METICULOUSLY moved my computer, gently placing it in the box the case came in, and then carrying it...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Would there be any problem with the H100i platinum with ryzen 7?

    I was wondering if the corsairs hydro H100i RGB platinum 240mm would work with AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X and would there be any problem with the motherboard MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
  6. Gedikpasha

    Question Extreamly Mouse Lag In Bios

    Hello, I upgraded ryzen 1600 to 3600 on my B350 Gaming Pro Carbon. B350 is on beta version so it came with the mouse lag issue i cannot even control my mouse in bios. i upgraded my b350 to MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi same issue is still going. Its like 10 Fps in bios. (Actually i did not care...
  7. P

    Question What cpu/mobo??

    Hello! So I'm building my dad a new pc, and I'm wondering if you guys have some opinions on what cpu to buy. He mainly uses it for desktop and multitasking, but also some gaming. His criteria for the hole build is that it's fast, quiet and can do some gaming. His bugdet is around 1800$. So the...
  8. orika

    [SOLVED] Xeon e3 1230 v2 xeon cpu will be compatible with my mobo or not

    The mobo is this btw PLUS/index.asp Confused in the graphics section where it says hdmi upto 1920x1000. Just wanna know if it's the igpu which it is talking about and not the dedicated gpu i will add. And will my intel stock cooler which i got with my i3...
  9. T

    Question My pc doesn't boot up at all sometimes with a blinking black screen

    so hello, sometimes when i turn my pc on this problem happens: i see my monitor blinking every 5 or 3 seconds and i don't see the yellow led on my case front panel working (which indicates that the storage drive is being used) and its a samsung 860 evo . so in order to fix this problem i turn my...
  10. Noxlus

    Question Will this CPU work with my current motherboard?

    I'm looking at upgrading my current CPU which is the Intel Core i7-4770 CPU 3.40 GHz. My friend that helped build my PC has passed, and I'm not the most informed when it comes to computers. I see they don't sell my motherboard anymore, would it be worth upgrading that too? My only complaint with...
  11. J

    Question M.2 Key Compatibility

    I'm going to be building a system for a friend soon, I have everything in place but want to include an M.2 drive. But the mobo (MSI Tomahawk B450) states that the m.2 port is an M key. The M.2 i've been looking at is a Western Digital WDS240G2G0B but this is an B + M key. I can't really find any...
  12. P

    Question Help getting my BIOS to read dual channel

    Hi, I recently did a new build and I noticed that Windows is reading that I have 16gb of memory installed, but only 8gb are available to use. When I checked my BIOS it shows its that its setup for single channel. How would I go about changing it to dual-channel? I do have the memory installed in...
  13. M

    Question Which mobo should i buy?

    Hello again. Im planning to build this pc: Ryzen 3600 16gb tridentZ 3200mhz Rx 5700 XT Corsair TX650m Caviar blue 1tb and an ssd Im want to buy an x470 mobo but i dont know which is the best. Is asrock x470 fatality k4 good? Or the asus x470 prime? Which x470 mobo do you think that its...
  14. K

    Question My pc monitor goes in sleep mode after the Asus logo when i boot my pc.

    Question My pc monitor goes in sleep mode after the Asus logo when i boot my pc. My monitor goes in sleep mode after the Asus logo when i boot my pc while connected to Graphics card since yesterday. I had changed my power preference from high to balanced. Since then my monitor goes in sleep...
  15. W

    Question Decent board for overclocking?

    Is the Gigabyte Z370XP SLI decent for overclocking?
  16. M

    Question Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra or MSI MPG Z390 gaming Pro carbon

    Hey guys I'm planning on buying a 9900k pretty soon and overclocking it to 5.0-5.1 ghz. I just need help and on deciding whether I should get the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra or the MSI MPG Z390 gaming Pro carbon. They both cost roughly the same for me. Thanks.
  17. Robby Shorts

    Question Good MB for a i7-9700K?

    Hi all, as the title says I could use some help deciding on a good MB for a 9700K. I've been looking at a few right now, the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro, Asus Prime Z390-A, and the Asrock Z390 Pro 4. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks guys
  18. F

    Question Asus Z170-AR DRAM lights up for a few seconds monitor(NO SIGNAL) NEED HELP

    I recently upgraded my Processor from an I5-6600k to a I7-7700k and I also upgraded the cpu tower cooler. Everything is correctly connected andI have tried rebooting, cmos reset and almost every other reboot options I have looked up on this site and Google. Still nothing works, my PWR LED is...
  19. Question Laptop mobo vrm throttling

    Hello all! I have an Asus FX504 with 8300h and a gtx1050ti. i have no issues with gpu cuz the games i play are mostly cpu intensive. initially when i bought my lap, the cpu was frequently hitting 85c, so i undervolted it and now it rarely crosses 70c. but now i have mobo vrm throttling...
  20. X

    Question Asus ROG Strix b450f rgb header.

    Can i use these rgb fans - Asiahorse FS8001 ( with this mobo??