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  1. B

    Question New Mobo and CPU crashes pc

    Just upgraded to a MSI b550m Pro motherboard and an AMD Ryzen 5 5600k CPU with Corsair vengeance 8gb x2 ram. I have everything installed correctly. PC powers on, loads to the log in menu, then a few seconds after I type my pin my PC crashes. The only thing I can think that I did wrong was when...
  2. L

    Question Does my ASUS Z97-A have a TPM 2.0 Header slot? How to check for other motherboards as well?

    I have had this motherboard for years now and ever since Windows 11 got announced, I just found out that I am not meeting the minimum specifications due to the lack of TPM 2.0. Upon research I found out that Asus offers the TPM-M R2.0 14-1 Pin TPM Module which can enable TPM for their...
  3. P

    Question Upgrading my PC

    I am upgrading to a new setup as currently I was running a FX8350 processor. I have a Gigabyte C200 case ( bought recently ). I am planning on getting either Intel Core i5 10400 or Ryzen 5 3600. So I needed some suggestions on which processor is better ( strictly for gaming ). I am a casual...
  4. SEANFiesta

    Question Pc failing to boot up (more info in thread)

    Hello, recently my PC cut out mid way through a gaming session, the screen went black and I think the pc initiated a restart however when it tried the screen stayed black and I couldn't access anything, despite the lights on the motherboard and such staying on. The pc would sorta power normally...
  5. 13rws

    Question PC won't show display

    Hi guys, a noob here in PC building. My PC gave me display when I used the PSU outside the cabinet just to test. Now, I'm not getting display. My GPU and CPU fans are working. I can't see an orange LED on the mobo which comes only when display is working. I have tried 20-30 times, I got display...
  6. Question how do i know my motherboard supports argb?

    Recently I bought Antec Prizm 120 ARGB Case Fan from Amazon It comes with three cables I know only one which I plugged on my motherboard Asus Z170 Pro Gaming. These are the connectors of this fan. I plugged only the PWM header only I don't know what the others go for? But the lights not...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Can RAM kill a motherboard?

    A few years ago, the PC I built stopped turning on. I had left it at home when I moved for university, working just fine, but when I returned for Christmas it wouldn't boot. The turning it on would cause the fans to briefly spin up, the cooler would flash on and off, and that was it. It'd keep...
  8. Ontiveros

    Question HDMI port on my aorus b550 pro is not giving signal.... Help please

    I have taken battery out an put it back in I have reset my ram I have a Nvidia Quadro m5000. But for some reason the HDMI port won't give signal. Now I can't get into bios we with out no signal... So should I have go through my GPU dvi port?
  9. L

    Question Help Identifying Old Acer Mobo

    I have an old g41 express chipset motherboard from an old 2010 Acer Verition 775. I'm trying to identify if its a standard board (ATX, ITX, etc.) so I can possibly replace it with a newer board. Pictures below: Pic 1 Pic 2
  10. Pikolo19

    Question Why is my Bios and HWmonitor showing that System fan is on 0 rpm but in reality it is spinning?

    Hi, first of all my bios is not even controling my system fan?? If i put on manual and turn it off from bios (on 0 rpm) it is still spinning in my case... It's like bios is controling another inexistent fan, and also the temps on cpu increases when i turn it off from bios.. but system fan is...
  11. oliver88

    Question New B560 Pro4, i5 11400F with CPU Cooler, red CPU and DRAM Lights

    Hi, I got a brand new motherboard (AS Rock B560 Pro4), cpu cooler (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black) and CPU (i5 11400F). Everything turns on, Case Fan turns, CPU Cooler Fan turns, power light is on, but no Signal on Screen. I connect via HDMI on my Radeon R9 380x. The DRAM and CPU error light...
  12. T

    Question New Build (MSI H410M Pro E) won't detect my GTX 750Ti (GPU fans spin though)

    I just built a new PC with the below configuration. Processor: i5 10400 Mobo: MSI H410M Pro E ( RAM: Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4 8GB PSU: Cooler Master MWE 550 Bronze V2 SSD: Kingston 250GB I had an old MSI variant of the GTX 750Ti that I...
  13. R

    Question Mobo audio got broken after bluescreen, reinstalling drivers didn't help

    Mobo: MSI b360a-pro System W10 Recently I got some bluescreens after which my audio got broken, device is found by system but has the yellow warning icon next to it. After searching a bit for blue screen code explanation and trying to reinstal audio drivers it didn't help at all. I've decided...
  14. Tecnotronic

    Question I need help with this so weird issue

    hi guys, this is my first post, And i'll get to the point, (sorry if I speak badly, English is not my native language. I'll have to use google translate I think) I have a basic mother ("ESC H110M4-C23") with an i3-7100 on it and 8gb of ram ddr4 2133Mhz. The thing is... It doesn't matter which...
  15. adjoth

    Question PC won't POST

    HARDWARE X570 Aorus Pro WiFi (Rev 1.2) Ryzen 9 5900x Vengeance RGB Pro Sl (2x 16GB) Asus GeForce GTX 1650 Tuf Gaming Galahad AIO 360 Seasonic GX-850 PSU ISSUE: Recently upgraded to the parts above with a new CPU/RAM and AOI cooler. The most notable being the CPU going from a 3000 series to a...
  16. A

    Question Motherboard wont recognize GPU

    I just got a GTX 1080 and i have confirmed that it works. but the motherboard in my computer wont detect it. I have used the same slots for another Geforce card, and it works perfectly, but nothing I do seems to allow me to use the GPU. Ive even tried replacing the power supply.
  17. Eclipse2

    Question How to fix 2 Ram slots are not working

    Specs: CPU: Ryzen 3 3100 Motherboard: MSI b450m Mortar Max Ram: Aitc 8gb 3000mhz SSD/HDD: WD 256gb blue nvme GPU: Palit gtx 1050ti PSU: Silverstone 700w Ram 1 and 2 are working 3 and 4 are not Tried everything can you guys help me solve this issue?
  18. Beratini

    Question GPU usage drops to 0% for a second and freezes ?

    Hi, i am using rx 5700 with r5 3600x and when i play LOL, game freezes for a second randomly. After checking gpu usage i find out gpu usage is dropping to 0% randomly. My GPU driver is new 21.5.2, i am using latest bios at my b450-a max and i downloaded latest cpu chipset driver too. I wonder...
  19. fonqas

    Question PCIEx16_2 not showing up

    hello i just bought asus z270-k and i3-6100 after booting the system, installing newest bios updates etc i cant see PCIEx16_2 in my bios menu
  20. N

    Question LEDs on fans are lit before PC is powered on, and there's no display signal ?

    I just finished a new build. I have Aorus Master X570. For cooling, I have an EKWB pump, with Corsair QL Series Fans being fed into a single hum. When I turn on the PSU the LEDs turn on for all the fans and the EKWB pump. What's also weird is the fans start spinning at a very low RPM. When I hit...
  21. DesktopJunkie

    Question PC shuts down instead of Hibernate or Sleep ?

    So I just recently built a new pc. The specs are below. I'm having an issue when I attempt to put the pc into Hibernation or even just sleep it just shuts the entire PC down, not saving anything. I've gone through soo many windows 10 guides on how to fix this and I'm beginning to wonder if it's...
  22. faia92

    Question Can anybody help me with this

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this site. Can anyone guide me of how to connect my fan to my motherboard(B450 AUROS ELITE) My fan View: My motherboard View:
  23. I

    Question Updated gigabyte bios to f61, booted pc after but now it wont boot

    Specs Ryzen 5 2600x Aorus b450 16gb ram ddr4 I was updating my bios from f32 to f61 because I just got a new ryzen 7 5800x and wanted to upgrade. First I restarted the pc and it worked normally, I checked the bios version and it was updated. Then I tried to put on the new processor but the pc...
  24. PhysicalPsycho

    [SOLVED] How to remove pre-installed mobo standoffs

    Im wondering if I can remove the mobo standoffs since the standoffs are in the wrong places, and which tool I can use I have the MSI Vampiric 10X
  25. C


    So, My pc is 2 years old and currently I have couple of problems SPECS r5 1600x 16 gb ddr4 corsair vengeance 2400 MHz (2 X 8gb) gtx 1060 6gb asus 500 watt psu (corsair vs series) cooler master cpu fan 2 ssd 2 hdd windows 10 PROBLEMS On booting, pc case running but no input on display /...
  26. M

    [SOLVED] GPU suddenly no longer detected in ANY of my PCI-E slots ?

    Hi everyone! Around a week ago, I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 when suddenly my GPU stopped being detected. Upon rebooting my PC, now with display cables connected to my integrated graphics, I found that my BIOS was no longer detecting my GPU at all. To be specific, it wasn't detecting any...
  27. S

    Question Arctis 5 Headphones not using surround sound.

    For the entire time I've had my PC I've had the issue of not having surround sound in my headphones. From what I've heard it might be an issue with my motherboard not supporting 7.1 audio, only 5.1. I have an Arctis 5 headset, and a B450 DS3H motherboard. (Full Part List below) On the box of the...
  28. AmPro120

    Question I am a bit concerned about ESD because mobo touched my bed

    Well I just got my mobo... and I had no idea about ESD because im a noob and i layed it on my bed for a few minutes to look at it. Does anyone think I fried it ?
  29. S

    Question Looping POST check bios and Crashing windows

    I was doing my college task and then blackout comes to my house. The blackout happen more than 4 times like each 20minutes. I always turned on my PC again after blackout because i need to done my task. But somehow in the 3rd time of blackout my PC checking a BIOS or maybe BIOS update or POST...
  30. nebulas_mom

    Question Help New PC Builder

    I just built my first PC, my friends who’ve been helping me are currently unavailable right now. I just went to start up my computer for the first time, but everything isn’t running. My motherboard is on and glowing, but my fans on my gpu and the cooling system aren’t on and neither is my PSU...
  31. B

    [SOLVED] Replacement Motherboard//HELP//

    I had a Z390 Phantom Gaming 4-CB that I recently poured water on when I got a little too thirsty. Apparently those aren't produced anymore so I'm looking for a replacement. Any suggestions? I don't mind downgrading in terms of ram slots from 4 to 3. However I'm fine spending around 300 dollars...
  32. alexw12345

    Question NVMe M.2 in Z370 Gaming Plus Motherboard

    A friend of mine gifted me a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD. My current desktop has a Z370 GAMING PLUS motherboard. I don't believe my motherboard has the right slot for M.2. What would be the best way to get the SSD to work with my desktop? I know enough about computers to be...
  33. C

    Question Random Problems. Need help

    I am having random problems with my PC, starting with several random BSODs and a memory dump stating error SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, but I cannot check where the exception occurred since the memory dump has no other valuable information. My specs: MB: Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 CPU: I5 2500...
  34. S

    [SOLVED] Help! Order motherboard on Amazon warehouse and it came with a discolored pin

    Hi everyone, I ordered a used Gigabyte x299x master on Amazon wear house and it just arrived today. While giving it a visual inspection all the accessories were there and the motherboard looked like it’s in pristine condition. There’s even plastic wrap on it still in parts. Looking at the...
  35. RitSin

    Question Can I Change Boot Installation from legacy mode to UEFI?

    I have a Dell XPS 14 l421x model laptop which came with window 7 pros into legacy boot mode so I want to know can I upgrade my window 7 into window 10 and change the legacy boot mode option into UEFI without having the fresh installation of window 10 or there are any ways please keep me...
  36. U

    [SOLVED] Upgrades to "old" PC

    Approximate Purchase Date: Within two weeks. Budget Range: (1000-1300eur) or (1065-1385dollars) After Shipping System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, surfing internet, movies. Are you buying a monitor: No Do you need to buy OS: No Parts Preferences: No preference. Overclocking...
  37. Ki_Tso

    Question Graphics card working in pcie x4 but not x16

    Hi, First I'm gonna tell you specs of old and current pc: (Also this is gonna be long, I'll try to mark the more important parts with Bolding) Old(!) PC: { --MB: Asus H97 Pro Gamer, --CPU: Intel Core i5 4460, --RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB DDR3 1866Mhz * 4, --GPU: Asus Dual Gtx 1060 3GB, --SSD...
  38. Connnnnnn

    Question Multiple motherboard problems after installing M.2 drive in B450 AORUS ELITE

    Hello! I have recently gotten a WD Blue 2TB M.2 SATA SSD, and I installed it alongside my other 2 ssds that I had before. I changed the configuration of my regular ssds to the slots that the manual said would work alongside a M.2 drive. After installing this and allocating memory everything...
  39. W

    Question DC power input jack broke off my laptop's main board -- what to do ?

    Hello, I have a refurbished dell 13 7000 series laptop. Therefore it does not have a service tag sticker on the bottom. My problem(s) is the DC power Jack/receptacle broke off the Motherboard when I attempted to plug in a new replacement DC short cable. The Jack off the MB went into outer space...
  40. M

    Question Mainboard broken?

    Hello, I bought and used Supermicro x8dti-f mainboard from ebay, with 2 Xeon X5670. When I install an CPU in the CPU slot 1 and connected the fan and the PSU. If I start the Workstation the fans turn for a half second on full speed but then all stops spinning. I get no beep code or something...