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  1. mikasa509

    [SOLVED] Will Red Devil RX 5700 XT fit

    I have a b450 mortar mATX board and I am planning to buy a PowerColor RX 5700xt and I am concerned if it will fit
  2. lezmaster98

    Question Will I need to upgrade my CPU to reduce bottleneck on RTX 2070 Super?

    Hello, I am currently wanting to make an upgrade with my system by replacing the GPU (RTX 2060) to a RTX 2070 Super due to being generous and giving my older GPU away to a relative. However, I am at stump when it comes which CPU/MOBO to purchase. My main focus for my system is gaming in 1080p...
  3. iTzmeXavier

    Question Pc wont turn on

    Hello everyone hoping I can get help on this. My computer is a dellxps8910 but with different upgrades like power supply video card and ram and here is my problem I decided to change my case so I can give my pc.a little more space and I bought a rosewill spectra c100 and all my parts fit...
  4. aviator59

    Question one beep after first beep

    I get a beep around 5 seconds after the initial beep, it happens while windows is initializing, then the screen goes black or freezes on login, it doesn't always happen and after it boots succesfully everthing works fine. Motherboard: Gigabyte B450m Ds3h Processor: AMD Ryzen7 3700x RAM: 2x...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Is there a chance my motherboard will support Zen3/Ryzen 4000:

    According to the photo below even 3000 series processors shouldn´t be supported on B350, yet my MSI B350 Gaming Pro carbon supports them. Is there a slim chance that 4000 series processors will be supported on my board? It´s the same socket even. Thank you for your respond. View...
  6. Domeury

    Question Is my CPU enough to handle a new graphics card

    I am planning on getting a GTX 1660 Super 6GB graphics card for my pc (upgrading from a GTX 1050 2GB). And My CPU is a AMD FX 6300. Would the new Graphics card be a good mix with the processor? Or would it cause too much bottlenecking?
  7. OlsenaiZ

    Question PC turns on only with one ram slot

    Hi guys I’m having a weird issue , so I have a Ryzen 3200g Mai 320A-m Pro mAtx 2DIMM Slots Corsair Venegance 2x4gb 2133mhz DDR4 Ram ive just built this pc went to turn it on and no screen however fans are workings and all the leds turn on, so after abit of Diag I’ve tested each Ram stick in...
  8. C

    Question Upgrade CPU and Mobo

    Hey Guys! Here are my computer specs: Dell XPS 8700 Original Motherboard CPU: Intel Core i5-4430 @ 3GHz Quad core 3001Mhz Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws X series (2 x 8GB) 240pin DDR3 SDRAM 1600 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti I was looking to upgrade my CPU and motherboard and keep within budge of...
  9. J

    Question No audio on Windows due to old motherboard

    So, I have quite an old motherboard in my secondary pc. Due to this, the audio is not working as only Digital Audio (S/Pdif) is my only playback option. I think the audio driver of my motherboard is missing. I have attached a gaming headphone to the pc and no audio can be heard from it but the...
  10. B

    Question What is "ACCE"

    If I update the BIOS I will have a new "thing" - ACCE - What's that? thx I have an - PRIME B460M-A -
  11. E

    Question installed crucial storage executive software and enabled momentum cache and my sytem failing to reboot since then

    hi, my cpu i5-4670k, gpu - zotac 1050ti mini, mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, bios version F10b, psu corsair cs650m , ram 4x4gb @1600 mhz, MX 500 500gb ssd, WD 1TB sata internal hdd, AHCI,windows10, running UEFI and secure boot, MY SSD in GPT but my HDD in MBR, CSM is disabled. i just clean installed...
  12. Tappylove93

    Question New PC running super slow

    Hello everyone, I just built a new Pc and it’s literally running like <Mod Edit>. The benchmarks are in the 0 percentile. Please help me any way you can. Https:// Edit: I should note that I believe it to be the motherboard seeing as when I try and enable...
  13. BiggieBroJoe

    Question Updating Mobo

    Hi all If I update my bios to the latest version will I still be able to use my Ryzen 5 1600 with it or will I have to upgrade my cpu to 2nd or 3rd gen Mobo: MSI B350M Gaming Pro Thanks
  14. J

    Question Is the MSI Z390 A Pro good for gaming?

    I just ordered an i7 9700k and an msi rtx 2080 for my new build. The motherboard is the MSI Z390-A pro. I've just now noticed its not specifically made for gaming, but is it gonna be any issue? I plan on playing really demanding games.
  15. I

    Question what is the best Motherboard for my current CPU

    Hi all so I have a i5-7600k CPU but a MSI-7A72 and my pc just performs really sluggish. I also have 2x8gbs DDR4 2400mhz ram and a GTX 1060 OC edition. I am currently looking to upgrade and just wanted some help with finding a good motherboard for my pc. My friend says my motherboard is really...
  16. S

    Question Why wont my pc turn on?

    Yesterday I was replacing my cpu fan with my Dad. The old fan was really cheap and one of the screws seemed to have slightly melted and the fan became stuck in the motherboard. After alot force (hammering and prying), we managed to get it out. However, on the back side of the motherboard...
  17. D

    Question Questions for Mother Board-GPU support

    Can you guys help me out with finding out what a good Graphics Card is for my hardware, I've been trying to find one that's good, affordable and after all , works with everything else in the system. My Graphics Card is a GeForce GTX 950 2GB My CPU is a Intel i5-7400@ 3.00Ghz My Mother Board is...
  18. iamstarclimber

    Question Having Issues with audio. headphones detected my audio not coming through

    So I recently build my first pc and now I'm having issues with audio. I have an Asrock a320-hdv r4.0 motherboard and I'm having issues with my headphones. when I plug them in, both the front and back port, it registers that there is something plugged in and stops playing sound through my monitor...
  19. Eliasmyrvang

    Question Bottlenecking?

    i recently bought a RTX 2060 Super, i think my cpu is bottlenecking it. my cpu right now is an i5 6400 on a Asus Prime Z270-A i am thinking about buying a i5 9600K and Asus TUF Z390 Plus, is this the right choice for me and will it still be bottlenecking? The reason i think its bottlenecking is...
  20. I

    Question New M.2 pcie not showing up in BIOS or Disk Management

    Motherboard: Asus Z97-A SSD: Sabrent Rocket NVMe M.2 2280 SSD 1TB I already have an old 250gb ssd that has the os and a few programs on it. I got this one as a second drive for games but I can't get it to show up anywhere? I followed what I normally do to recognize the drives but it is not...