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  1. S

    Question My PC freezes randomly.

    It freezes (CTRL+ALT+DEL not working and CAPS/NUM LOCK led does not turn on) and it doesn't want to start sometimes. It is not the PSU, neither the hard disk, because I changed them and the result is the same. PC specs are: CPU Intel Core i7-4790 3.6Ghz PSU Seasonic S12II-620 Bronze SS-620GB...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Should I build my gaming pc with Aliexpress parts?

    Hello. So I am planning on building a gaming pc for my self and I am considering buying a few of my parts from Aliexpress. The parts that I have found so far are...
  3. Y

    Question how can i download my entire watch later videos in youtube

    as the title says , i wanna download all my watch later videos of youtube because i have many important videos there and some of them are getting deleted soo i want to download my entire water later list , i know i can download them one by one but that takes too much times going through almost...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] Next upgrade?

    What in your opinion should I upgrade on my rig which would make the MOST impact? I'm thinking ssd, cpu or gpu? Current rig: CHASSI: Corsair graphite 600T white MOBO: Gigabyte z97x gaming 3 CPU: Intel i5 4590 3.3GHz (thinking of boosting to 3.5GHz if that makes difference) RAM: Ballistix 16gb...
  5. Z

    Question Motherboard MSI GF615M-P33 CPU Support

    So i have been considering to upgrade my CPU without buying a new motherboard here in my country i found a couple of CPU-s that are considered to be supported by my Motherboard currently my setup is: 8gb ram DDR3 amd athlon II x4 620 GTX 750ti cheap psu 500w I am considering to replace my x4...
  6. N

    Question SSD's speed isn't as expected.

    So, I recently built a PC and Installed Ubuntu 18.04 on it. I realized that the speed from turning on the PC to loaded OS took around 30 seconds, so I did SSD benchmark and the results showed slower writing speed, but even whit the speed it showed I don't think it has to load that slow, that's...
  7. FluffyFlounder

    [SOLVED] Can I flash my bios without purchasing a new compatible cpu?

    Question; if I get the i5-9400f with the MSI z370 a-pro, will I have to buy a compatible CPU just to update the bios? TIA
  8. P

    Question Help me choose compatible RAM

    I have one stick of ram on my motherboard ble8g4d30aeea, but I can't find one more stick being sold. Can I put some other compatible ram with the other one? I have R5 1600 wich is limited by single stick of ram. Thanks
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Should I upgrade my current system or wait for Ryzen 3rd Generation?

    Hi, with the near release of Ryzen 3rd Generation, I'm having trouble deciding what to do. I currently have the following: i7-3770 Biostar H61MLV Deepcool Ice Edge Mini 8gb DDR3 1866 (running at 1600MHz) HyperX Fury MSI GamingX RX 470 4GB 128gb SSD 500gb HDD Seasonic M12 EVO 620W Ok here goes...
  10. C

    Good quality, decent price RAM

    Im new to pc building, so does anyone have any suggestions for 4GB DDR3 RAM thats not too expensive, planning to upgrade from 8GB to 12GB, because i bought a premade Dell Optiplex 9010 with a i5 3570, and got a gtx 960 4GB and a 450w psu, but i think im gonna need some more RAM
  11. G

    Swapped hard drives in two (nearly) identical laptops and one won't boot

    I love my laptop so much I bought one for my son to use for school and light gaming with Minecraft. In all honesty it's too much laptop for him, but I got a great price. The one I bought has a few nicer features than my old one (a 3D screen and a Blu-ray drive) but otherwise they are identical...
  12. C

    New Monitor (AOC G2460PF) Displays No Signal

    Yesterday i got a new monitor and was happy to use it. I plugged it in with the cable that connects to my power outlet, and also a display port cable. It all worked fine and i was enjoying the higher rehresh rate (144hz). This morning. When i turned my computer on, it just said "AOC" followed by...
  13. A

    Installation Error "Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into next phase of installation"

    Hi all, I am trying to install windows 10 from 2 days and when installation reaches "finishing up", error comes up "Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install windows, restart th installation." Here are other details: Laptop: Dell Inspiron 15R...
  14. A

    Does these card fit with my processor?

    I have a Intel Core Pentium Duo Core Processor, non overclocked at 2,8 Ghz And I wanted to go Titan Black Quad SLI with it. Is it possible? And also, can it run Minecraft?
  15. V

    AX860i power supply

    will ax860i psu power all these components? intel core i7 4770k, asus gtx 780, 3 ssds 2hdds and 16gb ram ?