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  1. J

    [SOLVED] How can I build with out a compatible cpu

    Hello I am building a new PC and the CPU i'm building with isn't compatible with the motherboard I am using. So I was wondering if i can build my PC normally without the CPU and take it to my local Fry's store to update the motherboard bios there and then put in the CPU I want to use. CPU...
  2. blaedmon

    Question Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming wifi-opR1 Spread Spectrum in BIOS?

    Do we have a CPU spread spectrum setting at all on this board? I'm getting massive EMI from the cpu/board and it makes it impossible to record audio via guitar - the pickups are being flooded with EMI or something. This is a new PC. Old pc was noiseless. Only thing that has changed is the PC...
  3. B

    Question Motherboard bios when installing a new cpu

    Hey there, I am currently using the MSI A320M PRO motherboard and have the amd ryzen 3 1200. However, I am planning on upgrading my cpu to the AMD ryzen 5 1600x but was wondering if I need to update my motherboards bios before I do. I downloaded CPU - Z and it tells me that my motherboard bios...