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  1. Question Motherboard Issue - Help PLZ!

    So I’m in a little sticky situation. I decided it was time to change the thermal paste on my PC, so I did just that. I had a lot of issues taking off the seat sink that all the bolts including the backplate came off, no biggie. I proceeded to clean up everything and replace the thermal paste as...
  2. azurexdream

    Question Motherboard Doesn't Have 3 Pin RGB Connector

    I just bought all new parts and had checked compatibility through pcpartpicker but it wasn't until I put everything together that I learned I needed a 3 pin adapter for my case to be able to use the RGB lights it comes with. Is there any kind of extra cable or add on I can purchase to make this...
  3. S

    Please help: blank screen after long hibernation

    Hey all, I am having a problem with my HP envy laptop (Windows 8.1 OS), whenever I hibernate my laptop for a long time (7-8hrs) and I try to start up again, the screen is stuck on a blank screen. The laptop starts up BUT the screen display remains blank, I would have to completely turn off the...
  4. H

    1080p monitor bad if its 27"?

    I want a new monitor and i want a biggish one but the one I'm looking at is 27" but is only 1080p and i wanted to know if their would be any stretching or pixelation? if so should i settle for the smaller 23.5" 1080p
  5. G

    How much power does my system need?

    I'm going to build my first PC next summer and everything's going fine except I don't know how much power my system is going to need. So after watching some videos, looking for PSU calculators and tearing my hair off, I've decided to ask help from you guys. This is my build: Motherboard: Asus...