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  1. B

    Question My mob isn’t allowing dual channel when I have 4 dim slots.

    When I put my ram in dim slots 2 and 4 my pc does not boot up and my led fans starts to flicker. 1 and 3 also don’t work and think the motherboard has an issue. I recently just bought everything for a upgrade and when I installed it, my pc won’t boot up in dual channel but only single...
  2. G

    Question Issues with Motherboard, Defective?

    Good morning all, I am having a few issues which I was willing to work around until recently when I believe it is more extensive than I had imagined. Several months back I upgraded my PC, purchased an i5 9400, Gigabyte Z370P D.3, 16Gigs DDR4 3000 to go with my Radeon R570 that I already had...
  3. T

    Question "No input detected" random monitor failure

    I have had my PC for 4 years and I use it often for gaming, but I don't think that use should cause the issues I'm having. Parts: ASUS P9X79 LE, LGA 2011/Socket R, Intel Motherboard - (Manufacturer Refurbished) Intel i7-4930K 16gb DDR3 GTX 1060 shortened (1fan) 6gb vram 4 tb hdd, 256gb ssd (Both...
  4. N

    Question MSI Laptop not even booting to BIOS

    Hello, Hope the community can help answer some questions about repairing or at least recovering from my laptop. I have an MSI Stealth GS70 2QE 097 ( I was using my laptop just a few days ago studying. I was finished so I...
  5. Greg00139

    Best laptop option NO GPU

    Im looking for a laptop with the following specs i7 min 8gb ram NO GPU 1080p screen min 15.6" pref 17" pref asus or Lenovo open to be convinced otherwise 1. What sort of price range am I looking at in South Africa 2. Looking for the best bang for my buck. It will be used to run multiple...