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  1. Emiliath

    Question PC BSOD, crashing randomly, have searched EVERYTHING and can't find a fix

    I'm at a complete loss, I've tried everything under the sun to try and fix this issue. I bought this pc from ibuypower (I know) and after a few months it started crashing my games, so I sent it back not once, but twice, for the same issue. The first time they said they replaced the motherboard...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Which mobo would be compatible with my new CPU?

    Hello, Recently I've upgraded my CPU . This is the one My mobo isn't supporting it. Windows is not even operating. Is this a compatibility issue? If it is, which mobo would be compatible with this cpu. any help appreciated
  3. B

    [SOLVED] (Deadlock Issues) PC Freezes, Audio stops, Mouse and Keyboard turn off.

    I upgraded my system about a month ago, and while it worked fine for a few days, I have been having issues with system Deadlocks more recently. Everything in the below system specs are upgraded except the SSD, HDD, PSU and GPU. My system specs are as follows: OS: Windows 11 Pro CPU: i5 12600KF...
  4. I

    Question MSI B450M Mortar - Bricked, or is there still hope?

    Hi folks, This may be a long post so bear with me. I was out shopping the other day and had an impulse buy moment, so I purchased the Ryzen 5 5600x to upgrade from my Ryzen 5 3600. I had previously looked into this and knew this wasn't a massive upgrade, but I guess I was greedy and wanted to...
  5. TrueTechSam

    Question ASUS B75M-A turns on for a few seconds then turns off ?

    So I have a older motherboard. (ASUS B75M-A) And the issue I’m having with this board is It shuts down about one or two seconds after being turned on, Sometimes I can get it turned back on immediately by pushing the power button but sometimes it just won’t do anything until I remove power...
  6. MysticOtaku

    Question CPU was getting hot, fixed it and now every few minutes my usb ports stop working.

    A few days ago my CPU was running hot, fixed it and now the usb ports just stop working every few minutes or so it still gives power to my keyboard and mouse but they don't work in windows during that period, I've reinstalled windows tried different ports, nothing seems to help. Please help. My...
  7. jgwaley1992

    Question PC Always Boots to BIOS First

    Hi everybody, I recently had to install a new (to me) motherboard as my old one experienced issues. I purchased a used z170a gaming m7 on eBay and installed it. Other specs are an i7 6700k and 16gb ddr4 ram, booting from a Samsung evo 850 ssd. I also have an HDD plugged in for extra storage...
  8. Zarif2142

    Question DS3H ram issue

    Hey guys, I've been pulling my hair out over this new ram I bought last weekend. I used to use a single 16 gb stick of patriot VIper DDR4 ram at 2400 mhz. I recently sold that and bought a 16 gb set of Corsair LPX 3200Mhz. I've never had this much trouble with my computer. I put in the kit, and...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] USB Devices Losing Power, Lose of Input In Certain Apps

    Peripherals Losing Power In Certain Programs, Possibly Motherboard (X99-Deluxe II) Short version of the problem. Losing power to all peripherals, doesn't matter where they are plugged in at. I think that is all that is happening, the lose of power to devices connected via USB, and nothing else...
  10. M

    Question New pc doesn't boot, please help

    Hey everyone! My PC doens't boot for some reason. The power switch turns it on, every fan works, everything lights up, but nothing on the screen, and the power switch and reset buttons don't do anything (even after long pressing). I have to turn off the psu to turn it off, but I can turn it...
  11. OMGSam

    [SOLVED] Power Supply or Motherboard Issue

    Hello, Recently my PC started having weird issue where it would turn off unexpectedly, with variation of time duration in turning off. For example, sometimes, it would turn on my PC and I would hear the fans spin for a second, and then it would turn off, then start again, and then off again...
  12. D

    Question Unexpected PC shut down (several attempts to fix)

    Back in 2016 I built my first computer and it worked without issue until just recently. I noticed that it would randomly be off when I came back to work on it, and would not power up unless I removed the power cord for a few seconds. Sometimes the computer would shut off while working on a...
  13. Help94

    Question Not Turning Off Properly

    For the past few days my computer have been acting weird and Im not even sure where to post this coz it might be a mobo, PSU, or memory. So here are the errors I got for those few days Sometimes its just a black screen I got an error saying about "memory management" (I performed memtest, it has...
  14. N

    Question Onboard Audio Issues

    My microphone jack on both both the front and back panels emits a loud static pitch and lowers my voice to a point where it can't be heard. I have tried it with multiple different mics and have had no luck. I was wondering whether buying a cheap 3.5mm to USB converter off amazon would be the go...
  15. darkhasi

    Question Is it bad to use both Onboard graphics and Separate VGA graphics together?

    Ok. Here is the thing. I was using my PC for a while this way. Then I said this to a guy in a computer shop. He said that this is not good for my motherboard and it will consume half of my motherboard life. Is this true? Coz I don't see anything like that. Normal heatings and everything runs...
  16. O

    Question PC isn't booting into BIOS with dual channel ram

    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170-X Gaming 7 rev 1.0 CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K 4GHz (Runs at 3.9GHz though.) Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 5880 RAM: (Currently): 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz Single-Channel OS Running on SSD. 119GB Hitachi HFS128G39TND-N210A BIOS Version: (Currently) F21 So...
  17. N

    Question CPU and/or mobo not recognizing memory+instability.

    The donkey writing this post had a bit of an issue when performing a thermal paste re-application, turns out AMD's wraith prism cooler preapplied compound is not exactly the best and my cpu got stuck to it (REALLY STUCK). I tried many methods (such as, twisting, 99% isopropanol and rubbing...
  18. TheCrimsonPugilist

    [SOLVED] Computer wouid only boot sideways, now it boots when it wants to???

    Context: A few days ago I was working on my computer, using it perfectly fine, absolutely NO problems booting up WHATSOEVER , and then my shitty desk (which I've since replaced), slammed down on it shutting it off instantly. I tried to turn it on afterwards but it refused to boot, so I took...
  19. R

    Computer randomly restarts with new GTX 1050Ti

    GPU: EVGA GTX overclock CPU: i7 930 Motherboard: Gigabyte - GA-X58A-UD3R - rev 1.0 - Bios Version: F6 RAM: CRUCIAL Ballistix 8GB DDR3 1600 PSU: OCZ 600 watts Operating System & Version: Windows 10 64bit GPU Drivers: 376.09 There's 2 separate issues and I'm not sure if they're...
  20. C

    Intel skull canyon nuc

    Hey, I was just wondering if the Intel skull canyon is a good value computer for low demand games e.g team fortress 2. But I'm talking mainly about value for your money. Thanks.
  21. S

    Recommended CPU Cooler around £40-£60 Air or AIO

    Hi folks, I've been a user of Toms Hardware forums for a while, usually just looking though, but never signing up, until today. I've only recently started using a mid-high end(?) PC and I'm looking for some advice. My rig - AvP Venom Black Gaming Case - http:// CPU - i7 4790k @ Base stock...
  22. T

    Which of these mobos are better for fx 8350?

    I want to know which is better for an fx 8350 and possibly overclocking. This...