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  1. H

    Question PC wont turn on and showing a red light, any advice?

    Hey everyone, So yesterday I had my computer on and then absolutely conked out for 2 hours and when I came back to my computer, it seemed to still be on as if it hadn't even gone to sleep, but the monitors had shut off and my computer wasn't responding at all. I used the power button to turn it...
  2. A

    Question Seeking suggestions for lenovo Ideapad z470 with faulty motherboard

    I have Lenovo Ideapad z470 which is non-responsive on pressing the power button. I had once repaired its motherboard which again went to the same state within a week. It's out of warranty. Lenovo denied getting it fixed(even with payment since as per them this model was never launched in India...
  3. Wood123

    Question New motherboard, infinite restarting 7 secs after turning on

    Hello, my friend replaced his old motherboard with a new "MSI Z390-A Pro" but after plugging everything in and starting it, it boots up for around 7 seconds before stopping and trying again. We noticed the "EZ Debug LED" lights, and we can see that it successfully gets past the CPU, but a few...
  4. F

    Should i sell my PC for PS4 ?

    I have PC is it worth to exchange my PC with my friends PS4 Specifications:- Pc: Dell precision T3500 cpu: Xeon X5650 ram:8gb Graphics card: GTX 1050 2gb power supply: 525 watt does the ps 4 give out better performance than my PC in AAA titles does it woth the exchange any suggestion will be...
  5. R

    Multiple Displays as one image with live feed - any experts here?

    So if anyone has time and could give me some ideas how to go on about this. But I would like to make a project, create a whole wall full of Displays and be able to have one fluent picture on it. With a live feed from a camera (webcam?security cam?) to it. I dont want to use a projector because...
  6. D

    Is my laptop a goner?

    As you can see in the pictures, my screen is malfunctioning. about a second after i press the power button. my windows desktop after boot. It also won't...
  7. E

    Anyone heard of WWiDD?

    I was looking for a way to tag media files in order to keep things organized, and I came across this: I try not to install these kinds of software from yahoo answers etc kind of recomendations, unless I have read a review or two at a trusted site. Sadly I could not find...
  8. M

    EVGA GTX 980 Ti SC ACX 2.0+ Artifacts with Fast Camera Movement?

    Hello! I was hoping you could help me out with identifying a problem. I'm not sure if it's my GPU or the driver or what. I do know that it's not my monitor as I've tested with another monitor. So the problem is that while gaming I'm seeing artifacts in blurry out of focus areas whenever there's...
  9. S

    Does these specs run league of legends in high grapics and above 60 fps?

    laptop with nVidia GT 840m, i3 quadcore, and 4GB ram
  10. I

    Cpu is overheating

    I just got my GTX 970 and the install went fine. I start Skyrim and it crashes, so i turn off all the mods and that got it to work. The CPU is going to the same temp for skyrim as it did with integrated graphics. That was kinda weird cause i expected, and was told, getting a graphics card with...
  11. S

    gpu clock speeds

    someone please tell me how or a program to check my gpu's default speeds (memory clocks,speeds etc.) and the current speeds its on and if possible for it to show me if my graphics card is overclocked or not.I've installed this new program msi afterburner a few days ago to check my temps and fps...