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  1. N

    Question How would I install an AIO on to a GPU without screws ?

    So I recently purchased the ID-COOLING Iceflow VGA aio. I assumed that my 1080ti would be compatible with it, but the screws that came with the cooler are just too short. How would I mount the cooler onto the GPU without said screws? The screws go into a bracket that then connects to the cooler...
  2. J

    Question Which screws exactly?

    Hello everyone, I am upgrading my current build, and do have a question regarding the case and PSU mounting. The case I am building into is MasterCase H500M and the PSU is Dark Power Pro 12 1500W. The question might appear silly but please bear with me since I am returning to desktop building...
  3. jahlex

    Question GPU both mounting holes were stripped out and now screws won't tighten

    I stripped out the mounting holes of my case and now the screws can't tighten my GPU in place, they still hold it in though just not tight enough. I have a few questions about this: Is it safe to leave it like this without doing any damage to the GPU or the PCIe slot? If not, will leaving my...
  4. OWils0n

    [SOLVED] Replacing my cpu fan (aio cooler)

    Today my h100iv2 corsair water cooler appears to have kicked the bucket. On boot I get ‘cpu fan error’ and after much digging it appears the pump has stopped working. (I disabled monitoring however the cpu temps are sky rocketing after a minute or 2). It is plugged into the cpu_fan header and to...
  5. Rhescape

    Question Mounting radiator fans

    To mount fans to the radiator, I know that you use the included long screws to install the fan onto the radiator then, use the small screws that come with the radiator to mount it to the PC through the holes on the opposite side of where you installed the fans. This is for when you want to mount...
  6. bossiermeteor27

    [SOLVED] help with mounting. Desk is different than your normal gamer.

    I want a dual monitor setup, so what monitor should I purchase on my 1070 ti. But the problem is, I don't know how to mount them on my credenza desk with a hutch (google credenza desk with a hutch, it should come up with similar-looking desks). I have one Acer 75 Hz free sync right now but I...
  7. E

    Question M.2 Screw won’t reach

    I have been trying to mount my wd black sn570 m.2 ssd to my MSi gaming pro z270 board with the included mounting screws to no avail. I think it’s bc the screws are too short
  8. I

    Question Will my PCIe slot line up?

    So I'm looking to move my HP prebuilt PC into a new case, in order to upgrade both the GPU and PSU, and I think I've sorted out most of the issues, but I have a couple of concerns. I imported images of the motherboard into Fusion 360 to measure dimensions in an attempt to check compatibility...
  9. K

    Question H60 Old to new replacement

    Hi, my old h60 is performing really bad latetly. I want to change the cpu cooler without having to remove the motherboard, I dont have any space to mount anything from the back of the motherboard. So my question is, if I change a old H60 to the new one (2018 version H60), is it the same...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] corsair hydro h115i

    Hello, so if you mound the block to the motherboard, you need to put the backplate on, screw the screws in the back plate. then you need to but the block on the crews and tighten it by hand. now my quistion is do the screws you put in the backplate on the motherboard, (where the block sits on)...
  11. W

    Question Mounting my computer under my desk (rounded top)

    I have recently gotten interested in mounting my computer under my desk and was wondering if I will be running into any trouble since the top of my computer is not flat (NZXT phantom 530). I am wondering if I need to get a specific mount or if the shape does not affect much.
  12. G

    Question Can I mount a 55" screen on a desk (and how thick does the table top have to be)

    Hi all, I'm currently in the market for a desk, monitor arm and 55" tv, trying to set it up so that I can view the tv from either my desk or the couch. For the arm I'm looking at or...
  13. L

    Windows 10 keeps messing up my driver settings no matter what I do

    My problem: Basically, since I bought Windows 10 I have had nothing but problems with drivers. It started with the USB wifi adapter, where Windows kept installing some Windows driver over the driver that came with the product. This made the wifi slower and made the wifi adapter start...
  14. B

    SSD Speed not even coming close to advertised speed 500mb/s

    I am transfering a game from one Sandisk 240GB to another Sandisk 240GB and it peaked at 300mb/s twice for 20 sec, the other 25 min it averaged 50-90MB/S. The game had 80GB total. The SSDs are connected to a motherboard LGA 1151 INTEL GIGABYTE GA-B150M-D3H MATX DDR4 2133MHZ CHIPSET B150...
  15. D

    Motherboard stuck in case

    Im trying to take out my motherboard as my brother spill coke and it got inside the pc. The problem is that i cant take it out even though i unscrewed all screws, what else is holding the mothrrboard?
  16. trollzhxtroll

    How long is a 5 millions click mouse gonna last?

    I just replaced my old micro switches with some new omeron switches rated at 5 million clicks. How long it it going to last before it's going to fail again?
  17. O

    Is this worth a brand new PC upgrade?

    Hello, I'm thinking about upgrading my PC soon (very likely a whole brand new PC upgrade). I would pick out part by part and put everything together for a brand new upgrade if it was few years ago. However, things are getting busy for me now, so I think I will just buy a good and worth-it...
  18. rds1220

    be quiet! DARK ROCK 3 cooler any good?

    I'm doing a build for a friend and he has picked out most of the parts for himself. The one thing he picked that I'm note sure about is the be quiet! DARK ROCK 3. Have any of you used this cooler before? How is the quality? How is it in terms of effectively cooling compared to similarly priced...
  19. F

    Ryzen 5 1600x w/ GTX 1080? Any bottleneck?

    Wanna trade in my gtx 1070 SC for a 1080. Currently have a Ryzen 5 1600x CPU. The 1070 pairs well with it. Will I have an issue with the 1080? Also have a Supernova g2 750w gold standard PSU. Thanks!
  20. B

    Bottleneck question about Asus Z87A motherboard

    I was thinking about doing incremental upgrades over time and I was wondering if I would be creating bottlenecks. I've got an Asus Z87A motherboard and I was thinking about putting in an nvidia 1060/70 and an i5-6600k (I'm not dead-set on these but these are in the ballpark of what I'm looking...
  21. W

    Raid setup questions!

    Hi all, can someone with raid experience please explain the best way to set up a raid setup with two ssds one a fresh one i just installed and one that is currently my c drive (i also have a HDD) i understand that setting up a raid will wipe both drives, so how do i setup a raid with a drive...
  22. B

    6 ohm woffer

    Can we connect my home music system woffer of 6 ohm into my sx4 car?
  23. C

    Is this build good?

    Hello friends, I will build this build And I do not know if it is possible to mount the power supply in case I might appear too large. I am open to different proposals for better components, I will use the computer for streaming/gaming BTW. i have a 1 Tb...
  24. Y

    power supply issue?

    Built a new gig with seasonic 80+ gold 650W for 2 months. One night building had power outage. The next day I cannot power up the pc. There is absolutely nothing from PSU, MO, HDD. Test PSU with paper clip method and the fan runs. So not sure if it's really PSU issue.
  25. M

    Need a budget build under 600

    Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: Within these two weeks. Budget Range: 600 Before anything System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Internet. Are you buying a monitor: maybe Parts to Upgrade: New system Do you need to buy OS: Yes Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg, Best Buy...
  26. J

    Need Help Choosing A Power Supply

    I'm not sure on what power supply i want. I might overclock sometime in the future so possibly 650W or higher. can someone help me out? Thanks PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor (Purchased For $198.99) CPU Cooler: Cooler...
  27. D

    No Windows 8 product key sticker?

    Since I get redirceted to this site instantly I think I should help out the people that also land here. If you want to recover your windows 8 key that is embedded in your device than listen up! Here's the solution! If you have a running windows version you can use NirSoft’s ProduKey to recover...
  28. H

    1080p monitor bad if its 27"?

    I want a new monitor and i want a biggish one but the one I'm looking at is 27" but is only 1080p and i wanted to know if their would be any stretching or pixelation? if so should i settle for the smaller 23.5" 1080p
  29. B

    Need help with CPU and Graphics card upgrade please!

    Just need to know if my other parts are fine to run this graphics card and CPU EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Superclocked 4GB AMD FX-8350 8 Core Black Edition Processor I have : Antec High Current Gamer 620W Power Supply HCG-620 G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL (2x4GB) DDR3 CoolerMaster K350 Gamer...
  30. J

    Installed SLI and no resulst are seen.

    Hello. Today i got my second GTX 770. i installed sli and started up some games i dont see any differents my fps are the same i do use nvidia surround maybe i did something wrong in the install. this is in the configurationscreen: i dont know...