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    Question Small mouse freezes / jumps when opening certain applications

    Hi guys, I have something really weird going on with my PC. I just bought a brand new PC last week, but I have the same issue I got on my last build. My mouse freezes / jumps when opening or closing certain applications. It's almost always the same applications that cause this issue. It's not...
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    Question PC Random Freeze totally clueless experts plse help ?

    Hey guys Few months back while working my mouse and keyboard froze both are USB type device i tried to unplug and plug it on another port it dint help i gotta hard shutdown after restart again it froze after 10 min so i removed my GPU Driver and reinstalled it then i dint get any such PC freeze...
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    Changing amd CPU

    I use a HP pavilion g6 running on AMD A6 4400, with amd radeon 7250G HD. I'd like to change the CPU to Athlon II or Ryzen 3. How possible is it and what are the necessary things to consider?
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    Thermal paste remove option without alcohol.

    Hi, i cant get any alcohol like isopropyl or something like that. i just bought new cpu cooler (corsair H110I GT) and i need to remove old thermal paste from cpu without any alcoholic things. is there any way ?