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  1. jesperlangerod

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Mouse Latency

    So ive been having alot of trouble with mouse latenc/input delay. It started a couple of years ago, and i got kinda used to it. But lately its been 24/7. Before it was only in some certant games, now its constant. And the cursor in general is delayed. Its not alot but a amount thats super...
  2. zaneiya

    Question Games always feel different every session (Input lag/Not smooth)

    Title kinda describes the problem. I highly doubt there is a way I can fix this anymore, but mb someone will help, w/e. So, games always feel different every session: sometimes they feel very "floaty" and not "sharp", sometimes they feel like I'm playing on 100hz monitor (I upgraded from 144hz...
  3. S

    Question Input Delay Related to bad house power?

    Been dealing with this weird input lag for close to a year now, the best way to describe it is the mouse doesnt feel 'sharp' in shooting games which puts my aim off massively, it feels like im playing windowed full screen but it clearly says full screen in the game and game files. i have mouse...
  4. KWER


    Hey guys, for the past few months I've had a problem with input lag... My mouse feels delayed and sluggish ingame. It only happens in CS. For example in COD Warzone I can easily track and kill enemies. Did this ever happen to you guys and if so.. Did you fix it? CSGO has the worst input I've...
  5. mchldlg

    Question Terrible Fortnite Input Lag

    Hey, ever since I started playing Fortnite, I've been getting terrible input lag that I don't experience on any other game I'm playing like CS:GO, PUBG and H1Z1. It lasted for season after season which led me to believe it was a fault in my hardware, therefore I replaced almost every part in my...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Mouse input lag after installing new Mobo and new CPU

    Hello I've been having mouse input lag since I installed new mobo and cpu , the motherboard has a 8 pin cpu connector and I'm using a 4 pin at the moment. Do you think this could be the problem ? Do I need to get rid of this junk psu ? I didn't realise it doesn't come with 8 pin first time...