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  1. editor1

    Question I'm looking for multi button mouse's.

    Hi all I'm looking for multi button mouse's. Right now I use a Logitech G300. I'm thanking about moding it to have 4-8 more keys by using a old keyboard's circuit bard and/or keys. I need 2 mouse's. A left handed and a right handed or 2 amadextries I'm trying to run a vm or TeamPlayer with game...
  2. Raerayu

    Question Mouse Input Lag Across Several PC's

    I've had input lag in my mouse for 8 months. On several different pc's with different mice and different keyboards. I used different monitors all at 144hz and tried a different house and still had the problem. I tried all versions of windows as well. Currently im running i7 9700k, RTX 2070...
  3. Question XTRFY Project 4 - Mouse

    Is anyone planning to get XTRFY's new mouse? And does anyone have experience with the mice they make? - Im looking to change and i came across this which was announced today? It looks pretty sweet, and i guess they made it to be a "Final Mouse" Killer ..
  4. editor1

    Question how to get VMWare to use a different mouse ?

    Hi all I want to use a second mouse/keybord look'ed in the window. Any idea on how to do this ?
  5. D

    Question Optical sensor on white mat

    Does an optical sensor track the same on a white mouse mat in difference to a black one. Specific mouse is the g305 and zowie ec1a. And are there generaly any issuses with other mice.
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Will a router next to me affect g305?

    I'm considering getting the Logitech G305, but i'm curious about whether or not the router next to me will affect the connection or effectiveness of the mouse. Will it affect it?
  7. lkrattlehead

    Question Wireless and Receiver Interference: How to Solve it?

    Hello folks, I have a very annoying problem. I've bought a Microsoft 2000 Mouse+Keyboard combo, they are wireless and use a single transmitter. Since then, I've experience some stuttering with the mouse, but only recently I've become annoyed to the point of buying another one. I've decided to...
  8. C

    Question My mouse sensitivity continuously changes

    Everytime I play a game, whenever I zoom in and back out, my dpi will drop steadily. I know that my scoped sensitivity is different than my un-scoped sensitivity but it's both that lower. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Exodias3219

    Question I'm lagging/fps dropping when moving my camera/ when turning in PUBG

    Hi, I have recently installed a fresh copy of windows together with the latest updates. When I run the game, It runs smooth but when I turn it lags up but when I run in straight line without turning I'm not experiencing any fps drop. My other games run fine, dota2 and apex legends. I can still...
  10. Question Is It Possible? Two Mice, One Machine

    Community: I am wondering if it is possible to set up one mouse that can be used to play a game on a separate monitor while using another mouse to do other things (coding, surfing, Netflixing, etc.). My specs: I'm trying to use a macro I made in Razer Synapse with my Naga Epic for a game...
  11. G

    Question How do I convert my USB based Wireless Mouse to a Wired one?

    I have a USB Based Wireless Mouse ( I have lost the USB Receiver and I would like to use it as a Wired one. I have bought a new...
  12. P

    Question What are the computer mouse with the lowest side buttons

    I would like to buy a new mouse and I currently have a Razer Naga 2014. I am using the lowest buttons on this one (1,4,7,10 in this case) and after 5 years I am used to it. So that's why I am looking for mouses with low buttons.
  13. C

    Question sluggish mouse, feels slow in csgo and other games.

    Hello, for give or take a month or two, I've noticed that my mouse feels slow or sluggish in games, and even sometimes on the desktop. It feels slightly delayed, and like I have to drag it much more than I feel like I should. I currently have a Zowie EC2-A, and it wasn't much of a problem when I...
  14. I

    Immediate hardware failure when stress testing cache on i7 6700k (AIDA64)

    I have overclocked my i7 6700k to 4.5ghz at 1.32 volts and tested cpu for stability which went fine. I won't even touch FPU test on AIDA because of the fact that FPU and prime 95 small ffts HATE the Skylake series and core #1 jumps to 100c in both tests.I'm more concerned about he cache testing...