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  1. danzaharia

    Question Mouse cursor randomly stops/flickers/disappears.

    Now to clear things up, this is not a problem with the mouse itself, since I've tried using others and the result was the same. Mouse cursor works for a few seconds, stops and disappears if I start moving it, continues to do so if I move it faster until it's completely gone, only coming back...
  2. R

    Question USB Devices Frequently Connecting and Disconnecting ?

    All my USB Devices are acting so Weird all of a sudden. I believe its the mobo damaged or something, cuz i tried everything to diagnose. My Pc Specs Text File (These specs were recorded) [WHEN IT STARTED HAPPENING] SPECS--->Same As Above. Operating System--->Custom Windows 10 ISO (GGOS) Ok...
  3. kinggaming60

    Question Logitech G Pro X Superlight scroll wheel issue.

    Hey all, I have had my G pro x for about, 7 months now I received it as a christmas gift and the mouse is flawless, but I have run into an issue with the scroll wheel just acting eratic. On some parts of the scroll wheel, it's insanely sensative, even the slightest movement of my finger will...
  4. N

    Desktop right click doesn't work randomly for a few seconds. But right click works on the taskbar or anywhere apart from the desktop. Any idea why?

    Hi, I am facing a strange problem on Windows 11 on my new Asus Vivobook laptop. The right-click of mouse does not work randomly for a few seconds only on the desktop. But the right-click works everywhere else, for example- inside a game, on the taskbar or tray area. I have done a fresh Windows...
  5. S

    Cursor flickering, stuck to the bottom right of the screen whilst in fullscreen mode.

    Hey, I got back home yesterday from the army and when I booted my pc and started using it, I noticed that my mouse keeps flickering whenever I move it, when I don't move it, it just disappears, when I use fullscreen mode in games and such, it's stuck to the bottom right corner of the screen...
  6. k3nn00

    [SOLVED] Problems with mouse freezing on Windows 11 ?

    Hello. I have a problem with my Windows 11 macine. The problem is that my mouse would randomly freeze for a second or two and it would work fine for a few moments before it does it again. Its gotten to the point where I cant do anything let alone play games.Sometimes if completely freezes and I...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Replace switches or buy a new mouse ?

    I have a Razer Hyperflux Mamba and the switches are starting to double click and loses the hold on mouse one and the grips have lost its stickiness and are starting to peel. Also mouse 3 does not work at all but the scroll does. I see that Razer has discontinued the HyperFlux series and Razer...
  8. Maxito_O

    Question Problems with mouse input lag and stutters.

    Trying to solve the problem with gameplay choppiness with more than 200-300 fps, I got to this site: My graphs here looks much more unstable than my friends graphs. You can see them in this post. I bet this is a problem and the cause of all my...
  9. Iver Hicarte

    Question Is there a gaming mouse that doesn't double click after years of usage?

    Greetings, I'm sure we PC gamers are familiar with the issue that most gaming mice experience, and that is double clicking after years of usage. Now I'm just looking for a new gaming mouse that will never ever have the double clicking issue in the long run (if possible), right now I have the...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Peripherals usb connectors cleaning ?

    So my keyboard and mouse usb connectors are dusty, I tried cleaning them with compressed air but there's still a lot remaining, can I use a cloth? What's your preferred way of cleaning usb connectors?
  11. funky09

    Question Mouse and keyboard latency acter few hours of gameplay (no fps drop/internet issues)

    The mouse and keyboard are low-tier off brand ones but this specific problem is recent and they only start feeling lag-y and start delaying after 2 or so hours of gameplay. I think this started to happen after I installed a 500gb HDD from my previous PC. Any solutions??? specs: i3 10f gtx1650...
  12. L

    WTS - Logitech POP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Wireless Mouse (Blast) - $90

    Logitech POP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Wireless mouse both for $90. Blast theme (yellow/black) Comes with logi bolt USB receiver. Only a month old, works beautifully and flawlessly. Due to preference I went back to a full sized membrane and mouse. Payment accepted through venmo or...
  13. H

    Question Mouse & keyboard lagging badly

    I'm 5 minutes away from tossing my mouse and keyboard in the rubbish bin! I have a Logitech set - Keyboard K270 and Mouse M185 - with one Nano(?) USB. I've had them for a little over a year and in my shop. I recently switched over from win10 to 11. At first the lagging from both items was...
  14. S

    Question Logitech G502 Hero or Steelseries Rival 3 or HyperX Pulsefire Raid

    Currently I am using a Logitech G402 and it's size and everything is perfect for my hand, I am changing/upgrading the mouse as my G402 randomly disconnects and I have to reconnect it everytime that happens. Logitech G502 is really good but Logitech G Hub is really poor. So should I go with the...
  15. B

    Question A way to move the mouse pointer with the arrow keys?

    I've been using my Win10 Acer Travelmate B311 lately to play games when I'm out of the house and it's impractical to use a mouse and awkward to use the touchpad. I've been searching different phrases and keywords for finding free software that allows me to control the mouse using the arrow keys...
  16. A

    Question Logitech G102 or Razer Mouse ?

    Hi . I have no idea which mouse is better and good and have high lifespan I went looking and found Logitech g102 lightsync but I did read reviews that it has double click issues And I don't want to face that problem too or let's say don't want it for the 1st year Then I found again 3 more...
  17. N

    [SOLVED] My Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Mouse lags a lot. How do I fix it?

    Hi, I just purchased a Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury mouse. I installed the Logi G Hub and also configured the DPI settings manually. I also set the polling rate to 1000 Hz. However, when playing PUBG on PC or Call of Duty Warzone, the mouse pointer lags a lot. When I rotate around with my mouse...
  18. J

    Question All Inputs Stop and PC Becomes Unusable When Playing Any Games

    I have had a recurring issue, every time I play any games, my PC stops taking any input after a while, which has once stopped input entirely, and even after restarting my pc multiple times I could not give any input. The issue is still occurring and I cannot play any games without being...
  19. Ryagoft

    Question Mouse and keyboard stop working after some time.

    Greetings, I'm trying to fix this issue where both my mouse and keyboard disconnect randomly after some time (can be 10 minutes up to a few yours). My mouse is the Razer Viper mini and my keyboard the ducky one 2 mini. Strangely somehow when this happens both the keyboard and mouse still light...
  20. MarloweCmf

    Question Computer Mice on the Go

  21. ext4u

    Question Mouse Y and X axis are inverted ?

    Hello, guys. I have a problem on a laptop with my mouse. Both the Y and X axis are inverted, meaning that when I slide my mouse right, it goes left, when I slide it up, it goes down. I've tried using a new mouse and reinstalling the Windows, and also a different USB port, and still nothing. Any...
  22. themiziko

    [SOLVED] Need help with choosing a new mouse!

    Hello! So currently I am using Steelseries sensei 310 and for the past couple of months I am dealing with wrist pain, thankfully not carpal tunnel, RSI, arthritis or some neck injury, but there is a slight inflammation on the pinky side of my wrist that doesn't disappear and I would prefer to...
  23. Gincal

    [SOLVED] Mouse flicking problem - Mousepad's fault

    I have an HP Omen Mousepad 300 (cloth), very wide, I love it, had it for a few yeras now. I have animals and fur everywhere, so I clean it everytime I use my computer, just with my hand, wipe the hairs and dust away. I don't eat whem I play, so everything is clean and tidy. Recently, my cat got...
  24. C

    [SOLVED] How to fix Cooler Master MM710 side mouse button?

    I was playing a game then when I pressed mouse button 4 it went inside the mouse. Images: View: And yes my mouse is pretty dirty, I haven't cleaned it for 3 months
  25. K

    [SOLVED] Computer Randomly clicks(even without mouse plugged in.)

    Okay, so, ever since this afternoon, my pc(not laptop) has been clicking randomly, at first I thought it was my mouse, but then it continued to click even though no mouse was plugged in. I'd really like to know if anybody can help/has any solutions. I am on windows 10.
  26. my name is jeff

    Question Mouse and keyboard both light up but do not work ?

    I have the strangest problem. Both my mouse and keyboards have stopped working on my desktop. My mouse lights up but does not register any input. My keyboard with two USB's lights up but does not register input either. My second keyboards LED's does not light up and does not register any input...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] Mouse buttons won't work on 2 second intervals

    Hey there, I'm having an issue with my Redragon Impact M908. So last night my mouse suddenly decided to start acting weird in the middle of a game of Valorant. The side buttons kept getting spamming the keyboard keys they were assigned to. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers on...
  28. Jarvice

    [SOLVED] Looking for matching monochrome mouse and keyboard

    I realize that this might be an odd question but I could really use some help. I have a specific look in mind for my setup but I can't quite find it online... part of the reason why I'm posting here is maybe because of my lack of Google skills. Anyways, what I'd like to buy is a mechanical...
  29. S

    Question Keyboard Mouse Drivers not working at login screen, stuck at wallpaper, plz help

    There I was, enjoying my new gaming PC. An i-7 9700, RTX 2080 SUPER, 32GB RAM and ITB SSD I had a notification that windows 10 was pending an update. I set the automatic update timer to a future time later in the night. I was delaying it before I finished all my work. And then my power went...
  30. L

    Question Keyboard and Mouse Issues After Clean Windows 10 Install

    Hello all. I just did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro and have been working to get my drivers and everything back up to date but have been having issues with my keyboard and mouse. At first my mouse (Razer Naga Hex) was not responding to changes to DPI settings in Synapse, and the commands...
  31. T

    Question Mouse Lag and Stuttering

    Hi All, Over the past few weeks I built a new PC and I am having trouble with my wireless mice (Logitech MX Master 3,MX Performance, MX vertical.). The problem: Its as if there is a spot on the mousepad where the mouse gets stuck and stutters. When I lift the mouse up and place it back down...
  32. N

    [SOLVED] Mouse keeps freezing + identifying as a keyboard? (Please help)

    I've got an MM830. My mouse identifies as a keyboard and a mouse and the icon is a keyboard it also freezes every now and then. The same thing happened w/ my old Cougar Minos X5, but that works perfectly fine now for no reason. I asked people on a forum w/ cougar reps and they told me the mouse...
  33. Leonniar

    Question Razer Blackwidow , Chroma not working !

    Hello guys ! I've had this problem for at least 4-5 months now and it's getting frustrating . I have my Razer Blackwidow Chroma connected to my computer . I have razer synapse 3 installed and my keyboard appears on the program . But no matter what I do the lighting effects don't change . I tried...
  34. random5

    [SOLVED] Is there any existing gaming mouse left in universe for left-handed people?

    Hello, We, left-handed people, despite being like 10% of the population are treated like complete waste of society by right-supremacist mouse makers. There are accommodations for people with much more severe "disabilities" which take up much smaller proportion of population, but not for us...
  35. Ragoubi57

    [SOLVED] How do i change my mouse dpi?

    I just bought a spirit of gamer ELITE-MK30 keyboard + mouse pack and i want to customize my mouse dpi but the mouse buttons arent doing anything and i cant find any software for the specific mouse in spirit of gamer's website. Anyone can help me change that?
  36. C

    [SOLVED] Mouse and keyboard extensions

    So I am wanting to move my mouse and keyboard to a TV stand that is behind me. So I can have more room on my desk to get a monitor mount and a arm for my mic. I really don't want to put my pc on a carpeted ground or remove some of my leg space from a already limited area.Both my mouse and...
  37. Eggplanetx


    I got a computer from my brother that he didnt want because its not portable so I factory reset it, after it loaded all its stuff it asked me my region to help set up the computer and the mouse and keyboard didnt work like they werent plugged in! Brother says he doesnt know whats going on and it...
  38. J

    Question Mouse Disconnecting and Reconnecting (specifically in games)

    I play Valorant and Overwatch. Whenever I go into the game, my mouse will randomly disconnect and reconnect. Sometimes it will make the sound associated with the USB disconnect and connect, sometimes it won't. I've tried the following to solve this issue: Uninstalling/Updating/Reinstalling...
  39. G

    [SOLVED] Speed type mouse pad or control?

    I was using a control type 30x30 cm control mousepad till now,but now ordered one which covers my keyboard too but it is a speed type pad,so should i buy the control variant or use this ,i play apex legends and cs go ,i was asking because i learned that people prefer control type mouse pads for...
  40. F

    Question Mouse frequently disconnects

    Whats up. Bit of context: about 3 months ago i was experiencing frequent disconnects with my mouse (HyperX pulsefire core). Bought my new current mouse (cooler master mm710) and the problem stopped up, until just recently (the 5th of June). (also sometimes the keyboard disconnects and its...