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  1. Chefondvd

    Question Usb ports stop working

    All My usb ports stop working after a couple hours of use of my pc my usb mic returns static and does play sound when its happens restarting temporarily fixes it. My mouse also lags it freezes for a bit. Then returns to normal my pc isnt slow everything else like games run in 60+ fps
  2. AquaMurf

    Question Mouse Lag

    So my mouse has been having issues for a while now and I'm not sure what to do. Every couple of minutes, the mouse cursor will stop moving for a split second. This gets annoying really quickly and messes me up while gaming or scrolling. The following are some things that I have tried in order...
  3. J

    Question Moving Mouse around Menus causes heavy fps drop

    This is a problem that is new, it hasn't always happened. Whenever I move my mouse around, specifically in game menus, my frame rate drops and there is a lot of stuttering. I don't play a wide range of games on my PC so I can say this happens on Rocket League and Overwatch. When playing the game...
  4. IckyDrew

    [SOLVED] Audio pops, mouse lags across screen, and mic static if computer is left on overnight ?

    Hello, So to start off my situation, I usually leave my computer on 24/7 and only restart for updated and such. A few weeks ago, there was a day where I unlocked my computer and oddly enough, my mouse was lagging across my screen, and the audio was popping when I would watch a video/listen to...
  5. ComputersAreHard

    Question My Computer is Underperforming!

    My Specs: i5 9600K 1151 LGA - NEW DDR4 16GB G.Skill Dual Channel - NEW ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING Motherboard - NEW Nvidia Strix GTX970 Graphics Card - OLD SSD Samsung - OLD 1TB Western Digital Harddrive - OLD My heatsink is a intel heatsink old one from another computer and isnt pinned down...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Mouse queuing inputs issue

    Hi, I am having a strange issue with my mouse that is difficult to describe and therefore has been hard to search for a solution. Issue The issue is that my mouse seems responsive and normal unless I make a big movement (turning 180 in games or moving across two monitors at once), then the...
  7. BKERR_7

    [SOLVED] First Build - Mouse / Audio / BSOD Issues

    First time building a PC so I'm completely lost on what could be causing my issues or what the solution would be. ISSUES These issues come randomly and are not present on every boot up. Some days I can game all day without the issues ever appearing. Other days they will be present upon every...
  8. BKERR_7

    [SOLVED] New Build ISSUSS

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 3800 GPU: GeForce RTX 2080 Super XC Motherboard: MSI X570 Gaming Edge WiFi Memory: 16GB Corsair Vengeance Storage: Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB PSU: Be Quiet Straight Power 11 650W Case: NZXT H710i First time building a PC. I’m having some weird little issues and I’m not sure what the...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] I have to restart my pc to get rid of input lag.

    There has been a problem recently where after playing on my computer for a long time, or even when I leave it on overnight my games feel really slow. Normally this only happened when i had my games on a extra drive, but now its happening all the time to every game. The game it's most obvious in...
  10. bchapman

    Question Having a really weird behavior with my mouse lagging badly? (Video)

    I have an ASUS Strix ROG z370-H motherboard, and earlier this week I did a BIOS update. Right after that two things happened: Upon rebooting, I was greeted with a GPT Header Corruption error message After fixing #1, I discovered that my mouse cursor in windows exhibits extremely erratic and...
  11. L

    Question Input Lag/Mouse Lag/Sluggish Mouse/ Floating Mouse

    Specs +peripherals SPECS CPU- i9-9900k GPU- MSI Gaming X Trio PSU- RM850X MOBO- Aorus Gigabyte RAM- 32 DDR4 Vengeance LPX CPU Cooler- Kraken x72 CASE- h700 PERIPHERALS Mouse- Glorious model 0 keyboard- Ducky one 2 mini Monitor- Alienware AW2518hf 1ms 240hz Mic- blue yeti headset- hyper x...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Mouse input lag after installing new Mobo and new CPU

    Hello I've been having mouse input lag since I installed new mobo and cpu , the motherboard has a 8 pin cpu connector and I'm using a 4 pin at the moment. Do you think this could be the problem ? Do I need to get rid of this junk psu ? I didn't realise it doesn't come with 8 pin first time...
  13. 1

    Question Why does my mouse lag everytime I update windows?

    Hello, My mouse tends to lag a bit after every windows update I install. If you have ever experienced your mouse lagging after opening Chrome (when it has a lot of tabs), then you know what this problem looks like. Except what's so unusual about this problem is that it tends to go away after...
  14. Rick Scolaro

    [SOLVED] Mouse and keyboard lock up every couple of minutes

    I have Windows 10 with the latest updates. My keyboard and mouse lock up and I have to just sit there and wait about 15-20 seconds before all the input "catches up" and I see the mouse and keyboard perform all the stored movements and keystrokes it has to do while in lag state. I built a $4000...
  15. L

    Question Headsets causing lag input in every game

    Hello everyone, I come to introduce you to something very strange that is happening to me, I hope some of you can help me in some way. I'm going to be brief ... For a few years I've got problem with general mouse delay in games, a strange delay in which it makes me look like I'm moving my mouse...
  16. V

    Question Mouse Lag (With a twist)

    Okay so I say mouse lag but since I'm pretty sure a lot of you may misunderstand, allow me to make it clear what I mean. I play a game called Osu! which is a rhythm game. Long Story short, in the game I have to usually snap my cursor from point A to point B on the screen (Distance may vary) to...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] Kindly give advice

    Is Dell Optiplex 9010 (Ultra Small Form Factor) suitable for upgrade GT 1030 ddr5 ? I am planning to buy GT 1030 graphic card to improve gaming performance
  18. 3

    I meed activation /registration hack or code

    Bought Nextbook 10a for my daughter for school, no receipt or anyway to get authorized was hopeing for some help from u guys ,please
  19. T

    Why does my computer render oddly after play for a bit?

    I play the game “The Forest” on my desktop and only have issues normally about 30-45 mins into the game. It starts to render the terrain and cannibals very strangely. I upgraded my pc hoping to fix the problem and have a faster pc for gaming but it didn’t help this game... I game play GTA V at...