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  1. Rick Scolaro

    Question Mouse and keyboard lock up every couple of minutes

    I have Windows 10 with the latest updates. My keyboard and mouse lock up and I have to just sit there and wait about 15-20 seconds before all the input "catches up" and I see the mouse and keyboard perform all the stored movements and keystrokes it has to do while in lag state. I built a $4000...
  2. L

    Question Headsets causing lag input in every game

    Hello everyone, I come to introduce you to something very strange that is happening to me, I hope some of you can help me in some way. I'm going to be brief ... For a few years I've got problem with general mouse delay in games, a strange delay in which it makes me look like I'm moving my mouse...
  3. K

    Question Mouse lag and poor performance help!

    I’m having massive system lag and FPS issues now more than ever and I have frequent random restarts and I have no idea what’s causing it. One day one of my ram sticks stopped working and the hard drive failed at the same time. Then, I purchased an ssd and installed windows into it and bought new...
  4. V

    Question Mouse Lag (With a twist)

    Okay so I say mouse lag but since I'm pretty sure a lot of you may misunderstand, allow me to make it clear what I mean. I play a game called Osu! which is a rhythm game. Long Story short, in the game I have to usually snap my cursor from point A to point B on the screen (Distance may vary) to...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] Kindly give advice

    Is Dell Optiplex 9010 (Ultra Small Form Factor) suitable for upgrade GT 1030 ddr5 ? I am planning to buy GT 1030 graphic card to improve gaming performance
  6. 3

    I meed activation /registration hack or code

    Bought Nextbook 10a for my daughter for school, no receipt or anyway to get authorized was hopeing for some help from u guys ,please
  7. T

    Why does my computer render oddly after play for a bit?

    I play the game “The Forest” on my desktop and only have issues normally about 30-45 mins into the game. It starts to render the terrain and cannibals very strangely. I upgraded my pc hoping to fix the problem and have a faster pc for gaming but it didn’t help this game... I game play GTA V at...